Saved By Grace But…

Every true disciple of The Lord has made or declared a statement of faith. They have publicly acknowledged that Jesus is Lord and Saviour – not just Saviour but Lord and Master as well. Many people in the Bible followed their public declaration with some fairly powerful actions. Now, the actions did not make them more saved then others because everyone comes to salvation the same way – by grace through faith and not of works. However, following salvation there should be a marked difference in the person’s behaviour – your behaviour.

Remember the tax collector who put his faith in Jesus Christ? He gave half of his possessions to the poor. That isn’t what saved him. But that dramatic action was evidence of a defining decision! He also offered the pay back four times as much to anyone he had cheated. Before he met Jesus, money was his go. So it made sense that his statement of faith would involve finances.

Remember the prostitute who anointed Jesus? She broke open her alabaster jar. That isn’t what saved her. But that dramatic action was evidence of a defining decision! She gave her most precious possession to Jesus. Not only was it extremely valuable. It was also part of her sex appeal. Breaking it open was her way of stating she was giving up her former life by giving that jar to Jesus.

Remember the revival that broke out in Ephesus? Those who practiced sorcery burned their scrolls publicly. The cumulative value of those scrolls was estimated at fifty thousand drachmas. A drachma was a silver coin worth a day’s wages. That’s 138 years of wages! They could have sold those scrolls and pocketed the money, but the would have been selling their souls. Instead they made a $3,739,972.50 statement of faith.

The other day I wrote about Elisha who when he was about to follow Elijah burnt his plough and killed the team of oxen – his statement of faith. His public declaration that something had changed and he was moving forward into the future – not looking back to the past or staying stuck in the present now.

If someone were to examine your life what might they see as your “statement of faith” that you believe in Jesus and are following Him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength? What would your public see and hear in your life to indicate that you have had a life-changing encounter with the living God?

Sorry if this is meddling a bit…..

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