Only Unreasonable People Need Apply – “The Church of My Dreams” Part 7

My dream church would have but one focus – the winning of the lost. Everything it would do would include an element of influencing non-believers for the King and the Kingdom. The people would be equipped on a weekly basis to win the lost. Every service or assembly would have a presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity to respond. The Great Commission would be the driving force behind the life of this dream church.

We would keep the mission of the church front and center all of the time. We would let pople walk away from the church who desired more of an inward focus. In fact, I would be willing to lose people in order to reach people. I would openly encourage people to leave if they were not intertested in winning the lost. In other words, if you do not like that hyper-focus on evangelism, then there are better churches for you. The mission would be very focused on people who are far from God and as long as one non-believer lived in the city this would continue.

One of the great reformers, Francis Xavier, charged the apathetic European students of his day to “Give up your small ambitions and come and preach the gospel of Christ.” Those would be my words to any believer who wanted to attend this dream church.

George Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.” As Sean Smith states, “Reasonable people try to fit in; unreasonable people try to get other people to fit into God’s plan.” So, all progress will depend upon the unreasonable people of the Kingdom. I think others call them fanatics.

Fanatics are people who love Jesus so much and are so committed to His mandate and cause to win the lost that they won’t give up, let up, or shut up, until they get up, rise up, and take up the call upon their life to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). The mission of this dream church would be very focused on people who are far from God.

Need inner healing – good, let’s get you healed so you can “go into all your world and win the lost…” Need to learn how to handle finaces biblically – good, we’ll help so that you can release more of your funds to help train soul winners and hold events for the lost. Need to be free of an addiction – we can help. In fact, we will give you something else to be ‘addicted’ to – letting others know of the love of God as found in Jesus. We will pray and work with you until you are free of your bondage so you can go and preach and release others from their bondage. Only one focus…

Those who become part of the life-flow of this dream church would not settle for nominal Christianity. They would want and go for a Christianity that is phenomenal. They would settle for nothing less. There would be great passion expressed for the Lord and for His cause. There would be a radicalness about those who belong to this expression of the life of Jesus – they would not be afraid to be different and would not be concerned with being rejected when sharing the gospel nor would they fear man., just God. They would, when compared to nominal Christians, appear revolutionary. This is good and as it should be.

Only unreasonable people need apply to be a part of the church of my dreams.

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