Hints Regarding the Prophetic

1. Be a people watcher – Notice something

God will draw your attention to something about the person – such as an item of clothing, their hair, a facial feature. This is like looking at a big ball of string and finding the end. If you start with what got your attention and pull you will have a full prophetic word for the person.

Example: A man with three stripes on his bluejeans = you are called into God’s army, not as a private, not as a corporal… (three levels)

2. Never embarrass anyone

Old Testament prophecy and prophets tended to reveal sin and character flaws in people and in organizations. In the New Testament the purpose of prophecy is to build up, stir up and cheer up (1 Corinthians 14:3). Therefore, New Testament prophets and those who move in the gift of prophecy do not embarrass people by declaring their sins or revealing their character flaws.

3. Say everything in a positive way or don’t say it

If you see a problem or even a sin – it is because God wants to give them direction that will fix the problem or help the person deal with the sin. So, when you see something negative you don’t prophesy the problem because they already know the problem. You prophesy the solu/on. So, the negative becomes a positive.

4. Feelings can interfere with an accurate word – turn around so their feelings do not effect you

If you find that a specific person or Word that you are giving is causing your soul-realm emotions to click in and become ative you need to deal with this immediately. This mainly happens because the person receiving the Word becomes emotional and you are responding because you care.

However, if the Word from the Lord received in your spirit comes through the emotions of your soul it will be altered and thus not a pure word. So, you can excuse yourself and simply turn around and face away from the person so their emtional response is no longer triggering your emotions.

5. Expressing the heart of God so can also involve God’s feelings and His emotion towards the person

Sometimes you will feel what the Lord is feeling about the person. These feelings are not located in your soul realm but are coming as part of the “prophetic package” from your spirit. These feeling should never be shut down – let these flow as they are part of the expressed ‘Word of the Lord’ for the person you are ministering to.

6. Maybe a total contrast to what you and others think about a person

What you speak over a person that you know may be the total opposite of who the person is at this point in time. This is normal because you are not speaking to who they are but to who God sees them as. You are speaking to their potential and not to their present. You are releasing the power of God contained in His Word (Isaiah 55:11) so that this power can accomplish the changes and adjustments needed to bring the Word to pass in the person’s life.

Example: God spoke a prophetic Word over a man who was the church’s worse giver and stated publicly that he was a very generous man. Of course, at that point he was anything but generous. However, within two years he was the church’s largest giver.

7. Deal with you own soul and any issues that need to be dealt with

Because the Word of the Lord is received in your born again spirit it is pure and perfect when received. However, to deliver the Word it must come up through your soul (mind, will, and emotions) and will be corrupted by anything that has not been dealt with. So, you must keep your soul “clean” and not allow offences, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, envy, or resentment to live in your mind, will or emotions. God’s prophetic works best through a clean vessel.

Example: Balaam had an idol in his heart – greed, security, and safety. So, the third time he asked the Lord should he go and prophetically curse Israel he heard the answer “yes.” The previous two times the answer was no. Did God change His mind. No! Balaam was listening through a soul that was not clean and pure.

8. The Word you receive can be totally contrary to your theology.

God does not seem to care about our theology. So, the Word of the Lord you receive for someone may be totally contrary to what you believe or the doctrines of your church. It will, however, always line up with the pure Word of Scriptures – just not always your opinion backed up by selected Scriptures.

For example: God is never limited by our understanding, what it is we believe, or our group’s pet doctrines about the end times, women in ministry, dress codes, the ministry gifts or the five-fold ministry.

9. You don’t need to understand what it is God wants you to say – it is the person receiving the Word that needs to understand it.

At times you will receive a Word that, to you, does not make any sense. But, as long as you know it is from God simply give it as you receive it. It will make sense to the person receiving it. Don’t be afraid to ask later, after delivering the Word, what meaning it had for the person receiving it. It is always encouraging to see and understand what the Lord was doing.

Example: I received the picture of a carpenter with the carpenter belt and tools around his waist. This first “flash picture” did not relate to anything else I received for the person. I gave both parts. He was a skeptic and had come to prove I was a “false prophet.” However, he was a left-handed carpenter and I had described his tool belt accurately which convinced him that I did hear from God. So, as a result he received the rest of the Word as also from God.

