God Is Raising Up Five-fold Evangelists

I believe there is a dramatic change already in progress within the true Church of Jesus Christ in North America. This shift is going to involve everyone – every born again believer. This change will begin in the Charismatic, Spirit-filled side of the Christian Church where it will hit suddenly and with great force – becoming instantly active and bringing new life to the saints. Read more


The Tip of the Iceberg

It seems that almost every week we are hearing of another major name in the ministry who is in trouble in one way or another. Moral failure, divorce, lying and deceiving, addictions – with them going public either because they could no longer live with the tension of a double life and a hypocritical lifestyle or because they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

As I have been praying and seeking the Lord’s heart on this recurring problem – praying and thinking about it – I have heard the Lord say some very specific things

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Imminent Change

My sense from the Lord recently is that He is moving upon His Church to make some major adjustments. These changes will be many and very foundational. As a result of changing the foundation He will be literally changing the look of the Church and the dynamic of life within His Church worldwide.

He will be removing things that are held in high regard – close to sacred – and replacing them with a single focus that is His heart. He will be removing those things which we hold close to our hearts to replace them with THE thing that is on His heart. This is a time, similar to the time of Jeremiah, when the Lord was tearing down and uprooting before a time of building and planting (Jeremiah 1:10). Read more


Radical Revolutionaries

There is arising in the Kingdom what is sometimes referred to as the Benjamin Generation. (Some refer to it as the Joshua Generation). This is a generation of youth who will lead a radical revolution within the Church which will overflow into society eventually impacting the whole planet.

This radical revolution will begin in their own lives and will involve a deep, penetrating repentance for sin. This radical repentance will come from the very depth of their souls and will be so immediately life-changing that it will revolutionize their lives – marking them forever as Radical Revolutionaries. It will be accomplished without hype or excessive emotion and will permanently mark those involved as being set apart for the Lord and the work of the Last Days Church.

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A Change in Focus

These are exciting times to be alive in the Kingdom and working with the Lord as He moves mightily in nation after nation in the world today. As I either speak to or exchange emails with leaders and believers from many nations around the world I sense that God is truly doing great and mighty things in preparation for a worldwide move of His Spirit. This move will substantially touch every nation of the world. We are in the preparation stages before the release and we need to be listening carefully to the voice of God through the apostles and prophets. True apostles and prophets will be speaking of a time of cleansing and change; holiness and righteousness; integrity and veracity. Read more


Time to Change What You Are Preaching

It is amazing what is being preached and proclaimed from the pulpit these days in North America – at least the ones I am aware of or in touch with on a regular basis. It is not greatly different in other nations where I either work (Ukraine) or have contacts. Afterall, they are all trying to be so much like their North American brothers and sisters in the Lord. They look at our prosperity, our buildings, our technology and the many other blessings that we enjoy and desire to see the same situation arise in their nations. However, often they absorb a great deal of the cultural side to the Christian message and lose the pure gospel – not to mention the joy of finding their own cultural expression of the good news of Jesus Christ. Read more


It is Time To Stand Up and Become Involved

Over the past five years the number of young people (ages 25 to 35) being called out prophetically into the five-fold ministry of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher has been increasing dramatically. God is getting His Church prepared for something great – and I believe it is a tremendous harvest of lost souls as we see revival sweep the nations of the world.

When a prophet use to visit our area and minister in the Network I oversee – in six days of services I would hear one or maybe two young people called out prophetically to fill a five-fold ministry role in the Church. Now, in an equal number of public services, I am hearing a dozen calls into these important governmental ministries. It is exciting. Read more


A New Addiction For God’s People

God is addicted. Addicted to change. Now the Bible tells us that God does not change – He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is very emphatic when He states “I am the Lord God and I change not” (Malachi 3:6).

He is in the business of changing those who come to Him for salvation. He wants to see ordinary people turned into extraordinary followers of God. Followers who have been given power and who are now out making an incredible difference in the lives of others. They move out into the ‘highways and by-ways’ and witness to the lost – seeing God redeem, restore and redirect the most unlikely candidates and characters. Read more


It is Time to Grab Hold and Move Forward

It is time to grab hold of our true identity and authority and move out into our communities and our nation. It is time to understand that the Lord Jesus came to defeat the work of the devil (1 John 3:8) and did so. That he is a defeated enemy and thus is powerless over the believer.

A good example of this is your own salvation. As soon as you were convicted by the Holy Spirit of your sin and the need for a Saviour the devil was not able to stop you from experiencing salvation and receiving the gift of eternal life (Romans 6:23). You were translated instantly from the domain of darkness into the Kingdom of Light where Jesus is King. The devil was powerless to prevent this once you decided to take this step of faith.

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A Church EXPANSIVE With Energy

I sense that there has been a shift in the spiritual realm here in North America. I have sensed it both here in the churches in western Canada as well as in northern California and into Montana. I think it is from coast-to-coast-to-coast in both nations and is not limited to one area of either nation. Read more