So this guy phones me and …

Just about supper time last night and this guy phones me. I knew who he was as he is in a class I teach on evangelism in another city. After the normal polite necessities he tells me he has just been visiting my web page for the first time and reading the first prophetic article on the Church in North America that I wrote 5 months ago when we launched this site. I thought, that’s good – someone actually reads what I have invested my time in writing.

He states that he agreed with everything I wrote and then, near the end, came upon the phrase “so the Lord would say” and then a paragraph that sounded like I was speaking for God. I was. It’s called prophecy. He admitted that this was not within his paradigm and wondered if I could help him understand.

This is neat – I mean this just floats my boat. I love it when a believer is so hungry for God that he is willing to take time to ask questions and think outside his normal parameters. I was taken a bit by surprize because this type of believer is rare and I had not met one in a long time.

The conversation wove in and out covering a number of topics – prophets, apostles, misuse of ‘thus says the Lord’, abuses in the Church, concern about what is being taught in the Name of the Lord. We touched on a lot of great topics in a short – too short – 15 minutes. He said he was being very cautious as he wanted to be sure it was scriptural – actually in the Bible.

I was thrilled. I mean – a thinking Christian who wants to question what he is being taught and check things out to both his set of basic Christian beliefs and biblical standards. As well, he is open to new things as long as they are biblical and don’t contradict the basic tenants of the faith. Exciting.

I assured him that he had the obligation and responsibility to check everything I was saying to the Bible and to test everything he hears to the Word of God which is, afterall, our only authority and the inspired Word of God.

I wonder if this is the joy that Paul felt when he found a group of people who listened intently to his teachings – revolutionary by any standard – and then went home and checked it out comparing it to the scriptures. He mentions the Bereans and holds them up as an example of what one should do when listenings to teachings and teachers of the Word. The Bible states in Acts 17:11 “…they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.”

A preacher / teacher’s dream come true. Someone seriously searching for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Someone hungry for more of God and all of God. Someone willing and eager to learn. Someone who asks questions and checks out the answers.

I’m having supper with Kevin and his wife Mary on Wednesday to chat further. An apostle’s greatest joy – a hungry and teachable disciple of the Lord Jesus.

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  1. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    I agree with our “methods” lining up with scripture but, which scripture validates the signs, wonders, and miracles that Jesus did? The scribes and pharisees wrestled with this as there was no “seeming” scripture to validate them. And look at HIS reply “you search the scriptures because you think IN THEM you have life, however they testify of me”.

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Jesus, in His first public sermon, validated the miracles, signs and wonders He would be performing throughout His three years of public ministry. In Luke 4:18-19 we see Him preaching from the prophet Isaiah so that the Jews – especially the religious leaders, scribes and pharisees – would know that He was setting out the biblical president for all that He was about to do.

    I’m not sure that I follow the logic of the last part of your comment – because, in context, His comment to them was not about signs and wonders but about making the Word of God null and void and powerless.

    Jesus them told us that we too had His authority and His power to go about doing as He did. John 14:12 sets that out very clearly for us. The power came at Pentecost and the purpose of the power was so that we could be witnesses for Him (Acts 1:8)in the streets and outside the Church walls. The best witness is the supernatural gifts as we flow in them and see people’s lives touched. This definitely opens them to receiving the truth. Of course we see this in places like the nation of Ukraine where I have worked a few times. But it would also work here if we just stepped out and tried it. I do just that on an almost daily basis. Amazing what can happen and does happen.


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