10. Gut feeling – focus spiritually and physically, feeling becomes clearer, and then you speak

Sometimes the Word of the Lord for a person comes as a gut feeling. A feeling of uncertainty, anxiety, fear are examples. However, this is simply a “symptom” of the Word just as these feelings in the person are just a symptom of a deeper problem or issue. So, focus spiritually on what you are feeling, look at the person and thus focus physically, and the feeling will become clearer and you will receive the understanding you need to speak healing and freedom. It will feel like a fog lifting – then you will know it is time to speak.

11. Time – don’t be anxious, take your time, don’t be pressured

Because you are often prophesying publicly with people watching and listening there can be a “pressure to perform.” Other people are anxious to receive a Word and so they want you to move along quickly and get to them. Don’t let the unexpressed expecta/ons of others pressure you to perform and give a Word when you are not quite ready. Relax, take your time, this is not a performance, it is a ministry and all good ministry can take time. Expectations are a spiritual force that can derail you if you are not careful.

12. Verb tenses mean nothing – Past, present and future can be all mixed up

When speaking a prophetic Word you may say something in the past tense when it is really present; or in the presence tense when it is actually in the future. Time is something we are aware of and use to divide the day, week, and month up into manageable segments. However, God lives in eternity and sees us from His perspective. In Heaven there is no past, present, or future – just the “now” present. So, at times, the past, present, and future can get all mixed up.

God spoke to Abraham and told him that he was (present tense) the father of many nations when, in reality, it was many years later before his first child would be born. God spoke in the present tense what was, in reality, a future event. We will do the same.

13.Your tone of voice must be gentle and loving as you are speaking from the heart of our heavenly Father to His children whom He loves so deeply.

Everything spoken prophetically must be spoken lovingly and gently. God is never in a rush and will never speak harshly to His children in public. The Bible states that “God is love” and so everything He says through His people to His people will be expressed in a manner that is always loving.

This is especially important to note if you have had a rushed day or are frustrated by life, ministry or some recent encounter with a person. Don’t let your current life situation undergird the Words you speak on God’s behalf.

14. 90% Revelation – 5% Interpretation – 5% Application

When first beginning most people receive a picture, a sense, a simple word, a feeling as their “revelation” from the Lord. This is good and is 90% of the job done. To prophesy you need to have a revelation – God needs to reveal something to you about the person.

Once you have received the revelation (picture, sense, feeling, word) then you need to ask God what it means. This is looking for the interpretation of the picture so that it makes sense to the person receiving the Word. So, the picture is for you – the interpretation is for the person being ministered to. Once you understand what it is God is saying (the interpretation) you are now 95% of the way to a good, strong prophetic Word.

Finally, ask God what the person is to do with what your interpretation speaks about. This is another 5% and is the application. Now you have the whole prophetic Word (90%+5% +5%=100%). (see #15 for more)

15. A more mature way to give the prophetic Word – just skip the revelation

You are like a mailman – your task is to deliver the mail from God. The revelation you receive (see #14) is the envelop that the message comes in. The envelope is not really important to the person receiving the “mail.” What they want and need is the letter inside the envelop (the message – the interpretation and application). So, in time, after you have prophesied for a few months, simply stop telling people the picture that you received… and simply tell them the message (read the letter).

16. Trust God and not your own natural abilities

You may be very intuitive – you must not trust your “sensing” abilities as these are natural and you want to walk in the supernatural. You may also be a very observant person and able to read body language – again, this is a natural ability and behavior and must not be relied on to receive a Word of the Lord for people. God may use these abilities and skills to help you to receive a Word from Him for them – but He would never limit Himself to just using your natural skills and abilities. So, don’t trust your natural inclinations – trust God who may occasionally use them but, most times, will not.

17. Prophetic words can involve more than speaking

Because we are expressing God’s heart to God’s people we must be open to being totally engaged. This means involving our body and our emotions. A prophetic Word can involve actions such as singing, hugging someone, walking with them, standing beside them (as apposed to in front of them). Also, it can involve sensing God’s emotions towards the person – His love, His care, His concern, His relief… Giving a prophetic Word can involve your whole being – body, soul, and spirit.

