Heidi Baker writes in her book “Expecting Miracles”: “Every night there are miracles. The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk. The people have no other place to go, and in God’s mercy, He hears their desperate cries.” (page 17)

Here in North American we are not desperate enough YET! We still have the welfare systems, doctors and nurses, hospitals and pharmacies. We still have a pill for every ailment and a simple solution to most problems. At least until some of these new ‘super bugs’ infiltrate more and more into our society and we are no longer able to meet the immediate need with another new pill. We may be on the verge of that now with some of the current reports I have been reading and with constant news of drugs being recalled due to them not doing what they were suppose to do or because the side effects caused more problems than what they were fixing for us and is us.

I was thinking – maybe when we get to that point of not being able to fix things ourselves with medicines and technology – maybe then we will depend more on God and begin to see the same miracles and healings that they so readily see in Mozambique under Heidi and Roland Baker’s ministry. But maybe not.

I think the thing that will be missing that might prevent us from seeing such divine interventions will be our expectation and anticipation. We simply do not expect God to move supernaturally on our behalf and in any and all situations.

We do not come to a Sunday worship service expecting God to manifest Himself or speak to us personally. We do not come ready, willing, and able to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and thus bless others with these supernatural manifestations. We do not pray for the sick and if we do we don’t really pray in any authoritative way expecting to see immediate results … slow progress and improvement daily – yes – but not instantaneous healings. We have never really expected God to move in these ways and so we do not come to gatherings expecting Him to.

J. John – an evangelist located in England and ministering in over 50 countries on six continents -states in an interview with Outreach Magazine … “Why do we see these elements of the miraculous in places like Africa ad India but can’t see them here? I concluded that because I’m intentional in evangelism, I see people converted. But because I wasn’t intentional about these other things, I never saw them happen. In our ministry we now have an expectation that miracles will happen. We’re more expectant and more prayerful. We want to see salvation, we want to see healing, we want to see deliverance. The world needs all three.”

I could not agree more. We have become so settled in our ways that we reach for the Tylenol first and when it is not as helpful as we hoped it would be – we might pray, might!

We go to the doctor to see what is wrong (I believe God uses doctors) before we go to Jesus and ask Him what is wrong and talk with Him about healing the situation. This is no different than the pagan non-believers.

We attend church week after week and come somewhat apathetic and lethargic. Really? Yes! Why else would the majority of worshippers not arrive until 10 to 20 minutes after the worship service starts? And, how is it that people can stand during the 30 minutes of worship and praise choruses and never sing, never raise their hands in worship, never become engaged? And, reading the bulletin during the teaching of God’s Word … or sitting there without a pen and paper to jot down notes on what the preacher is saying believing he or she has come with a word from the Lord for those in attendance that day. Most don’t even bring their Bible to the service so they can follow along. And, we hit and miss in our attendance depending on family events, Mother’s Day gatherings, birthdays and anniversaries, and special trips to this or that.

We do not work our schedules around this 3 hour time period when we should gather to be with the saints to corporately worship God. We simply attend if it is convenient and nothing else has occupied that time frame.

And we wonder why we don’t see many if any miracles and healings. I don’t wonder. I wonder why God even bothers with us.

Overseas – they come from long distances. Often they will walk for two or three days just to get to a service. They walk without shoes. They come without food because they have none. They are simply needing to get into God’s presence and they know that when they do God will touch their lives. It is not an option but a necessity. Life itself depends up it. They come expectant and anticipating a move of the Spirit of God. And they are not disappointed.

We come expecting nothing and anticipating a fairly normal and non-threatening 90 minute service and we are not disappointed.

You see God is consistent and will honour the heart. And only He knows our hearts which might just be our major problem here in North America.

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