Stealing Your Soul

If you talk to most believers or Christians they will quickly come around to telling you or talking to you about all the things they are involved in at their Church and with their Church. If you talk to Christian leaders – it is even worse. As a leader how they are doing (a personal question) and they will tell you how their ministry is going, how many were in Church, what they are preaching on (a professional answer)… Everything is related to being busy as if it is an indication of our spiritual life and right relationship with the Lord. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I discovered long ago that if the devil can’t steal your soul, he will just keep you busy doing meaningless church work. And, many believers are too busy doing “church work” which, of course, is endless. There is always one more need, one more event, one more meeting … not to mention that Sunday pops up every seventh day. So, although your soul is still intact – often frazzled and worn out however – you really don’t have much of a personal relationship with the Lord. And, the devil has you, at that point, in his hands and you are in trouble…in spite of your busy schedule of ministry and church activities.

It is time for all true disciples of the Lord (different than being a believer or a Christian) to look at their involvements and activity levels and do some pruning and cutting back. It is time to consider your soul’s health and not just your physical well being. It is time to look at what you are doing (and dare we say what it might not be accomplishing) and simply start saying “no” to things that are not productive and fruitful. And, while we are at it, let’s define “productive”…

The Church has one task in the world according to the Bible – to seek and save the lost. Everything we do as disciples within the fellowship of the Church should be geared to equipping us for that task and releasing us into the world to fulfill that mandate from the Lord. Anything else is “busyness” and simply maintenance – not ministry. Think about it – most activities we undertake in the Name of the Lord simply maintain what we already have and thus is not true ministry – but is simply maintenance. A lot of time and effort goes into maintenance and this daily activity can “steal our souls.”

However, if the Church leadership is doing their job (Ephesians 4:11-18) then you are not busy in the maintenance department but you are being equipped for the work of the ministry – and ministry (as contrasted with maintenance) takes place outside of the fellowship and outside of the four walls of the building we call the church. It is accomplished in our homes, in our work places, and wherever people gather to talk – coffee shops, restaurants, funeral homes, cars, theaters….

Don’t become so busy with the Church that you are not working with Jesus doing what the Church has been called to do – seek and save the lost. Time to slice and dice when it comes to your involvement in the maintenance of the Church and to add some quality time to be involved in the ministry of the Church – evangelism.

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