A report on what God is doing in Southern Manitoba and the work that Ralph is involved in and helping to oversee …

In Southern Manitoba we are seeing a sovereign move of God as the Holy Spirit touches lives and transforms them. This is not something that we have brought about by programming or personality. It is a sovereign move of God touching the lives of all those whose hearts are searching for more – more of God than they have been experiencing recently.

God has raised up local and trans-local leaders for such a time as this. They are not “leading” per say but are simply helping people understand what is happening and how to respond properly to the move of the Spirit. These leaders are sensitive to the moving of the Spirit and, in many cases, have been through several past moves of God – times of refreshing, renewals, and even revival. These leaders see this encountering God and His empowering His people as the “norm” and what Christianity should be and should look like. They are simply guiding and directing those who are being touched and transformed by the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

This current move of the Spirit is seriously touching young people who are hungering for more than what ‘religion’ offers them. They want to experience God and His power. They are not looking for information about God – they want to encounter Him firsthand. However, what God is doing is not limited to just the young but is touching and empowering anyone who is “young and heart” and is desiring more than what they currently know and are experiencing of the Lord.

As this move of the Spirit – I prefer not to call it a ‘revival’ – continues, religious people are finding life and liberty. They are discovering the freedom that is available when one follows Jesus and is building a solid, daily, personal relationship with Him as a disciple.

As they do they sense freedom from religion and tradition as they walk in new light.

Churches (groups of disciples meeting together) are being planted and true fellowship centered of Jesus is being experienced. Leaders are being quickly raised up for each of these groups – meeting in coffee shops, people’s homes, garages, yards, and church buildings.

People who had no interest in God whatsoever are encountering Him and the power of the Gospel and receiving salvation. People who have been born again are being baptized in the Holy Spirit and equipped with the nine supernatural gifts of the Spirit.

Young and old alike are being equipped and trained to minister as they become an active part of the priesthood of all believers. And, Southern Manitoba is being changed as God prepares it for a major role in what He is planning to do in Canada, the United States, and overseas.

This is biblical Christianity happening today – the Book of Acts continuing to be seen as the Holy Spirit powerfully touches lives and frees people from spiritual darkness and the grip of religion and tradition.

Toronto, September 2017

In September 2017 Ralph will be heading to the city of Toronto, Canada to meet with a group of young believers from Kazakhstan who are now living, studying, and working in the Toronto area.

 Over the past few months they and Ralph’s team here in Western Canada have been praying about planting a church in the Greater Toronto Area.

This church will be for those who are looking for a church that is different than what is currently being offered in the region. A church for those who are not into “church as usual”. A place where questions can be asked, doubts expressed, and differences discussed. A place where a person can be themselves and not have to be like everyone else. And, where love is the key and everyone, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey, can find acceptance.

 Please be praying for Ralph and his team – made up of young people from western Canada and the central United States who will be joining him in the church planting adventure.

Kazakhstan Report – June 2017

Ralph and his team recently spent two weeks ministering in the amazing nation of Kazakhstan.

His team member from the United Sates was Jesse Matos who has just entered his second year studying missions at Valor Christian Collage in Columbus, Ohio (see picture).

The team ministered to the youth leaders at Joy Church in the city of Almaty and then flew to the city of Karaganda where they ministered to leaders from a number of cities and churches. The main topics were the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and becoming a supernatural church. Then a number of flights to the city of Shymkent to a church new to this ministry. A church with a large number of young people where again the topic was becoming a supernatural church.

Then, after a flight back to Almaty, they worked with Manna Church and the network of seven churches that Manna belongs to. The first three days were a leadership school with the topic “Establishing Unity.” Then a weekend with Manna church – the regular morning service and the afternoon youth church followed by a late supper meeting with the youth leaders and a late trip to the airport for the flights home.

Two weeks of tremendous ministry and the team is so grateful to those who hosted them in the nation of Kazakhstan and for the wonderful opportunities the Lord has given to us to meet some amazing and awesome believers.

Next trip to Kazakhstan is scheduled for the middle of January, 2018.

Butler, Ohio July 2017

Ralph has just returned from an apostolic trip into the state of Ohio, United States of America. He was ministering at The River of Life Church in Butler, Ohio for a week at the end of July, 2017.

Ralph acts as one of the apostolic overseers to the work there. He has been ministering regularly in the area now for over 6 years and has established a large number of tremendous relationships with some amazing people both from River of Life and from other churches as well. And, three of his key team members for his overseas work come from this region around the capital city of Columbus, Ohio.

While there, along with ministering on the weekend, he spent time with each elder and their spouse in their homes discussing the life of their church and the vision they have for reaching their area with the Gospel of the Kingdom. And, he had opportunity to meet with his team members individually for coffee as well as with a couple (Ed and Sheila) who have become good friends with Ralph and the ministry over the years. They will be joining Ralph in Southern Manitoba in September 2017 for a week of ministry and relationship building (see separate posting).

Ed and Sheila (team members for September 2017 in Manitoba)….





