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Ralph will be ministering in the city of Winkler, Manitoba and surrounding area from the 15th to the 20th of November, 2017.

Ralph will be preaching and doing prophetic ministry at a number of public services. As well, He will be meeting one-on-one with the young men that he is mentoring.

After almost a year of going to Southern Manitoba on a regular basis Ralph’s emphasis will be shifting somewhat. There will be more leadership training events and events to speak into the life and ministry of young apostles and prophets who are still just discovering what the call on their life is all about and how it works.

Ralph will also be meeting with team members who will be travelling with him to Kazakhstan in January, 2018 and to Russia in early spring.

For more information you can contact him by text at 306-536-9574 or by email at ralph@ralphhoweministries.com

Ralph will be ministering in the town of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan November 26th, 2017.

Location: Assiniboia Apostolic Church located at 200 4th Avenue East in Assiniboia.

Time of service: 10:00a

Everyone is welcome

Ralph and his team will be teaching God’s Word and ministering prophetically during the service.

Topic for the morning: Jesus, The Revolutionary


In the past several years Ralph has been involved in an annual television series called “The Sound of the Trumpet.”

This is a 13 part, locally produced television show aired on a community station here in Regina, Saskatchewan. Each episode always presents the Gospel of the Kingdom and gives people an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Each of the 13 programs has a different local Christian leader being interviewed and sharing their testimony along with a pre-determined topic that the producers want addressed.

Those in the planning area of this program have recently found increased favour with the cable company and have been offered more air time. As a result, starting in September, we will be taping a second series – which we hope will also be an annual undertaking and aired a number of times each year – with the main theme (and title of the program) being “The Word.”

Ralph will be taping his part in the series early in September, 2017 for airing at a future date. His topic is “The fear of the Lord” which we see as lacking in many who call themselves believers. Again, Ralph has been asked to start his segment of the series by briefly sharing his testimony. All 13 sessions in the new series are based in the Gospel of John, Chapter one.

This new series will be available on most local cable community stations throughout Saskatchewan once completed.

Each month there will be one theme that Ralph will be commenting and sharing on in his daily blogs. Some of the upcoming themes are:

  •             The Apostolic Revolution
  •             House Churches
  •             Dealing With Shame
  •             Gay Christians
  •             Apostolic Church Planting
  •             Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death
  •             The Kingdom of God
  •             Christian Unity
  •             Evangelism in our world today

As well, each blog will end with a question or two to consider and even comment on. All comments will be read and a response given, if appropriate. In other words, we want the blogs to be a little more interactive.

As well, there will be a prayer request at the end of each blog – associated with Ralph’s work in a number of countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We are excited about these and several other changes that will be introduced as the new fall 2017 season moves into high gear.

All previous blogs can be found on Ralph’s web page at www.ralphhoweministries.com. There is a search engine and you can locate specific blogs by entering the topic you are interested in learning more about.

You can also subscribe to Ralph’s blogs by signing up on the main web site. When you do you will receive each new blog as they are posted. They arrive as an email in your in box. We do not send junk mail and never solicit for funds. Your email address is never shared or sold.


At the start of October, 2017 Ralph will be live streaming three times a week on Facebook. These sessions will be 3 to 5 minutes in length and deal with current topics in the news that raise issues that the Church is or should be discussing. These postings will be personal, practical, and, we hope, powerful. And, of course, we hope they will be a catalyst for further discussion and interaction among believers.

Once a week He will be posting a 12 to 15 minute teaching on a current and relevant topic. Again, these will deal with relevant topics that need to be wrested with by believers. We are living in a fast changing world and there is much we are called to interact and comment on. These extended weekly teachings will be opening a door into issues that need to be thought about and understood.

When Ralph is overseas – the short live streaming will be current from wherever he is ministering. The longer teaching sessions will be pre-recorded and published even while he is away.

We are also excited that we will be opening a You Tube channel dedicated the Ralph’s teachings. All the material will be new and current. As well, some of the teachings Ralph does overseas (translated into Russian but with full English content) will also be posted. These teachings were recorded live as he taught them in local churches and at leadership schools.


Ralph Howe Ministries is run completely from donations. Expenses such as airplane travel, web design and management and visa documents come out of these givings. Your donations also help to support many young families as men and women all over the world obey God’s command to reach the nations with the gospel!

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