Radical Biblical Prayer – “The Church of My Dreams” Part 10

The church of my dreams will be one that is founded upon prayer. Not religious praying but a deep seeking after and crying out to God. This begins with me as the one helping to plant the Gospel in a new area. Nothing can be done until I have first prayed. And then only what the Lord has revealed would then be done. This is how Jesus worked when He came to plant the Gospel. He did what He saw the Father doing and spoke what He heard the Father saying to Him. This is basic. Foundational! Essential. Non-negotiable.

I believe that this means the first part of every day will be spent in prayer with God. Not in the office. Not on the streets evangelizing. Not working my contacts and contacting my network of people. Simply sitting quietly before God waiting on Him and listening for His voice. He will initiate. He will speak first. I need simply respond to what He says. It will be His agenda each morning because it is His Gospel being planted and He is the One building His Church. I will need to pray as if everything depended upon God – because it does!

In the church of my dreams – all those won to Lord will also be taught, right from the beginning of their walk with the Lord, to “be still and know God.” Foundational! Essential. Non-negotiable. All activities of the church will be centered on, grounded upon, surrounded by, covered with prayer. Long before the activity becomes public and takes place many hours of prayer will have soaked the gathering in the power and presence of God. Every detail dictated by the Holy Spirit. Not asking God to bless what we are doing but finding out right from get-go what it is He is doing (or wanting to do) and getting involved because it is already anointed, empowered and blessed by Him.

In the church of my dreams – before any decision is made it have received considerable prayer so that we will know that “it seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” (Acts 15). We will be in agreement with one another before moving forward because God blesses when there is unity and oneness of heart (Psalm 133). But, we will first make sure that what we are in unity about is in line with the will of God and the purposes of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer meetings will be daily. But they will be real prayer meetings. Not times of fellowship -but simply times of seeking the Lord together. If we want to fellowship we do so after the time with the Lord. These meetings will be led by God, empowered by God, He will speak and we will respond. Until He speaks we are simply quiet and being still in His presence. These are not times of intercession, prophetic intercession, petitioning, praise and worship – these are times to “seek the Lord” and hear what He has to say. This may give us fuel and focus for another “type” of prayer meeting later in the day or week, maybe even with different people present. But, these daily times of prayer will be singularly focused.

Prayer will be essential, foundational and revolutionary for those who want to be a part of the church of my dreams (hey! it’s my dream) and certainly for those who are called at a later time into leadership as this church grows. But, radical biblical prayer and not religious prayer as seen so often in so many churches.

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