Lynn – Marion, Ohio

Dear Ralph,

Thank you! Your prophetic word to our body was so timely and accurate, the elders really appreciated hearing it put together that way. We are also praying for your ministry in the former USSR, It is obvious you have a strong passion for that region.

Joseph in California

I was contemplating, and remembered the day you visited our church. My parents had told me a couple days before that a man of God was to visit, an apostle. I remember feeling all tingly in my heart, knowing that I was to be called up to be prophesied on.

I remember it got so bad, (if I remember accurately), I got on my knee’s, and said to God, Lord, we both know that there will be a visitor at our church. Please. Please, God. Don’t call me up. I remember this being my plea for two straight days, in bed, etc. It was Sunday morning, getting ready for church, nervous, uncomfortable. I just knew that out of everyone, I was to be called up. I even told my dad, ‘just watch me get called up’. I tried so hard, fearfully, to hide underneath the people sitting in front of me. I made very, and I mean very little contact with you that day, but my ears wide open. And than, you called me up.

Mark Googins

Ralph, you are truly a blessing to our family at The Upper Room and we are your family AWAY from home. Thank you for your wisdom, love, patience, and leadership!

From Mark Googins – Founder and pastor of The Upper Room in Cardington, Ohio a village of just over 2000 people in central Ohio. 

Sheldon H and Gerald M

Dear Pastor,

Over the past two years the Lord has put two visions on our heart that ultimately have to do with bringing unity to the local body, providing a way that the gifts of the body can be activated, grown, and used, and becoming a visible church again in the community. The first vision simply explains the desire to see a fivefold ministry foundation in operation at the Potters House and explores what that would look like. The second vision hits the heart of the bigger picture of what God has put on our hearts. And that is to see a unified church in Columbus Oh. That has a presence and consistent voice in the community.  Read more

Gerald M

God bless and happy thanksgiving Apostle Howe! It’ll be a week on Saturday since we met (November, 2013) and I’m still chewing on your sermon and your (prophetic) word! I was extremely blessed by  your ministry and what The Lord did through you!

I’ve never seen a minister take his time and truly pour into the people with that same care and sensitivity to The Lord the way you did…and the message about the church transitioning was incredible…I will be praying for you and your ministry and all The Lord is doing through


Thank you, Ralph Howe, that you worked hard for Ukraine.

It is very valuable that God is doing and saying through you here to see prices.

And the blog helps, because a lot of evidence that God says and does. And you think that you are not alone and it helps to go forward. It is also a teaching and because everything is already systematically.


My husband was very much impressed with the prophetic word. This was like the last atomic explosion to break his stronghold that a real christian cannot be wealthy. He has gone through lots of seminars and lessons dwelling on what God tells about finances, but still I felt that it was not completely gone. He had this understanding that his future in the kingdom of God somehow relates to finances and now there is a confirmation to that! That’s great!


My dear Ralph,

Lays year you came to the rehabilitation center and God through you told me something that changed me forever. I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Because of the prophetic word over my life I’m sure that the faithful God is wise and that He loves me no matter what. God did this – so I am here (and not dead). For me this was not possible but my God do impossible things. Read more


Our dearest brother Ralph,

I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful spiritual time that we had through your ministry in Glendale, California.

Your passion for discipleship and all your efforts to transfer your knowledge to others is greatly appreciated. I want to let you know that your visit brought a lot of great changes in people’s lives. Many of us are now more zealous for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There is certainly a new wave moving in the church and it was even more evident in our youth ministry as some of our youth have started prophesying, seeing prophetic dreams and receiving heavenly music during prayer. We are definitely going to implement your teachings in our youth group believing to see the great results.


Hello brother Ralph. How r u? We miss you, miss for that time, that magic time! It is my privilege to meet you.

Today , I remember those days, I said to myself that I don’t want extinguish that fire. I had come for hearing your prophecy for my life, but , God’s plan was different.
Thanks for everything
Faraz & Mojgan