God and Barbie

Had an interesting conversation yesterday, my day to talk with non-believers. A day to build relationships as I allow others to come to know and trust me. And, a time to talk to total strangers about the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the power of God unto salvation.

It is important that all Christians spend time weekly building relationships with non-believers and talking to others we might not even know. We need to be talking to others about the Gospel or good news of Jesus Christ. We should be doing this daily as we go about our daily activities. And, we should have a specific time each week when we intentionally head out with nothing on our agenda but to hang out with non-Christians to influence them and their world. It is called being salt and light. Jesus told us we were to be thus.

People are hungry for reality and we have reality to offer – the only true reality that, in the long run, has been proven to work. Few out there have even heard the true gospel and even fewer have any biblical understanding of God.

Case in point. I was visiting with four people at one time yesterday – from business owner to computer technition and inbetween. People ages 24 to 45. And the conversation somehow managed to get on to the topic of God. And one of them said that God must be always angry. A judgment made by examining life in general, the world around them, and their own life in particular. Then another said that God was certainly female.

Before I could jump into that part of the conversation (I was finding where I had placed my Diet Coke) someone else commented that God was probably more like Barbie – neutered and without male or female genitals. I never owned a Barbie or Ken doll but with six kids I realized what they meant. No kidding – this is where the conversation went and it went there as fast as that.

Not to be one to stand back when I see an opportunity, I commented that actually in the Hebrew understanding of God in the Old Testament and specifically the first book of the Bible – Genesis – God is decidedly plural (the Trinity) and ‘contained’ both male and female traits. I did not try to be theological nor deep … just stating that God states: “Let us (Trinity) create man in our own image; male and female He then created.” Inheritant within the Hebrew understanding of God were the traits of both the male and the female. They listened intently and did not try to change the subject nor did they ridicule my short bit of ‘teaching’.

The conversation then went to Jesus and the fact that He was (is) male and had all the necessary parts to be a complete male. Again, no ridicule or side comments. They simply listened and took all this in.

Then, as with many conversations, it went off in another direction. But, there in the group – not the first time I had been with this group but certainly the first time I was able to add to a conversation they started about God – I was able to help them to understand just a bit about the God I serve and worship. It also allows for an open door the next time I am in that business extablishment. I can reference this conversation and see if I can engage one or the other of those involved in another conversation to bring the whole issue of God back to the forefront again.

This is the neatest part about being a believer and working daily to find opportunities to share Jesus with those who have never heard nor considered His offer of salvation and eternal life – a personal relationship with God the Father and with Himself (John 17:3).

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