I’m Just Doing My Job

Her name is Charity. I see here once a month for less than five minutes. She works as the receptionist and front desk person for a company that we have a contract with to maintain and service the two printers/copiers that the ministry owns and operates here in our office complex. I see her when the monthly reports of usage are due and I need to pick up fresh supplies of toner or a new printing drum that needs to be installed.

Well, on Thursday, on my way back from an out-of-town trip, I swung around to where their offices are because I had phoned earlier in the week and left a message with a sales person that I needed and would pick up some supplies. They would deliver to the office free-of-charge but we are seldom there when they come and so it is very frustrating. So, I just pick it up each month. And besides, it gives me an opportunity to talk to non-believers who desperately need Jesus.

So, I am picking up my supplies. Charity asks me how I am doing (part of her job description I am sure) and how my trip to Kazakhstan went. She remembered. Six weeks ago I told her that the next monthly reports and payment of the invoice would be late because I was going overseas to Kazakhstan. Commented on Ukraine being my next trip – AH! Do I sense God entering the conversation. Her parents are from Ukraine. What do I do there in Ukraine?, she asks. Thanks Lord – I recognize the door You are opening and I will certainly walk right through it. Say no more, Lord!

I found out that she thinks the Bible is a book of myths and none of it can be believed.

I found out that she has no actual knowledge of the Bible – but has read bits and pieces of it. Asking her what parts she did not believe I was quickly able to show her she was wrong and the Bible is correct and right – even today.

I found out that she and her younger brother are looking for spiritual truth and looking everywhere except the Church.

I found out that she has no idea that any type of Church exists except the traditional, legalistic, liturgical, scandal-ridden churches that meet in the old big buildings in the older sections of the city.

I found out that she thinks all of “this” is religion and was astonished when I suggested that Christmas and the birth of Jesus was about the destruction or tearing down of religion and the establishment of a way to have a personal relationship with God. Seriously amazed and actually dumbfounded for a minute. Did I see a team forming? Yes! Got you….

I found out that she is open to coming to the Church that I a member of – in fact, she invited herself.

I found out that she was willing to meet with me over a coffee and/or a meal along with her brother to discuss all of the above.

I found out she is excited to have had the opportunity to chat about these realities and her misconceptions even in the front office with people going by us and entering various doors and hallways. Did you note Ralph that the phone did not ring once in the 15 minutes you were chatting. Yes, I noted that Lord – thanks!

All of this in 15 minutes or less.

Do you think God was in this? I do. But then I am a bit of a radical as I believe God is in and guides and directs all of my conversations – I mean all of my words, actions, thoughts, and total bahavior. And, that He gives me supernatural guidance as I go about the proces of living my normal, somewhat boring, every-day life.

Pray for Charity as I will be dropping in on her again this week – with a gift – a Bible in modern English. One for her and one for her brother. Afteralll, it is the Christmas gift-giving season isn’t it?

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    And so, now it’s Monday, but I heard every word you spoke yesterday about the need to be re-supernaturalized. (Return to the time when you first met Jesus and walk with Him, talk with Him, think of Him, dream about Him, ask Him what his opinion is on everything, do what He says!)

    And there is a conflict between two co-workers and I am the mediator. So, first I ask:
    “Lord, what does each person need to hear for this to be effective?”
    “And Lord, show me the real truth, not their individual version of it.”
    “God, I need your wisdom, not mine.”

    It was fabulous how cleverly God spoke in that room so that each person ‘heard’ clearly.

    God told me the true root issue and I was able to carefully navigate the conversation to it and shine some light on it and make a lasting difference in two persons’lives.

    “God, forgive me for ever opening my mouth without allowing you to fill it!”


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