Olga Tsoy

Hello Ralph!

I’m sorry that I cannot write you in English.  But I try to do it in a shorter time. I really want to share the testimony about what God has done through You and Your team in our church, in my life and in the lives of our leaders.

My name is Olga Tsoy. I am a pastor of a church in a town Burunday near Almaty. You ministried in our church for two days and in the Baptist college for a week. You have named our church – Korean church. I hope you have recollected us. We were so blessed with your team ministry. Read more

Nadya Korneychuk

The teachings that I have heard from Ralph Howe were edifying and very actual for me. The prophetic word that I have received strengthened me and gave me faith in my walk with Jesus. God showed me His great love towards me and changed many things in my spirit and in my character formation. This word will not just change my life but I see that it began to work even now. I received the answers to my spiritual experiences, received vision for my future. In the past I did not understand that God was using me but now I became firmly convinced that it is from Him.

Ivan Korneychuck

I would compare the messages that I have heard at Ralph’s conference with a compass. They give direction and help to see and to accomplish God’s vision. It is difficult to describe how much I got while Ralph’s was ministering to us, especially considering personal relationship with God. The word that I received encouraged me a lot. It supplements what I had received before from other ministers, it goes in the same direction.

I believe that this word will change my life as “the word of God does not come back futile”. Of course if to look seriously I also understand that its fulfillment depends on my relationship with God and my obedience.

I want to add that the prophecy given to me from Ralph and his team is really great. It was the third confirmation of what God was telling into my life during past three years. Each time it was growing and releasing more of His presence and power. I know that this word will continue to fill my life.

In the end of my testimony I want to say the next: When your wishes coincide with God’s will and you receive confirmation to it (for example on such services like Ralph’s, in the mighty presence of God) than everything that you would want to do – is to accomplish the will of God!

I will be glad if my testimony will help others to get encouragement.

Alexander Tymoschuck

I have done 5 terms in prison, was a drug addict. I was slovenly individual and a drunkard. Then the Lord saved me. And now my wife and I ministry to Him and thank Him for wonderful transformation of our life.

 Thanks God that He through Ralph has explained to me everything about the gift of prophecy. The prophetic word that I received was very accurate. One thing in my prophecy was that I do not need to worry about finances any more, that it will not be a big issue in my ministry. The next day in the morning this word began to fulfill. The very next morning I received a big sum of money – 7000000 of roubles – through different accounts in three banks. Purposely God promised to take away our financial problem – we had 5500 roubles debt. And communists owed us the money that we received through banks. Do you know how difficult it is to get money out of communists – of “the old leaven”? My wife and I were very thankful to God for this miracle. God has given the promised power. Like a magnet it will do God’s work.

I believe that this prophetic word will change my further life.

Let God bless Ralph Howe ministry and open many doors for ministry and spreading of God’s Kingdom.

Tamara Zhylich

I am greatly thankful to God for Ralph Howe’s ministry here in our church in Kirovograd.

When Ralph explained how to receive God’s word in the right way and then how to interpret this word and use it, I grasped this process and began to practise these truths in my walking with God. I began to clearly hear God when I calm down in my spirit, as Ralph taught us, and tune on hearing. I was amazed about how easy and exactly God was speaking to me, revealing the roots of my problems, answering my questions and directing me. My fellowship with the Lord changed and became more alive.

Ralph’s teachings are very edifying and help to come closer to God and walk in His truth.

Helen Tymoschyuk

Ralph’s teachings helped me to get proper understanding of giftings and callings. The truths were revealed to me as before they were hidden because of the religious spirit. I was prophesied over earlier and the prophecy given by Ralph agrees with what was said earlier even in some specific words. I will practise what I have seen and heard, I will learn how to walk in the supernatural.

I am sure that the received word will change my life as it has already begun to come to pass. I received the word that God will carry love message using my husband and me. Today I saw a little boy. There you could see ill-being in his eyes and the feeling that no one loved him. He was with his drunken mother. Then God impelled me to tell the boy that God loves him. This boy looked at me and began to smile and went away knowing that God loves him.

 Watching how Ralph’s team serves I know that their experience can help many people to come to realize new possibilities and new understanding of how to walk with God and serve to others.

What does the received prophetic word mean to me? Our testimony is great – we are free from the financial burden that lasted for long time. The Lord has fulfilled His word and literally in twelve hours we got confirmation of the fact that our life fully belongs to Him. Also thanks to Ralph I realized that we should not tell God about our problems but we should tell our problems about God.

I would advice all of my friends to attend Ralph Howe’s services and to receive great blessing by hearing God’s truth and His message in a prophetic word.

Alexander Gavrikov

Good day Ralph. I am Alexander Gavrikov from Kurganinsk Krasnodar district (North Caucasus) greeting you. My team and I have been very inspired by your ministry in Yessentuki. Once again I want to thank the Lord for your ministry and obedience to Him.

I would like to give a little of my testimony about what was happening and what is going on in my life.

This year in February two of my friends invited me to come with them to Ukraine to be at a prophetic conference. My spiritual condition was not good, it was even bad. Your and Bob’s ministry has just shaken me, because the spirit of Jezebel has destroyed my ministry and church which I have cultivated. They suggested me to move to another city to be an assistant of pastor, and in a course of time I become a pastor there. But there also was a spirit of Jezebel in this church. It is difficult to reproduce the whole horror I have faced. I have been suppressed, disappointed, broken. The whole conference seemed to have been organized and held only for me and for the sake of me. It seemed as if you have lived during all these years nearby me; but the most interesting is that you have described in details my condition and those people whom I had faced before, just without calling their names. This message has brought me hope and the way out afterwards.

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