Ukraine and Russia March 2011

Apostolic Ministry Overseas Begins Again

A few hours ago I begin my next overseas apostolic ministry trip. I fly from my home city to Toronto, Toronto to Warsaw, Poland thento Lviv, Ukraine arriving at 2:00p on Thursday. Then a 6 hour train ride to City of Uzhgorod where I will be ministering for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then back to Lviv for seven days – five days of our School for Apostles and Prophets (in-training) and two days in a local church. Then another set of flights into Russia where I will minister in two cities for a total of 7 days before heading home on the 28th of the month. Read more

January/February 2011

Apostolic Ministry – Russia #1

This Friday the 21st I will, once again, be on my way overseas on my first apostolic trip for 2011. This trip takes me to Russia where I will be ministering for two weeks in a number of different locations.

This trip I will be in a number of churches and ministries where we have not ministered before. These include a number of local churches as well as a major training school for future pastors and leaders. The first week we are in the City of Moscow where we have ministered a number of times during previous trips. However, we will be ministering to a new group for us. We hope, in some spare time, to touch bases with those we have worked with before and simply continue to build our relationship with them.

Read more

November/December 2010

Another Day, Another Airport

In about a week I fly to Kazakhstan to begin two weeks of ministry as the leader of an apostolic team working with church and business leaders from a number of cities and towns all over this wonderful country. As I sit here in an airport in Edmonton it is several months before you will be reading this – I am waiting for a flight home to Regina. This is hour four at the airport waiting. Read more

September/October 2010

A Busy Two Weeks Ahead – Russia #1

This coming week (Monday) I fly to Russia on another apostolic trip to that nation. I was there less than a year ago and am looking forward to once again being in that great (and really large) nation. My first stop is to the Caucasus which is a mountain range in western Russia. Last year I worked in this area for two apostolic young men who have a Network of churches and the Holy Spirit did some fantastic work. One prophetic word over a man has totally come to pass as he is now leading a substantial church in a northern city doing everything that the prophetic word spoke about. When the word was given he was in the south pastoring a small church meeting in his home. Read more

Ukraine May 2010

The middle of May (May 18 to June 2) I returned to Eastern Europe – specifically to the nation of Ukraine. Bob MacDonald from the city of Saskatoon came with me on this trip and we ministered in two places. Of course, some of my team of young apostles and prophets joined us for hands-on practice and training in each location.

In the first city we taught the Walk In the Supernatural Seminar. Three of us taught during these three days – Bob, Miroslav (my administrator for Eastern Europe and an apostle by calling) and myself. Read more

What Not to Do With Your Prophetic Word

There are certain things you do not want to do when you receive a prophetic word otherwise it will become a “self-fulfilled” prophecy being accomplished in the flesh and not in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We need to have a balanced approach to the prophetic word we have just received and thus respond properly. Otherwise, we have a carnal effort to orchestrate the fulfillment of your prophecies outside God’s will, God’s timing and without His approval and this will be harmful to you and to others often bringing confusion and devastation.

The reason we tend to do the wrong things after hearing a personal prophetic word… Read more

Belarus March/April 2010


I arrive home from the apostolic roundtable on Wednesday night and leave again on Friday – this time for the nation of Belarus. This is my first visit to this nation and it will be interesting to see what it is God will be doing during my visit there. I have wanted to visit this nation for over a decade and now the Lord has given to me the desire of my heart. I will be there by Saturday afternoon late and begin ministering Saturday night. I will return on the 12th of April arriving home mid-morning on the 13th. Inbetween – many, many meetings and opportunities to share God’s Word prophetically both in teachings to the assembled saints as well as in prophetic words over churches, leaders, and people. Read more

Ukraine February 2010

On the Road Again

I like the song by Willie Nelson “On the Road Again” as it is my informal theme song. Tomorrow I am on the road again as I leave for Ukraine where I will be spending 2 weeks working with three different churches watching God do amazing things. I will come back to that comment. First, if you are praying and the Holy Spirit should lead you to pray for Ralph Howe Ministries here is where I will be and what I will be doing… Read more

Kazakhstan November 2009

Kazakhstan – Trip and Information

Today I head to the airport and fly to Calgary, Frankfurt, Germany and then into Almaty-Alta in Kazakhstan to begin a little more than two weeks of ministry returning on December 1st.

It is not going to be an easy trip as the rules and regulations in Kazakhstan are quite severe and certainly limit what we can do and where we can do it. In fact, I received an email yesterday from one of the team members which commented that “My friend from Denmark who does mission work in Kazakhstan said that for them it’s safer to gather pastors and leaders for training events in Turkey or Ukraine and thus not be caught and still be able to do some local underground ministry.” So, we are heading into a troubled situation and could certainly benefit from your prayers. Read more

Russia October 2009

One More Sleep

Tomorrow I board a plane here in my city – fly to Calgary, Alberta where I will have lunch. Then at supper time I will board another plane and fly to Munich, Germany. There I will have breakfast which will really be supper. Then quickly on another flight to Moscow, Russia where I will have supper which is really breakfast. My internal clock will be a bit confused by the jet lag and the 9 hours dofference in time. It is even worse coming home but that is another story. Read more