It is Time to Grab Hold and Move Forward

It is time to grab hold of our true identity and authority and move out into our communities and our nation. It is time to understand that the Lord Jesus came to defeat the work of the devil (1 John 3:8) and did so. That he is a defeated enemy and thus is powerless over the believer.

A good example of this is your own salvation. As soon as you were convicted by the Holy Spirit of your sin and the need for a Saviour the devil was not able to stop you from experiencing salvation and receiving the gift of eternal life (Romans 6:23). You were translated instantly from the domain of darkness into the Kingdom of Light where Jesus is King. The devil was powerless to prevent this once you decided to take this step of faith.

The Bible also states that he is a defeated enemy even now and that those whom the Son has redeemed by His blood and who have received the gift of eternal life (defined in John 17:3) cannot be touched by the evil one. 1 John 5:18 states that “the evil one does not touch them.”

It is time for the Church to grab hold of our true identity and recognize who we are in Christ and really ‘whose we are’ – who we belong to and how powerful and capable He really is. It is time to put aside the timidity, fear, intimidation, and inferior feeling that we have as Christians. It is time to recognize that we have the Truth and that this Truth will set captive free as we proclaim it.  It is time to recognize that the anointing of the Holy Spirit that we received when we were baptized in the Holy Spirit breaks the yoke of bondage off of people. It is time to recognize that God’s Word, as we declare it, will not return to Him void but will always accomplish that which He sent it out to do. It is time to recognize that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. It is time to recognize that we are on the team that has already won the war for it was won at the foot of the cross of Calvary. That which the devil stole at the foot of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil the Lord Jesus Christ purchased back on another tree – the tree of Calvary on a garbage dump outside the city of Jerusalem.

It is time to begin to act with certainly, boldness, assurance, confidence, and power. It is time to see the miracles that the early Church saw. It is, in fact, time to see ‘extraordinary’ miracles at the hands of the saints today as Paul saw in Ephesus on his first visit there.  Jesus said that the Church would attack and overcome even the gates of Hell and it is time that believers here in North America grabbed hold of what is rightfully theirs as Christians and began to fulfill the call on their lives to “seek and save the lost”.

It is time for believers to believe God’s Word and act upon it. He has already given to us everything that pretains to life and to godliness. He has empowered us and enabled us and nothing can prevent us from fulfilling His purposes upon the earth. It is time to stand up Church and let our light shine into the darkness. And, as the darkness becomes gross darkness then the glory of the Lord will be seen upon His people.

For the Lord would say:
It is time to believe Me and to believe My Word. Miracles, signs and wonders are to be the norm for the believer; yes, even here in your nation. It is time to become expectant and excited for I am beginning to build faith in the true leaders of My people – not the hirelings but the real shepherds. I am placing in them, and other five-fold ministers, a discontent for the norm and a hunger for what, to the Church, will appear abnormal. I am placing in them a divine discontent that will feel to them as a hunger for more of Me and more of My power to be evident in the daily work that they place their hands to in My Name. Then, as they move forward into this new norm (do not call it a revival or a movement) My people will follow this new breed of leaders. Then we shall see the Light push back the darkness and My Church become all that I have intended for her to be. The day of the “normal” is about to dawn as the day of the ‘abnormal’ finally ends.

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