Wedding – January, 2017

Ralph travelled to Ohio in January to attend the wedding of a young man whom he mentors and is building a powerful friendship with. Jacob and Ariel Wachtel – January 28th, 2017. While there he also ministering at The River Church in Butler, Ohio and continued his work among the elders and leaders of that local church. As well, he ministers at a joint meeting of the Ohio House Church Movement.

Ron and Darla – leaders of a number of house churches in Ohio.

The Sanctuary of The River Church in Butler, Ohio








Recent trip into Turkey February-March 2017

Ralph and a team member, Jeremy Wachtel from Ohio, spent two weeks in Turkey ministering together. It was a powerful time of ministry but also a good opportunity to connect as team members. Ralph has been mentoring Jeremy for a number of years and that relationship has now entered a friendship stage where they travel as equal members of the team representing Jesus through Ralph Howe Ministries.
First picture: Ralph sharing his testimony at a drug rehab house. There were 11 countries represented in this house in Istanbul and five different languages. made for interesting sharing. Many of those in the room were from other religions or atheists.


Second picture: Ralph and Jeremy sharing at a meeting of leaders from various house churches and ministries on the topic of discipleship and making disciples. A powerful afternoon of teaching and prophetic ministry.


Third picture: The host family that we stayed with. Amazing children and a good time of fellowship.



Fourth picture: Alexander (on the left) – our host. he is working in various ministries touching the lives of Muslims with the love of Jesus.


Fifth and sixth pictures: Tour of some ancient ruins from Bible days…

Ralph’s monthly trips into Southern Manitoba

Almost every month Ralph has been travelling into Southern Manitoba to the cities of Winkler and Morden as well as surrounding towns to minister. In Southern Manitoba there is a major move of the Holy Spirit that is touching the lives of many young people as well as others who are leaving religion and are looking for life.

He has been working in the area now for over a year. When he began he was spending three days in the area. Then it was five. Starting in April 2017 he will be spending a full week tin the area ministering to local churches, leaders, and revival meetings. He is also mentoring a number of young men who have strong calls on their lives for leadership and five-fold ministry. Read more

Winkler – April 26th to May 3rd.

Ralph will, once again, be in the Winkler – Morden area of Southern Manitoba again this month – April 26th to May 3rd.

Ralph is working with the leaders of a number of house churches and more traditional churches in both the cities of Morden and Winkler as well as surrounding towns and rural areas. He travels to this area on an almost monthly basis.

This trip he will be working, for the first time, with Hillside Community Church in the city of Morden. He will be teaching on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the resulting supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and their use in reaching out to see the lost saved. As well, he will be meeting with church leaders and building relationships within the local congregation.





He will be working with Pastor Kevin Jamieson and the elders of Hillside as they work together to bring a fresh vision and direction to this amazing local church.







Ralph will also be ministering during this visit in the city of Winkler and surrounding districts. As always, he will be meting one-on-one with leaders as well as with several young men that he mentors as well as several who will be heading overseas with Ralph as team members in the fall and early winter.

Russian November 1st to 13th

In November, 2017 Ralph and Austin (his team member for this trip) will be heading to eastern Russia to minister in the cities of Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil. Ralph has worked in this area a number of times in the last few years including a trip in January, 2017.

He is looking forward to ministering in a number of local churches as well
as in leaders meetings and youth events. God is moving mightily in Russia and He is raising up strong local churches who are moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and power.

His team member from Southern Manitoba, Canada… Read more

Kazakhstan June, 2017

Ralph and his team (Jesse Matos) will be travelling to Kazakhstan to minister in June, 2017 (June 13th to the 26th). Ralph ministers in this amazing nation several times a year and he is looking forward to being there once again among God’s awesome and wonderful people.

Each of his last three trips he has taken a team member with him as God directed him to do a year ago. Several young men from Ohio (Jeremy Wachtel and Jacob Wachtel) and a seasoned apostle from Ohio (Bill Lewis) have made excellent team members and have been an asset to the ministry. This trip he again has a young man from Ohio, a student at a local Bible School in Columbus, the capital of the state.

Let’s allow him to introduce himself….

Hi! My name is Jesse Matos, a 19 year old college student from The United States with a veracious love for adventure, people, and Jesus! I currently attend school at Valour Christian College at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio where I am studying Missions and will have an Associates degree by Spring 2018.

Now being in college, when someone asks me where I live I often say that my “fake” home is in Columbus on my school campus and my “not fake” home is in Marengo, Ohio (small town north of Columbus).

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and have lived multiple places in Central Ohio for the past 14 years. It was in Columbus, Ohio at World Harvest Church that I met Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. In fact, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit there.

Now I am going to college on the same ground I was saved   and filled, baptized in the Holy Spirit, at.                                          Some say coincidence but I say Jesus!

After I am done with formal education I plan to serve God in an apostolic role; what that entails has not been revealed fully to me, but my desire is to see a force of people going into the world and doing good works with the Holy Spirit so that all people might see that the only way to live is through Jesus. A little abstract but it serves its purpose for now.