Manitoba Update

Ralph continues to minister on an almost monthly basis in the Winkler – Morden, Manitoba area of Canada.

August (the 17th to the 20th) will see him and his team member (Tom Sanders – see picture) in the area ministering at a number of house churches as well as at Fresh Fire Youth on the Friday evening and Flood and Fire on the Saturday evening.

Ralph is also mentoring a number of young people in the area. Among them a young man who will be helping plant a new church in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and another who is the team member for a November trip into eastern Russia.

While there each month Ralph meets with local and regional leaders to encourage and support them as well as reaching out to surrounding communities such as Altona, Carmen and Miami.

This month’s team member, Tom Sanders, is a long term member of Ralph’s team who has travelled overseas a number of times to minister with Ralph. This will be his second visit to the Winkler area. He is also one of the leaders for the A.P.E.X. House Church Alliance centered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Church planting in Hamiota, Manitoba

Ralph Howe Ministries working in cooperation with several other apostolic ministries from Southern Manitoba is in the planning stages of planting a new church in the town of

Hamiota, Manitoba.

We have a resident of Hamiota who will be opening his home to a new expression of the Body of Christ, the Church. He is a mature believer who Ralph met about 15 years ago while ministering in the Rock Lake, Manitoba area.

This Spirit filled church plant will begin in the fall as Ralph and others travel to Hamiota, Manitoba and surrounding area to minister and evangelize.

Please be in prayer for this outreach.

Hamiota is located between the Trans-Canada and Yellowhead highways, 84 Km from the city of Brandon. In a 20 Km trade area there are 10,000 residents of all ages and occupational backgrounds.


This is Austin who is going in November to Russia with me as a team Member. He has an on-line business that I want to advertise on RHM web and connect to the November writeup

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June 2017 trip Southern Manitoba, Canada

Every month Ralph ministers in Southern Manitoba. His trips there have become more frequent and his stay during each trip is longer because of the increasing work that he is involved in there.

Ralph spends a good portion of his daytime hours mentoring leaders and potential leaders. Due to a major move of the Holy Spirit there are many new churches being planted and solid leadership is in short supply. Part of the calling on Ralph Howe Ministries is to “mentor leaders” and so Ralph spends a good deal of his time while there on this important task. And, there are a good number of very mature young leaders that the Lord has called who live in the area.

Evenings sees Ralph working with new house churches as well as ministering in more traditional and established churches in the area. During these services and meetings he is always aware that his task is to be “equipping people” and so he teaches to train and equip those in attendance to flow in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In the last 18 months Ralph has been taking others with him on his overseas apostolic ministry trips and a number of the young men from Southern Manitoba have shown an interest in going with him. So, he meets with them regularly as well, one-on-one as all ministry is relational and thus Ralph wants to know those he will be travelling with before the trip.

God is truly moving in Southern Manitoba in a fresh and refreshing manner. And, Ralph Howe Ministries is pleased to be playing a small part in what the Lord is intending to do.

The next trip is scheduled for May 31st to June 7th, 2017

Strasbourg, Saskatchewan May, 2017

Ralph and a team member had the privilege and tremendous honour to minister to a group of young people (Millennials) in the town of Strasbourg, Saskatchewan on May 8th, 2017. These young people meet weekly to fellowship and study the Bible. And, the deeply desire to hear from God and to know more about Him and His plans for their individual lives.

Following a time of fellowship we experienced a powerful time of worship leading to a rededication of our lives and a total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus. Then Ralph was asked to share a little about his ministry including his work overseas. He shared briefly and then showed a video of the life-changing supernatural power of God as He touches the lives of drug addicts and brings them into healing, wholeness, and freedom.

Ralph then shared his personal testimony of healing, salvation, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This was followed by some very insightful questions being asked that revealed the deep hunger of these young people. Sharing from God’s Word then led to those present practicing the gift of prophecy by seeking a word from God for the person they were to minister to.

Then we spent some time ministering prophetically to a person who had just begun to attend. And, everyone got involved.

Afterwards, everyone shared some wonderful home cooking, coffee, and fellowship. Powerful night.

Trip to Russia – City of Yaroslavl February, 2017


Ralph returned to the city of Yaroslavl in February of 2017. He had spent a wonderful week in November 2016 with this local church and returned to train 600 leaders in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to live a supernatural lifestyle as well as evangelize using the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

He ministered in two campuses of the local church, an Armenian church plant, and a weekly service for four rehab houses for recovering drug addicts who come together weekly to worship and grow in God’s Word. As well, on Sunday he ministered in two other cities in churches that relate to the church in Yaroslavl.

teaching through one of three amazing interpreters

Worship was a vital part of every service and the presence of the Lord was powerfully experienced each and every time. 



Pastor Andrea – a wonderful and godly man and leader of this large church he planted 25 years ago….

pastor’s son teaching at the offering












Working with an Armenian church plant

The pastor and part of his worship team











Singer and guitarist is another of the pastor’s sons.

A campus church of the main mother church …