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October 26th to November 5, 2018 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Butler, Ohio, United States of America

Ralph will be working with a young third year university student attending North York University. He is from Kazakhstan and is seeking an expression of the Church that will speak to his generation; especially the fellow students he has come to know who do not yet know Jesus but are asking questions.

This is a new church plant and Ralph will be working closely with his leader there – supported by the prayers of many young Christians in Kazakhstan who are sponsoring this church plant.

Plans are to continue building relationships, forming a local Bible study for non-believers, and watching what the Holy Spirit can and will do. Ralph will be on site once every six weeks to encourage and train leaders. This trip is from October 26th to 29th.

Then Ralph will continue on flying to Columbus, Ohio and then driving to Bellville and Butler, Ohio. He will be working with Bill Lewis who is an apostle and pastor of The River Community Church in Butler, Ohio. Ralph is one of two outside apostles in an apostolic team overseeing the work there. His involvement now reaches back 7 years and he is usually in this area two to three times a year. This trip is from November 29th to November 5th, 2018. There is another trip planned for December of this year as well.



Sound of the Trumpet Television

On the 22nd of September Ralph will once again be involved in the taping of a 13 part television series called “The Sound of the Trumpet.” This is annual event and Ralph’s third year with the production of this series of shows.

Ralph’s topic for the taping of the show to be showed as a series later in the year is The Rapture and the lead scripture is found in Matthew 24.

The basic format of the 30 minute show is simple. The person being interviewed is asked to give a short testimony of his or salvation experience. Then they teach for about 20 minutes on the assigned topic. After that either the guest or the host for the series gives a gospel presentation as the show is brought to a close.

Ralph has been involved in this show for the past three years. As well, he has been involved in a second 13 week series that has come about as a result of finding favour with Access Communications (Regina) called “The Word.” Ralph has taped one of the shows in this series earlier this year and looks forward to it entering a second season early in 2019.

Each series is shown a number of times over the course of a year and so there is more than one opportunity to view the show and hear the testimonies and the Gospel.



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