It is a Travel Day to Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan #1

It is a travel day … Regina to Calgary to Frankfurt, Germany to Almaty, Kazakhstan. I will leave early afternoon today and arrive at midnight on Friday night. Into where I am staying by 1:30a after customs, a drive into town, and getting relocated. It will be a short night as I will be back at the airport at 6:00a to meet a team member. It is good for team members who have already arrived to meet and greet others who are still making their way to the ministry.

I am excited that in the next few days I will be seeing a lot of men and women I have ministered to before during my previous trips here. One group I am really excited to hear are coming is a good sized contingent from the city of Karaganda which is located in the northern part of the nation. We ministered in that city on our first trip two years ago. It will be good to see them again and I am so pleased they are taking the 12 hour train ride down to the south of their nation to be with everyone at the leadership school next week.

Long plane rides (21 hours) and waiting times at airports (12 hours) allows for a great deal of reading and writing. Most overseas flights now have plug-ins for computers on the seat backs and so laptops can be working the whole time on the overseas portion of the flight. And, with newer laptops such as mine there is an 8 hour battery life so even without the plugs it still works for another flight. Then, there is the e-book reader and the ability to read without carrying a lot of bulky books and added weight. So, a mobile office for long trips – working while others watch movie after movie after movie.

Your prayers would be appreciated for the events that will be taking place over the next 14 days of ministry. As well, pray for safe travel for the various team members coming in from various nations to be with us. They are tremendous men and women of God coming to continue their hands-on training as well as to simply serve and minister to those attending the various events. As my own preparation is never finished until the actual event is in front of me – please pray as well for God’s guidance and direction as I continue to organize and prepare material for the various events we will be holding. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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