18. Keep your eyes open.

This way you can “see” what God is doing as you speak His Words into a person’s spirit. God is actively involved in the prophetic ministry and so keeping your eyes open allows you to actually see His hand working in, on, and around a person.

It can tend to be “religious” to close your eyes. However, we don’t want to be religious; we want to be accurate and powerful. Not to mention, it is more polite when speaking to someone to be looking at them – speaking eye-to-eye just as Jesus would do were He physically there with them. When first starting to prophesy you may close your eyes so that you can concentrate better and focus on the content of the Word being received and given. However, it is really important to quickly work with your eyes open maintaining contact with the person receiving the ministry.

19. Do not speak correction or direction to the local church when prophesying

Prophets and apostles can prophesy regarding things that need to be corrected in the life of the local church. If you are working with the Spirit of prophecy, the gift of prophecy, have a ministry of prophecy, or even walk with a mantle of prophecy (levels one to four of the seven levels of the prophetic) you are not authorized to speak correctional Words.

Those who are apostles and prophets can also speak directional words into the life of the church or to the leadership of the local church. Again, this is not the ministry of those flowing in the gift of prophecy as given by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:4-11). This use of the prophetic is reserved for those called by Jesus to fulfill the role of apostle and prophet.

20. The main use of the gift of prophecy is to build up, stir up, and cheer up (1 Corinthians 14:3).

The gift of prophecy and other revelatory gifts are used to encourage, edify, and comfort people. They are gifts that speak and impart hope for the future. So, use the gift for the three purposes Scripture has set out for the gift. God’s people need to be built up and given hope.

21. It is important to record the Word of the Lord that you give to people

When people receive a prophetic Word they remember about 5% to 10% of the Word. It is an emotional experience to receive a Word directly from the heart of God their heavenly Father and so their emotions click in and they actually have an experience with God. Because it is an experience or encounter with God they remember the big picture and forget the details – the actual words spoken.

Even the words that they remember can be emotionally interpreted. For example, you will tell someone that God is going to use them in the prophetic. You mean that the gift will flow powerfully through them. But, because it is an emotionally charged encounter with God they will believe they have ben called to be a prophet. Absolutely not true but it is how they might interpret the words they heard.

So, to help the person actually know what God truly did say – it should always be recorded. And, the person should be encouraged to wait a few days for their emotions to calm down and then to listen to what was really said and to write the prophetic Word out in full and begin to pray about it.

22. Striving to receive a Word quenches the Spirit

If a person is striving inside and doing everything they can physically to get your attention so that they will receive a Word – it is likely you will avoid that person and they will not receive a Word from the Lord.

The prophetic is repelled by people who are striving to receive a Word. The proper and powerful aqtude to have in a prophetic meeting is simply to ask God to bless those He wants to speak to and then to rejoice with those who are rejoicing because they have received a Word. This selfless attitude is what the Holy Spirit is looking for and attracted to.

So, don’t let people urgency to hear from the Lord influence you. Everyone in the room needs or would like a prophetic Word. Simply work one person at a time guided by the Spirit and not by the expectations of others.

23. Touch or contact

We are not really sure why this works – but, if you make contact with the person it often enables you to be9er receive a Word of the Lord for them. The Word will often come more quickly; the Word will include more details and have more depth; the Word will be more accurate.

Ask permission – and then place your hand on the person’s shoulder. This also holds true if you simply hold their hand (say at a coffee shop or in a restaurant during a conversation). In fact, once you become accustomed to moving prophetically – even shaking someone’s hand can release the prophetic Word for that person.

24. The use of the Gift of Tongues

If you are having some difficulty beginning to flow prophetically on any occasion – speaking in tongues will release the prophetic for you. It is like pouring water into the pump to prime it so that fresh, clear water flows freely. Simply pray in tongues, worship in tongues, or speak in tongues and you will sense the Holy Spirit begin to move prophetically very soon after you begin using your private prayer language.

