Spiritual Food

Well, a few days away from the regular grind of life, family time, good food and friends, and an opportunity to sleep in the afternoon several times. The holiday season is good for the soul and body. Hopefully you have also found time to feed the spirit.

You were created in God’s image and John 4 tells us that God is Spirit – so you are a spirit-person and your spirit needs to be fed daily from God’s Word (the food of the spirit). Jesus said: “Man does not live by physical bread alone but by spiritual food (every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Important to remember during this festive season when body and soul seem to be the focus.

As we approach a new year – another gift from the hand of God – it is a good time to make a quality decision or two as to what your plans are in 2010 to feed that spirit-person that is crying out for food that satisfies. I have been taking a good, hard look at my Bible reading, Bible study time, my memorization program, the way I meditate on the Word, the time I spend journaling and recording what the Holy Spirit is showing me … I am basically looking at the way I relate to God and the diet I have been eating and the spiritual food (my meal plan) I am planning to eat in 2010.

It seems I always start the year in top gear doing great – but by year-end things have slipped a lot. The lull between Christmas and New Year is a good time to examine where things are at in my relationship with the Lord and His Word and then to make some changes … some minor and some major so that I can better engage the Word (Bible) on a daily basis and more accurately hear God in my heart-of-hearts (spirit man) as I do so.

Not speaking of making a bunch of rules for myself, simply adjusting my disciplines a little – I am talking about releasing more and more of the very life of God in my life as I read the Word in 2010.

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