There is a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing

It is late one evening, actually early morning, and I have had a full day. It has been a good day with much accomplished – family, church, and ministry. And even some time just to think and pray and muse on the last few weeks of busy ministry in California and the upcoming apostolic trip into Kazakhstan. Much to be thankful for and much to pray about regarding the coming months between now and Christmas. Looking back and looking forward – much to be thankful for and excited about. Read more

Are we ready to “go into all our world and make disciples?”

Are we ready to “go into all our world and make disciples?” Pictured here are four of about 20 young people who descended on the pastor’s house one night in the city of Glendale, California. They had come to ask questions and to fellowship; to pray and to receive prophetic words. They were hungry, they were curious, they were expectant and excited. God met them and ministered powerfully to them. He always does when someone comes into His presence expectant and with an open heart. Read more

Glendale, California

God is so amazing – seriously amazing. When His people are hungry for more of Him He feeds them. When the hearts of His people are open to Him He proves Himself loyal. He is not looking for ability – He is looking for availability. And when He finds a people who want to fulfill His will He moves powerfully, frequently, and even continuously. Read more


This man’s name is Vartan and he is an apostle-in-training whom I mentor. He is from Iran and has a home and a ministry there. He also has a residence in Yerevan, Armenia. He recently returned to Iran to continue ministering and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. This is risky and dangerous in the nation of Iran. Read more

1500 KM in 3 Days

I have just returned from a three day trip into Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and Lloydminister. I spent time with four sets of leaders who relate to me through the Network I head up called Life Builders. 1,500 Km in three days through some very beautiful countryside. Read more

His Name is Yan

His name is Yan – he is a young apostle-in-training who lives in Yekenterinburg, Russia (a city of 2 million+). He is someone whom I mentor via Skype and Facebook and in person whenever we can connect. He has just returned from 3 months of ministry in India and needs our prayers for a speedy recovery as he has returned home with several heath problems. Read more

From Aremenia to Russia

As I write this it is Wednesday and I have finished ministering in Armenia and have flown early in the morning (3:00a) to Yekenterinburg, Russia – a city of 2.5 million people. This is my second visit to this city but my first to the churches I am working with.  Read more

Yerevan, capital of Armenia

This morning I am ministering in the city of Yerevan, capital of the nation of Armenia. The lead pastor is an apostle to Armenian people in many nations of Europe and Eastern Europe and has just returned here himself after travelling for several weeks. He is a tremendous man of God. Pray, please, for Raffi.  Read more

Our Task

It is Monday night when I am writing this. It has been a full few days with many  opportunities to share Jesus with people. I have met with Christians and non-Christians;  people who attend church and those that do not. I have talked to people, prayed with people,  listened to people.  Read more

There is a world out there that needs to know Jesus

There is a world out there that needs to know Jesus. And, the way they will come to know Jesus is by you and me telling them about Him. This is our task – the work Jesus has given to His Church.  Read more