25. Getting in the zone

There is a time when you just know you are ready to prophesy. You know that the gift is moving; you sense you have Words for people; you are excited as the anointing begins to flow around you and through you; you sense the presence of God; you are ready to go. This is “getting in the zone” and once there you can minister very powerfully and almost effortlessly for a good length of time. This is more than feeling the power of God and the anointing to prophesy – it is as if the dam has opened or the floodgates are open and you are ready – I mean ready to go!

When this happens it is good to be released to minister as quickly as is possible within the service flow.

26. Avoid distractions

Your task is to focus on God and what He is wanting to say through you to the person in front of you. So, avoid distractions. If necessary, speak to the distraction and ask that it stop. Distractions include: people chatting loudly, children running and fooling around, worship team members packing up their gear near the end of the service, people going in and out of the service, cell phones ringing, people texting…

It is permissible to speak to what is distracting from the Holy Spirit is doing in the prophetic ministry. Distractions will not only remove your focus but can, and sometimes do, grieve the Spirit and cause the prophetic service to end sooner than planned or anticipated. The Holy Spirit and His ministry is the centre of attention and must be the focus – everything else is a distraction.

27. Use your spiritual ears and eyes

Jesus spoke to a multitude of men and at the end of speaking he said, “If you have ears to hear, then hear.” He was not referring to physical ears as they would naturally have those. He was talking about ears and yes of the heart or spirit. Your spirit, where the Holy Spirit lives and where the prophetic Words are received, has both a set of ears and a set of eyes. It takes practice and exercising your spiritual senses but you can develop your ability to hear what the Father is saying and see what the Father is doing – just as Jesus did.

28. Know with your knower

Inside your born again spirit you have a “knower.” This is where you just know that you know that you know you heard God. It is an inner sense of confidence that God has spoken and what you have heard is His voice for the person you are about to minister to. This assurance allows you to give the Word of the Lord with authority and power regardless of what you think, see, or believe. Everything you know or believe, everything you see and understand may say you did not hear God – but, in your “knower” you know that you did. Trust your “knower.”

29. Step back to see

Sometimes when you lay hands on a person’s shoulder to begin to pray and prophesy you simply don’t receive anything. It is like the wires got crossed. When this happens simply step back a foot or two and have a good look at the person using both your physical and spiritual senses. Just the act of stepping back and viewing things from a different perspective helps the Word of the Lord to come and then you can flow prophetically and minister to the person from the heart of God.

30. Some words have no meaning in the prophetic

Words like “now” and “immediately” actually have little to no meaning in the prophetic. They are often referred to as “prophetic fill” – something to say while you pause before moving forward in conversation once again. In God’s eternal Kingdom and in eternity “a thousand years are but a day in His sight” and so the human understanding of “now” and “immediately” and a number of other words simply are not relevant in the prophetic. So, you will find yourself using these words but they really have no substance connected to them.

31. Keep your attitude in check

You are a servant of the living God doing what He has called you to do. You are there ministering and simply to serve; you are not there to impress people with your gifting and calling. Remember, God can use a donkey, also known in Old Testament times as an “ass,” to speak a Word on His behalf – and did. So, be humble and serve.

32. If the person is young – the word will be vague

If the person is under the age of 16 to 18 the prophetic Word that you deliver must be somewhat vague. You may receive the Word in its fullness and know a lot about the young person’s future – their calling, their giftings, their location, the ministry they will accomplish. However, you will need to “vague-it-down” as their spirit cannot handle all those details at such a young age.

If you give the details you will overwhelm the young person and often the Word will then weigh too heavily on them and can drive them away from the calling and the ministry as well as from the Church and even walking with the Lord.

Be true to the Word you receive – simply give it without the details, the bells and whistles.

33. Time frames and dates

Be careful when first starting to prophesy as there are a number of areas that are oTen a bit more complicated than they first appear. One specific area is working with time frames and dates. This is an area for those who are really mature prophetically and are working regularly with the gifts and have a good reputation in the prophetic field. If you are taking your first few steps into prophetic ministry this is an area you will want to avoid. It is not as easy as it looks and you need to be very specific and very accurate. Leave it for the very mature.

