Spreading the Gospel – An Imperative, Not An Activity

Everywhere I go I speak on the need to incorporate evangelism into the way we live as believers.

First, we need to understand it is not an option – it is a command to every believer. I am amazed at how many Christians have made a conscious decision to not evangelize and tell others of the faith. Every believer is called to tell others about their faith in the Lord and the need to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Secondly, I comment that this is not a program or an event – that it is simply the way we live – a lifestyle. We don’t add evangelism on to an already busy life; another activity we need to be involved in. We incorporate evangelism and winning the lost into what we are already doing as we go about our daily life. If we are going to the football game – buy a second ticket and invite a non-believer to go with you. Thirdly, we will be held accountable for what we have or have not done when we stand before the Lord on Judgement Day. Fourth, we need to be evangelizing supernaturally – using the gifts of the Holy Spirit to win the lost.

In spite of teaching this in various ways and every opportunity I have few are rising to the worldwide challenge of winning the lost. Why? Good question and one I believe we need to answer for ourselves – in the stillness of our own hearts. Maybe we just can’t be bothered – a love problem. Maybe, we are not sure we know how to – an information problem. Maybe we just can’t be bothered – a rebellion problem. Maybe…

I have been thinking about this a lot. Let me give you what I hope are some valid insights.

First, you have to believe the Gospel. If a church isn’t about Gospel saturation, it won’t be about Gospel proclamation.

Second, you have to establish your identity – that’s a big one. Most churches don’t believe we are all on mission. Churches need to re-establish that we are all apostolic people (sent out ones) of God – spreading the Gospel is an imperative, not an activity.

Third, we need to learn to take ordinary things and just do them differently. Invite a non-believer to be involved with you in your “activity.”

Fourth – too much of church is about putting on a lot of extra activities, but that just pulls people away from everyday mission. So, we need to cut back on all the meetings and activities we do in the church that away what little time we actually have, focusing that time on internal matters instead of on the lost.

And if you are a leader of the church, you have to lead by example and be on mission too, engaging in the everyday lives of others who don’t know Jesus. Set a daily example.
These things will turn the ship around so that the Church will begin to be going in the right direction and will begin to see the lost saved on a regular basis. The change will take time and is a somewhat slow process because it is really a basic life change we are asking people to make and a complete change in the DNA of most churches.

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