Pee In The Bottle

In my city the public transport buses have space on both sides that you can rent for advertising whatever your product happens to be. The government and the health district rent a lot of these moving billboards (as well as regular roadside billboards) to teach young men and women what they need to do to prevent catching sexually transmitted diseases. Or, in some cases, to find out if you already have a sexually transmitted disease. It’s as easy as 1-2-Pee (in the bottle). One must admit that some of the ads are fairly creative.

I wonder how an advertising campaign on these moving billboards would work if we ere to advertise the Christian faith in a similar manner. I know, I need more to do with my time. However, can’t help it – my mind just does these kinds of mental gymnastics on a daily basis … only some of them actually come out as workable ideas. All of them are quite imaginative and creative (but then I am biased). Most never become public – but I enjoy them!

We could run an ad for STD’s as well. Saved – Transformed – Delivered.

We could talk about being save and knowing that you are safe using the same 1-2-Pee and change it just a bit to 1-2-3 P’s…

The first “P” would be be “Peace” with God that comes through being saved and and the peace of God that comes by being transformed into a “new creature in Christ”.

The second “P” would be “Power” that can transform your mind and heart and deliver a person out of a life-style where you are destroying yourself and going to Hell whether you know it or not.

The third “P” would be for “Purity” which would prevent a person from having to think about going and “peeing in a bottle” to find out of they have a STD.

I could be on to something here!

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  1. Ralph
    Ralph says:


    God is so gracious to have created minds like ours. Never short of something to laugh about as we seem to have a self-contained, internal entertainment system. I simply enjoy my humor even if no one else gets it and even when I don’t even share it. Good, dry, British humor. Mind you – sitting by yourself and laughing at apparently nothing really does cause people to stare.


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