34. God speaks to your spirit and involves your mind

You receive the Word of the Lord in your Spirit. God, our heavenly Father who is Spirit (John 4) speaks to the Holy Spirit who lives in your born again spirit. The Word is received accurately and in minute detail in your spirit. However, when communicating with your brain you only remember a small part of the revelation. So, it is important to learn to ask yourself questions. Train your brain to ask your spirit questions regarding what your brain has received.

Example: Your brain registers that you “see” a boat on the water. Ask your spirit some questions, such as: How big a body of water? A river or a lake? How big and what type of a boat – kayak, motor boat, ocean liner? Is the water calm or choppy? Can you see the shore? If you can, are the trees telling you that it is winter or summer? As your spirit receives these questions your brain will grasp more and more of the prophetic that has been received in your spirit. As a result your prophetic Word will have greater depth and more detail and will thus be a greater blessing.

35. God uses your body in prophetic ministry

When you are prophesying pay attention to your body. God can use your body to indicate what He wants you to focus on or minister to. For example, a person is walking up to the front to be ministered to and you suddenly have a sharp pain in your knee. This can be a revelation – telling you that this person is suffering from pain in the knee joints or legs. Ask if the person is having this specific problem. If so, God is asking you to pray for healing and you will flow in that gift of the Holy Spirit at that point in the ministry time. Then, focus and see if the Lord has something else He is wanting to say or do.

Remember, God will use the prophetic (in this case, a Word of Knowledge) to touch the physical life of a person so that then they are better able to focus on what He wants to say to them.

36. When prophesying – do not enter the area of personal relationships

Be careful with prophetic words that speak of who a person can and should relate to. This includes specifics about friends (keep it more general); who they should marry; how many children they should have. In other words, no “date, relate, and mate” prophecies. Just let nature takes it course and chemistry do its work.

37. Don’t write off crazy pictures

God can show you some amazingly crazy pictures. Don’t write them off as something from the leftover late night pizza you had for lunch before the service. God can use some pretty strange pictures (revelations) to bring you the message that will prophetically minister to the person. Simply receive what He is showing you and then ask Him what the “strange picture” means (ask for the interpretation). Just read the Book of Revelation and realize how strange some of the revelation John received must have seemed to him and still does to us – yet it is seriously prophetic.

38. Your way is unique, so be yourself

It is good to be discipled and trained in the prophetic (see #39) but remember that God called and gifted you and so simply be you. You can learn the skills of using the prophetic gift from others but you must be yourself when flowing is the gift and ministering to others. If you are known as a quiet person in normal life then speak the prophetic quietly. If you read the King James Version you will most likely prophesy in old English. If you are a naturally happy person then you will prophesy with great joy and exuberance.

Here’s the rule: Just be yourself!

39. Submit your life and ministry to others

To become effective and efficient in the prophetic you will need to find others who are more mature as believers and more experienced in the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to disciple and mentor you. You will need to be discipled and mentored in the basics of “life and ministry” as well as being equipped to use the gifts of the Spirit wisely and well.

This is more than just the practicals of ministering supernaturally. It will involve issues of your character, your doctrines, your biblical knowledge, relationships, and life in general. You cannot separate life and ministry. So, you are looking for one or more people to become deeply involved in your life and your ministry helping you to grow and mature on all levels.

40. The less you know about the person the better

The less you know about a person the easier it is to prophesy over them. When ministering prophetically to a total stranger you don’t have to sort through your feelings about the person or remove from your mind and heart those things you know about them. It is like looking at a blank screen on your iPhone or iPad. Whatever you sense prophetically from the Lord you simply need to speak.

However, if you know the person you will need to separate out what you know, feel, and want for this person from what the Lord is saying to you regarding the person. This sorting is not always easy when first beginning to prophesy. Not easy – but essential and absolutely necessary.

So, the less you know about the person the easier it is to minister prophetically to them.

41. Careful if prophesying to the opposite sex

Because the prophetic gifts can minister to areas of woundedness and personal issues (both past and present) you must be careful when ministering to those of the opposite sex. The emotions involved in receiving a prophetic Word and/or healing through the prophetic can cause an emotional attachment to the person ministering the Word. It is somewhat understandable – but still always dangerous. So, simply be aware of the potential problem and protect yourself.

