Olga Tsoy

Ralph, thank you very much for the service. You are making a huge contribution to our ministry. Inspire us, challenge, gives us a new understanding. We are pleased that you returned home in good health. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Bradly Bell

Thank you brother Ralph. Much was accomplished in the Kingdom of God in Southern Manitoba.

God is Good!

Hello Ralph. I met you in Altona in January and again at the seminar you were doing in Morden. We had a short conversation on Friday night about hearing God and I told you that I do not hear very well, and yet after hearing you speak I was convinced there was more available to me than what I was currently walking in. Just wanted to let you know that I have had a breakthrough. I was spending time before God and he just reminded me of a time when I received a genuine word of knowledge and shared it, but then later went back and retracted it saying “God wouldn’t say that.” That greatly interfered with my hearing. I have repented and emailing you with my testimony is the first thing God told me to do. Thanks so much for your teaching which has helped me to press in and believe for more.

Robert Millar

On behalf of the men of St. Joseph’s Bible Study, I want to thank you for attending last Wednesday and for the contribution you made to our study. All the men were thankful for hearing the word of a “True Man of God”. You are welcome to visit with us anytime you are in the area. We pray that your ministry continues for a long time.



Dear Ralph! I want to Express my gratitude and appreciation for their service to us. We all remember your prophecies and strive to implement them. Almost every day I receive edification through your blogs in Russian. We all thank God for you and your Ministry. May the Lord strengthen you and bless you and your entire family and all your Ministry. You are always welcome, though not always obedient to your word. Bless you!



Hello , Ralph! I read daily posts in your blog and learn something new every time. There are such interesting thoughts, and I find support in them. I just want you to know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. May God bless your ministry.

Picture drawn by Dashka B. who lives in the city of Tula, Russia as a thank you for a prophetic word she received.

Mark Googins

I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that you are amazing, and I know you go around pouring into so many people, you probably don’t get too many people pouring it to you but you truly are amazing you truly are a spiritual father to many!

Mark leads / pastors The Upper Room in Cardington, Ohio

Yelena Yefremenkova

Hi Ralph,

I was surprised to receive email from you because I know how busy you are. I am very happy to become a partner of your ministry so the Word of God may spread into different countries. Thanks for visiting our church in Sacramento. Your preaching has changed not only my life but lives of many people. I praise God for you and for your service. May God bless you abundantly in everything what you do for His Kingdom.

Inna Choi

Pastor Ralph! Thank you for your congratulations on Christmas I congratulate you and your family a Happy New 2015 All the best to you. Pastor Ralph You taught us what to do after receiving the prophecy in particular that it is necessary to move towards the conditions of our prophecies to be fulfilled prophecy as I have the gift evangelist and I responded to your advice and since I have the ministry to the Jews, I decided to serve the Jews in Kazakhstan I have a home church in Burunday it about 25 Jewish church and she is already 3.5 months many miracles preaching of Jesus Christ I thank God thanks for the amazing prophecy RALPH send photos home church “Shalom.” Ralph God healed from liver cancer a woman with a huge belly now she has no belly and bald boy 4 years God has healed from cancer of lymph nodes HALLELUJAH ALL ALL GLORY TO ONLY the Great Lord


Thank you so much Ralph for your ministry in our church this past weekend. It was inspiring, uplifting, but most of all it motivated us to seek the kind of relationship that you have with Jesus and as a result do the kind of works that Jesus did. Your testimonies are so miraculous and full of life. We loved listening to them. Thank you for being Gods voice and bringing His message. No doubt, the time you spent mentoring and investing into leaders in our church will yield results. May God richly reward you in every area of your life.