The Real Test

In the Church today – at least in the part that I am most familiar with here in North America – there is a serious problem with prophetic words spoken over nations and regions. There are ‘national prophets’, some valid prophetic voices and others simply self-appointed, who speak over the nation or regions of the nations sending their prophetic words around the world via the internet. Many things are spoken of, promised, warned against, and even condemned or blessed in the Name of the Lord (and the Church).

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The Real Battle

This is really more than an “insight” – it could almost be called a “prophetic warning”. I believe that God is speaking to His Church here in Canada and the United States and is warning us of a battle that is already raging for the hearts and minds of His people.

This Last Days battle is not what we would have expected. Usually our thoughts turn to the face-off between God’s Kingdom and the devil’s kingdom as seen in the revelation of John the apostle. Some believe and write that this Last Days battle will be between the real Church and the apostate church; others that the battle will be between two world religions – the Christian faith and maybe, with events that are unfolding today, the Muslim faith. But, God is speaking to His Church about an internal battle where the enemy is within the fellowship and not attacking from the outside. Read more