Example: You are a male and you have ministered to a female. That person comes up after the service and wants to talk. This in itself is okay. However, you should ask your wife or another team member to come and join you. This way you are protected. People responding emotionally can claim you said something that you didn’t or did something you didn’t. So, best to be proactive and protect yourself.

Note: With the increase of “same sex attraction” this may indicate that it would always be wise to have someone else with you when speaking personally or “privately” with someone you have recently ministered to.

42. Function within the area you have been called to minister

Each of us has a place we are called to minister and a level at which the Lord has called us to be active. This is your sphere of authority. An example would be your home cell or growth group, your local church congregation, the town or city that you live in, the region or even the nation. This can be revealed to you through the prophetic words that you have personally had spoken over your life. It can also be determined by who recognizes your gifting and calling.

When you are working within your sphere or geographical area toy will walk in the authority the Lord has given to you. You will move in His power and He will certainly confirm your ministry and prophetic gifting through signs and wonders. If you are outside of your area you will be outside of the will of God for your life an therefore in a dangerous place.

43. Submit to authority

When ministering prophetically – you must always submit to those whom the Lord has placed in authority (Romans 13). When beginning to minister prophetically it is always wise to check your prophetic sense or the Words you are receiving with your local authority – home group leader, pastor, mentor.

Once your gift has been tested and proven you may be released to minister prophetically without clearing your prophetic words; but, remember you are still accountable to those under whose authority you are working. As Jesus said, “you have authority because you are submitted to authority.”

44. Don’t be overwhelmed by everything you see

As your gift develops and matures – at times you will see a great deal about a person’s life when you go to minister to them.You will see their past, present and future. And, you will see tremendous amounts of details about many aspects of their life. Don’t be overwhelmed.

Simply view everything you are seeing about their life by the Spirit of revelation (Ephesians 1:17) as a “house.” Then choose a room and enter that room – ministering prophetically about what you see in that room. So, you enter the “family room” and minister regarding things you see about the family. You enter the den or study and you minister regarding finances. You enter their prayer closet and so minister to them prophetically about their spiritual life. You get the idea.

You choose which rooms you enter and how many rooms you enter (see #45). You don’t need to say it just because you see it

Just because the Lord reveals things to you about a person or a situation does not mean that you need to declare them or speak them out. He may be showing you something simply so you can be praying about it. Other times He may be giving you some context so as to better understand how to deliver the Word that you are to give more accurately and in a more sensitive manner. And, you may receive something that you will give later but now is not the time to speak it (see #46).

46. Timing is very important

God often gives you a Word that you will deliver to a person but not when you receive it. It is for a future time when you will be given the “go-to-go” signal. The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs that “a word given in due season, how good it is.” If you give a prophetic Word before it is time – even though you have received it – it will not have the power to change a life that it would if you wait and give it when the Lord releases you to do so. Often we know something by revelation before it is time to speak it – and we need to be patient as God works with the situation, the circumstances, and the person or group to which the Word will be spoken. Remember, God’s timing is always right and perfect.

47. If the person immediately reminds you of someone you know

One of the ways that the Lord can give you a prophetic revelation for a person is to allow that person to remind you of someone you know well. When this happens simply start by describing the basic features of that other person you know. Things like what they do for a ministry, their love for the Word of God, their personality, and their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to pour a solid foundation for whatever it is the Lord is wanting to say. You will have their undivided attention because you will be actually describing the person you are prophesying over.

When the ministry to that person is over and they have sat down – you will look at them in the natural and they will no longer remind you of that person you described. In fact, you wil lwonder how you ever saw ‘them’ in that person. Welcome to the supernatural ministry of the prophetic.

48. Focus on a daily intimacy with the Holy Spirit

The Bible states that we are to fellowship with the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 13:14). This word “fellowship” means to: socially interact with, partnership with, and participate in what He is doing. As the Gift of Prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit it helps to become intimate with Him. It is good to come to know His personality, the way He thinks, what He is feeling, and how He works. We must become very personally intimate in our relationship with Him. The greater the intimacy the better the prophetic.

