An Encouraging Word

Hey pastor Ralph,

As we spoke that Sunday it would be a really neat opportunity to join you on a trip. I feel I would learn a lot in a very short time by tagging along on a trip!

As you spoke I found that you have a tangible and raw faith that I have found in very few people that I have personally met face to face. I see a hunger for the lord and a zeal that drives you to live a lifestyle that is both rare and admirable. I learned somewhere along the way that people usually forget the majority of what you say (I want to say 85% but don’t quote me haha), but they rarely forget how you make them feel. As you spoke I felt energized, rejuvenated, and overall like a life with Jesus is both rewarding and attainable. As I am usually a part of the forgetful statistic, I wrote down the main points from your sermon and they have been great checkpoints as I work on my heart.

I will say things have been difficult lately as I have been feeling like my faith is something I’m dragging along through life lately and not necessarily allowing it to push me and give me purpose… if that makes sense. As I look at the list of checkpoints I have been easily able to find where I have been slipping. All that to say I really found your message encouraging so thanks for that!

I really appreciated getting to know you and I also hope we are able to keep in touch and develop a deeper relationship! I know you are busy and so I really appreciate you reaching out and getting in touch with me!

Thanks again for everything,

Matt J.

The Word – A television series on Access 7 television

Photos from the taping sessions of the new television series, “The Word”.
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Always delighted to have you participate, Ralph Howe Your personal testimony of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth to transform lives is refreshing and the message you brought to the viewing audience of “Fear of God” was solid and edifying. Blessings!    ~ Leon Cairns


Andrew in Tanzania

Thanks for anointed messages in your website. I am highly blessed!

Marilyn M.

Thank you, Ralph! I heard part of this the other day and knew I wanted to go back and hear the whole thing! Was able to do that today…so convicting, so true, so encouraging, so blessed. Thank you so much for helping me to get back on track! Blessings go to you and Louise. Enjoy that front porch! 😘😘 Praising God for all that He is doing through you.


Dear Ralph,
It was so nice to see you Sunday. You are looking really nice and healthy these days. Isn’t God good!
Ralph, the main reason for this letter is because your sermon last Sunday was one of the best sermons I ever heard! Im doing a complete write-up of your notes and writing out all the scriptures with each point you gave us about returning to the basic. Ralph, I am so hungry to hear about Jesus. To her his name be lifted up! To see him glorified in our talks, our songs, our life! Your sermon Sunday just took us to the place of love, God himself. Thank you very much!
God bless as you go to places of the planting of Christ Jesus all over the world.
Your sister-in-Christ,
P.S. May you prosper and be in health, even as your should prospers!


Dear Ralph, once again thank you so very much for your ministry. Kostya and I talked all the way home about how blessed we feel to have you here. Your teachings help us and stretch us and take us to the new level. May God reward you for being faithful and doing your part! May He give you the desires of your heart!
It was a wonderful blessed day today!

Yulia Nemishev

Dear Pastor Ralph,
You do not know me but I still decided to email you and just thank you for that precious God’s word you shared with the young people during the youth conference in YaroslavI, Russia, in the beginning of November. Read more

Jeremy Wachtel

This is a testimony from Jeremy (Ohio who travelled to four nations with Ralph) about his experience with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit …

My name is Jeremy Wachtel. I currently work in a small, local business. I have helped with a few church plants and I am co-leading a ministry training school through my local church. I believe fully in doing what Jesus did while He was on earth: teaching, evangelizing, healing, deliverance, and I believe it is only really possible through the power of the Spirit. For believers to walk out their calling and fulfill the Great Commission we must be born again and baptized in the Spirit. This is the story of my journey to being baptized with the Holy Spirit and how I have come to understand the Holy Spirit baptism biblically.

Read more



The program supernatural is really blessed in abundance for me and my family.
Thank you and Jesus blessing bless you.
God’s love,

Serik and Gulnaz

Hi, Ralph! Write your Serik and Gulnaz from Kazakhstan. For us it was a great encouragement to hear the word of God through loving you, thank God for you! Serik – a big guy for whom you will pray at the end of the meeting (we pulled you out of the room, when you have gone to bed 囧) 🙂 We wanted to share with you how the prophecy began to be fulfilled in our lives. First, we received encouragement and hope that the Lord still has, thanks to him a plan for us. Secondly, as a confirmation of God, the day after you left, we visited a married couple, the wife received many wounds from the church, I Gulnaz, prayed for her (you said in a prophecy for me, I will serve brigade and sister, who rejected the church). A few days later, our son found an expensive watch as they were in our entrance, we do not know, we did not find the owner, and sold them for a large sum of money (you prophesied in Serik that the Lord will soon bless him a large sum of money twice, and that He will give from we do not expect). It was just the mercy of the Father. For us, it was proof that nothing is impossible for Him. Thirdly, the Lord continues to work in us, thank Him !!!
We hope that you receive this letter. Thank you for everything! Let Dad bless you abundantly !!!