So, How Close to God Are You?

As I write this it is 37 above outside (88 F) and I am thankful for air conditioning in my office up here on the second floor with windows facing east, south, and north … otherwise my brain would have fried earlier in the day.

However, it did bring to mind the fact that summer break is almost over and school is about to start – which means life returns to a bit more of a routine. For most of us we enjoy the more relaxed pace of the summer but also look forward to a bit more structure returning to daily life as fall approaches.

Structure reminds me of daily disciplines – routines that are good for us. Spiritually they include daily prayer, worship, meditation on God’s Word, Bible reading and study, outreach to our friends and neighbours, and assembling with other believers on Sunday morning for corporate family worship. If these disciplines (love habits) have been neglected over the slower summer months now would be a good time to begin thinking about them once again – thinking and planning what you would like to see happen and where you would like to be spiritually in a few months time.

Growth, maturity, understanding, answered prayer, spiritual insights, sensing and knowing the presence of God … none of this happens by chance. It requires a decision to seek after God and to learn how to love Him with our whole heart. It is something that must be intentional as it will never happen by accident.

So, it’s a good time to be thinking about the fall. Take a long look at where you are right now spiritually – and note what is lacking and where you are currently weak. Then, ask the Lord how you can improve in these areas and what He would have you do to move forward into the center of His will for your life at this time.

Nothing is more important than your spiritual life. And, you determine, by your choices, how close to God you are. It is time to take a spiritual inventory and then decide what needs to change and where improvements should be made. This has to be something you do for yourself and it has to be something you intentionally do.

So plan a time in the next few weeks where you can focus, determine, decide and plan – so that you then discover the life God has always had planned for you.

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