Short Night – Long Day – Kazakhstan #3

It is Saturday around 10:00p here in Kazakhstan and it has been a long day but a good day. I arrived at 1:00a this morning from the airport in Almaty to this location outside the city in a fenced in and gated former conference centre now being operated by some wonderful people from Korea. I stayed here last time I was in Kazakhstan. When I arrived everyone was in bed and so I was dropped off and left to myself. This was good as it was the first time I was alone in many, many hours. I sat and read my Bible, prayed, and then went outside to the far side of the compound and sat for a while in the hot pool which is really a warm pool.

The water here is pumped in from underground springs and is warm but never hot. We bath in this water, it heats the buildings and it fills the pools – the swimming pool which they allow to go to air temperature and the smaller pool which is kept at the temperature of the springs that feed it. So, not hot but definitely relaxing after 27 hours in transit… and quiet as at 3:00a local time no one else was up. Several hours sleep and then back to the airport to greet Miroslav as he arrived at 6:30a from Ukraine.

He is the other leader of the team we have assembled for this time of ministry. Often Miroslav travels as my interrupter but here we have another young man, Timur, who is an excellent interpreter and so Miroslav is here as an apostle (in training) to continue to grow in his giftings. He will be teaching daily as well as ministering prophetically and leading one of the teams we have formed. It is good to have him with us. It is important that team members be at the airport to greet each other and welcome them after what is always a long flight or flights from somewhere.

By noon we were attending a “Unity Day of Kazakhstan Nations” celebration that we were invited to attend. It was neat to see the many ethnic groups that actually live here and make Kazakhstan what it is today. Then at 3:00p we were in a leaders meeting in a church in a small town of Burundai working with a leadership team of 15 men and women – all young – and helping them to sort through many issues they were facing. This was followed by a late supper and then a second meeting with the same group followed by a time of fellowship with the key leaders.

A late night but a good day – and tomorrow will be another full day. We are off to a good start.

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