49. Don’t be manipulated

Often people will come up to you and tell you that the Lord spoke to them and told them that you have a Word for them. That is a person trying to manipulate you. Others will come up to you and tell you that they really need to hear from God. Everyone in the room, including yourself, would like to hear from God. Again, don’t let them manipulate you. They will tell you that they have a major situation that need to hear from God about. Again, don’t let them manipulate you – prophecy does not solve problems, that is not its purpose.

50. Don’t prostitute the gift

At times people will come up and tell you how much they appreciate your ministry and actually shake your hand and you will find some money in your palm hen they are done. This is known as the golden handshake and is often a way to get a Word from the Lord through you. Others will offer to donate a sizeable sum to your ministry (usually just when you really need it) if you will “pray for them” or “bless them” which is prophetic for “give them a prophetic Word.”

Never give a Word for money – even if you simply put it directly into a mission fund or use it in church planting. Never prostitute the gift – never!

51. Faith and grace

You will frequently need to simply “step out in faith.” You may not have something for the person standing in front of you – don’t let that hinder you. You prophesy by faith so step out in faith and start by saying “for the Lord would say…” and watch what He says. You will be amazed. As you step out in faith the grace of God will come and you will have much to say prophetically over the person.

52. Desire is needed

1 Corinthians 14 states that we are to “earnestly desire to prophesy.” So, it is not something to maybe do once in a while when you feel like it. It is something you want to do and really want to do and do on a daily basis. It must become part of your spiritual DNA and be a daily desire in your life and ministry.

53. Don’t call out gifts and callings

As part of their role within the Church apostles and prophets can and do call out people’s callings and giftings – their roles within the Body of Christ. This is a part of their job within the Church as integral members of the five-fold ministry team (Ephesians 4:11). The recognition and calling forth of gifts and callings is not the territory of those who are not part of the Ascension gifts ministries. If you are flowing the prophetic and are not an apostle or prophet do not call out gifts and callings as this is not part of your level of authority and ministry.

54. No insignificant words

There are no insignificant prophetic Words. You may think that the revelation you have received is so basic or so simple that you really don’t want to give it. However, there is no such thing as an insignificant Word of the Lord. Every Word, simple and basic or otherwise, is straight from the heart of God the father and therefore more than significant in the life of the person receiving it. Always deliver the Word without apology for its simplicity.

55. A list of prophetic ‘symbols’

There is no standard list of prophetic symbols. You will need to create your own list. Each time you receive a prophetic Word or revelation through an impression or a picture – ask the Lord what it means (see #14). Then write it down in your list of prophetic symbols. Each and every time you see this picture or receive this impression it will always mean the same thing for you. If another prophetic person sees the same symbol – it will mean something different for them. This is normal and okay.

So, design and develop your own list of symbols and their meanings and watch what the Lord can accomplish through you because you took the time to develop the list. There is one exception to this rule (see #56).

56. Vehicles always represent ministry

Each and every time you see a vehicle – a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car, a truck, a bus, a train, a boat, a plane … It always means ministry. The size and impact of the ministry is determined by the vehicle. A “car” would be a much smaller ministry than a “bus” as more people fit on a bus then in a car. A plane means an international ministry (and a boat can to – depending on the size and purpose of the boat or ship you see). A train with two cars is a smaller ministry than a train with ten cars being pulled along. You get the idea.

57. He gives you the revelation – you choose the words

God is the One who gives you the prophetic revelation – a picture, a sense, a revelation, a feeling, an understanding – but you are the one who chooses the words that express what you have sensed, felt, or seen. God does not give you the words to speak – you are the one who decides how best to communicate what it is the Lord has revealed. This means your personality and your character is actually involved in the delivery of the Word of the Lord to the person. This is why character is so important in the life and ministry of a prophetic minister.

58. End when the Holy Spirit does

Always end your Word of the Lord to a person when the Holy Spirit does. He does not need you to explain what you have spoken on His behalf. He does not need you to repeat what you have said or elaborate on His comments. And absolutely do not add any of your own thoughts on the matter. Simply deliver the Word and then be quiet. You may feel that more should be said but you are not to add to what the Lord has spoken.

[Revised and Expanded 08/15/2013]

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