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A week after returning from Kazakhstan I have recovered from jet lag, caught up with life a bit, and begun to minister here in my own country again. As always I am taking time to think through what I experienced while overseas. I allow the experiences I had to settle in my heart and soul. Then the Holy Spirit begins to show me things about the trip – about me personally as I am on a journey with Jesus; in my ministry because I want to be constantly learning and growing; about the nation and people where I ministered; and about His plans and purpose for the Kingdom in that region. This is a “private debriefing” with Him whom I work with – the Holy Spirit.

Two things have risen to the surface as I think about my recent experience with a number of churches in Kazakhstan and especially with the youth of those churches.

First, the young leaders of these churches have a GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. They are constantly talking about Jesus, the Kingdom, and all that the Holy Spirit is doing. There is an enthusiasm and passion that is obvious in their attitude, actions, and words. They are committed to the cause of winning the lost and world evangelism. They are willing to “go into all the world…” and take the Gospel of the Kingdom with them so that the Kingdom expands, churches are raised up, and people come to know Jesus personally. Every conversation, every event, every one-on-one conversation had a GOD CONSCIOUSNESS element in it and Jesus was the centre of each conversation and connection.

Secondly, the youth and the young leaders have a KINGDOM FOCUS or perspective. They are looking past their own personal situations, the local church, the persecution and resulting limitations they live under as believers. They see the Kingdom and their role in it. They see something greater than their own lives and the life of the local church. They see the Kingdom that Jesus came and established and then left for us to continue its expansion into the spiritual darkness, nation after nation. They are willing to pack up their belongings and move wherever the Lord directs and start planting ‘gospel seeds’ so that the Holy Spirit can raise up a group of believers and thus Jesus can then build His Church there. They are willing to sacrifice, obey, and go. Nothing is too difficult and everything is possible in their hearts and minds. This attitude and perspective is powerful and influences every aspect of the life of the local churches.

These young people have “life.” The Bible states that “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” (John 1:4) Jesus was not the light. The very life (zoe) and nature of God in Jesus was the light. And, Jesus told His disciples, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). The God-life in them was the light. These young people and leaders have this life and thus are a light to their people and to their nation. Because of this ‘inner life’ these people have cultivated a consistent and constant GOD CONSCIOUSNESS or awareness of what the Lord is doing and have a KINGDOM FOCUS or perspective in their every day life.

Powerful is the only word to describe it.



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