Are You Growing Spiritually?

If you are growing spiritually, those you lead and those you influence (children, friends, family) will too. Your personal progress, productivity and passion matter… And, as a disciple of the Lord Jesus (see the last seven blogs) we are called to be constantly growing, adjusting, changing.

Here’s the problem as I see it… Many people who become born again simply believe that they “have arrived” and now that they are saved, safe, secure in Jesus, and sure of Heaven as a final resting place – that they have all they need and can simply go on living as they always have. The “salvation package” is simply tacked on to an already existing life with no interest in or even thought about changing and growing. This, regretfully, describes most Christians that I know – most, not all. Read more

Connected and Belonging

Ever felt like you know a number of people in the local church but really don’t know a lot of people? You know what I mean – you know their names and a little about them but you really don’t KNOW them. The conversations you have with them are shallow and always really about nothing … weather, hockey, how the kids are, how the week went… We meet and greet people on a Sunday but we never really come to know them personally. We don’t see or know their heart, their hopes and dreams, their real life lived under the surface – under the masks we all wear. It is friendly enough but it is not good enough and not what God designed the Church to be. It is to be a family, an army, a Body… All telling us that there must be connectedness and belonging if the Christian faith – our personal faith in the Lord – is to be all that He intends it to be.

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We Believe in Discipleship – The 5 Catalysts of Spiritual Growth

Believers are called by Jesus to be disciples. Disciples are called to reproduce and “go into all the world and make (more) disciples.” Thus the Church will grow and the Kingdom continue to expand as God designed it to do. To reproduce a disciple needs to be healthy and to be growing in their personal daily walk with the Lord. Many are not!

Thus, we see few being born again and then being discipled within local churches. It appears that simple, Bible teaching from the pulpit every Sunday is not enough to enable a disciple to grow and mature. Being a disciple and discipleship – including discipling others- is more than pumping more information into the heads of believers. Read more

Study: Most Church Goers Don’t Read the Bible

While the majority of churchgoers desire to honor Christ with their lives and even profess to think on biblical truths, a recent study found few actually engage in personal reading and study of the Scriptures.

“Bible engagement” is one of the eight attributes of discipleship identified in the Transformational Discipleship study conducted by LifeWay Research. The study produced the Transformational Discipleship Assessment, which measures an individual’s spiritual growth in each of these areas of development. Read more

Gather – Grow – Go

The Church is meant to be a place where believers can move forward and become mature, strong disciples of the Lord and reproduce by going into all the world making more disciples. This is so contrary to the way we think of Church where we come to worship God, learn from His Word and get our needs met through prayer and ministry.

We seldom think of it as a place to come and be equipped for the the work of the ministry. However, the Church is God’s idea, Jesus is the Head of the Church and the Holy Spirit (also God) enables, empowers and indwells it – so, they get to dictate the purpose for the Church and what it is called to do. Read more

Stay Focused

As the pace of life continues to speed up now that the fall season is upon us it is important to stay focused. As disciples of Jesus we need to stay focused on Him, His plans and purpose, His call upon our lives, and His agenda – you know, “Your will be done, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven…” (The Lord’s Prayer). Sounds good but it is not easy to actually do.

To “stay focused” we first need to be focused. And often this is not the case. With so many things to do each and every day it is often difficult to be focused. Then we add to that all the “extra activities” that are being added to our daily agenda at the start of a new season as all the regular activities begin anew. As if our lives were not busy enough already – it seems that new ‘stuff’ is being added daily to our already hectic lives. So, if we were out of focus we are now more so; if we were in focus, this time of year can soon derail that. So, our task might be to first regain our lost focus and then “stay focused.” Read more

The Church Jesus is Building

The Bible states that Jesus is building His Church. The Church Jesus is building will certainly look and operate differently than the church that man has built. For a local church that man has built to meet his needs to become a church that Jesus is building

will require a lot of change and a great deal of courage. To go from self-centered to God-centered, a church that will be dedicated to His cause, His plans and purpose will require a great deal of trust and faith in God. Read more

Men – It’s Time to Step Up and Be Counted

Around the world God is moving in the hearts of men. They are feeling something in their hearts and often are not aware that it is God calling them to Himself and to stand up and be counted as godly men and men of God. He is asking them to connect with other men both – with Christians in the local church first and then with non-Christians in their workplace, neighborhood, and social circles. He is calling men to become more than counted and connected – He is asking them to become committed to Him and to His cause of winning other men to the Lord and discipling them into maturity, ministry and missions. Read more

The Coming Harvest

This past week I drove out to Buffalo Pound to spend a few hours at the boys camp that our church has been working with now for several years. On my way down the grid road structure to get to the camp I noticed that harvest was in progress. In fact, I passed one farm where there were three large semi-trucks lined up waiting for the grain – and as I looked out into the fields there were six – count them – six combines working in unity to harvest the crop. It was quite the enterprise and really something to see.

As I drove by the Lord spoke to my heart and said that the fields of souls are ripe for harvest and that there will be so many hungry for meaning, significance, and understanding that it will take many workers out in the harvest fields to bring the harvest in during these last days. One lone “combine” will not be able to accomplish the task that is now before the Church. It will take believers coming together, groups joining hands together, churches working together. It is a big task and will take a large work force to accomplish it. Read more

Problems in Life

Every believer has problems. Someone once stated: “All of God’s children got problems.” True then – still true today. Problems are part of life and help us to grow and mature. Our character grows and develops as we face and overcome problems. Lessons can be learned from every problem. God uses programs to change us and to strengthen us as well as equip us for more and better life and ministry.

When facing a problem head-on (the best way to deal with any issue) always remember: “The problem in front of you is never as big as the power behind you.” God has empowered you and you are called to be an overcomer because you are following Him. He has already won the victory over the world, the flesh, and the Devil. You can win the same victory in your life if you will simply call upon the Holy Spirit who lives within your spirit. All born again Christians literally have God living within them and so can call upon Him to lead and guide them in each and every situation they encounter. If they would then follow His wisdom and direction they would be certain that His power will back up His words. “The problem in front of you is never as big as the power behind you.” Read more