It Is Time

I am, in some ways, an old-fashioned preacher. I actually have a “study” that I go to every morning early before the sun comes up. There I meet with the Lord and read and study His Word as He commands all believers to do. There I research the teachings I am working on and listen to His voice as He guides and directs the studies, research and writing. Oh, I have an office as well – but I don’t go there until God and I are finished in the “study”.

Now, in this study there are a few things that are obviously missing. There is absolutely no phone, no desktop computer, no printer, and no paperwork. Just God, Bibles and books… It is a “study”. It could also be called a “prayer closet” although mine is much bigger than a closet.

Many pastors and leaders today no longer go into their “study” to be with God early in the morning. They go to the “office” and there hope they can find some time during the day and the many activities they face to find time to connect with God. Of course, the demands of people, the phone ringing and the constant, unending paperwork soon win out and time with God is forfeited for ’doing ministry’. We then find ourselves working for God and not working with God.

This is not just a problem for pastors and church leaders. It is a problem for all believers. Once we enter the “traffic flow” of the day our time of refreshing in the presence of the Lord is soon forgotten as we rush through our day doing what is expected, demanded, or required of us. All good things usually – but, in the crush of life, we have lost the best and the most important.

It is time to regain some stability and solitude in our lives and find that place (even a chair turned to face the corner so as to prevent distractions) to meet early with the Lord God whom we worship and serve – Jesus Christ

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