Some fun facts: I read, write stories, and take photos; been to El Salvador once; I run on trails (when its warm); and I go to movie theatres mostly for the popcorn.

I am excited to be traveling with Ralph and am even more excited to be a part of what God is doing through his ministry in many nations of the world.

The nation of Kazakstan is central to all that God is doing today in Central Asia and is the centre of a very powerful youth movement that is impacting many of the nations in the region.

Russia – November 2016

6kqqafjswdyRalph had the honour of ministering in the city of Yaroslavl, Russia in early November, 2016. He worked with the leaders and people of “God’s Church” ( and several of their sister churches in cities near Yaroslavl. He ministered on prophetic evangelism during the church’s 25th anniversary weekend celebrations. They are working to reach out even more and more to their city with the love of Jesus as they move into a new season of ministry.

On the Sunday he ministered in three different churches in three different cities.

On Monday he met with church leaders from a number of nations and then, in the evening, ministered to a large group of approximately 75 business people.

Tuesday through Thursday he was at a youth conference out in the country at a conference center where there was no heat and no hot water for the duration of the youth conference. It didn’t hamper anyone involved. It was an amazing conference with 350 young people in attendance. The theme was “Don’t Miss Your Miracle.”

Thursday night he ministered to an evening service back in the city of Yaroslavl where those in attendance are all recovering addicts.

Friday he met with some local business men to prophesy over their business ventures and answer questions and then ministered at a massive Friday evening service for youth … leaving afterwards for a five hour drive into Moscow and his flights back to North America.

Ralph will be returning to the city of Yaroslavl and God’s Church in February, 2017 where he will be teaching his “Walking In the Supernatural” seminar and ministering at a number of local churches.

Butler, Ohio – November 2016

Ralph continues to work with the elders and leaders of The River Community Church in Butler, Ohio. Ralph is one of two apostolic overseers for this vibrant local church in the town of Butler, Ohio. During the senior leader’s three month sabbatical Ralph has been preaching and ministering on a weekend each month and working with the elders and staff members during this season of change and transition.

Ralph has been connected to The River Church for over five years and has watched as this church rediscovered its roots and began to change to move forward into its future. God is truly present in this local assembly and lives have been and are being touched and changed on a regular basis.

During his time there each trip he also meets with a number of young men from other towns and cities that he is mentoring and building solid, long-term relationships with. And, recently he has been honoured to connect with a series of house churches in the area where he will be ministering in January, 2017 during his first trip to The River in the new year.

Ralph’s next trip is scheduled for mid-December 2016 when he will be involved in a number of important meetings with leaders and elders as plans continue to be formed for the new season and the new year at The River.

Report on January-February 2016 visit to Russia

From January 26th to the 8th of February, 2016 Ralph was ministering in the cities of Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod in the wonderful nation of Russia. He worked with 7 different churches ranging from a Word-Faith Church to a Charismatic Orthodox Church. It was one of the most powerful apostolic trips that Ralph has been recently involved in.

This was Ralph’s second trip into Kazan working with four churches he had visited before and established relationships with. This trip he added The Rapture Church and enjoyed his initial visit to this Charismatic Orthodox Church. He then spend a few days in Nizhny Novgorod where he had ministered three years ago. Here he ministered in the same church he had formed a relationship with as well as a new church that was exciting to come to know and minister to.

This area of Russia is strongly Muslim and there are only a few born again Christian churches. So, Ralph was asked to ministered on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts of the Spirit, especially how they relate to evangelism and impacting people and communities for Jesus.

Plans are already underway for a return visit most likely in July to focus on and minister to the youth of the churches involved. This visit would most likely be connected to one already scheduled for the city of Yaroslavl, Russia and a large annual youth conference where Ralph will be speaking.



Word of Faith Church in Kazan, Worship team…



Church in Nizhniy Novgorod – worship team Nizhny Novgorod Novgorod




Two pastors sharing over coffee and chocolate



Waiting for the start of a four day School on the Supernatural



Worship and prayer before the start of a service



Slogan on the wall of a church office – Ephesians 4:11-12




Pastor and is wife and daughter … A great gift of hospitality as I stayed with them while ministering in their city.



Learning to prophesy to one another…



Powerful time of prayer…




Leaders hungry to learn more at the three day school in kazan




Young men studying in university in Kazan … from Nigeria, Africa

Manitoba January 2016 trip report

Ralph has recently ministered in Southern Manitoba, Canada. He is working with a number of different church plants, house churches, and established churches in the Morden – Winkler – Altona – Miami areas. As well, he is mentoring a number of leaders in this area as well as discipling and training a number of young apostles and prophets.

During his January, 2016 trip into this area he was honoured to work in churches in Winkler, Altona, and Miami. As well, he met during the days with young couples and young men for coffees and meals as he worked with them so they could further understand the call on their lives. He was also involved in some in-depth planning and scheduling for one church and its leaders – a local church he has worked with a number of times and which is, in many ways, the catalyst for what the Holy Spirit is doing in this area of Canada. Read more