Prophetic Word Over the Nation of Kazakhstan

The Lord says, there is an eruption coming, the Lord says the ground is rumbling, the Lord says I’ve sent My Spirit, He is rumbling over the ground. The Lord says things are changing, things are moving, I am casting things to the side. The Lord says there is an eruption coming. The Lord says I have planted the seeds into the ground and those seeds are growing and I am causing them to grow. The Lord says there is nothing that is going to stop this eruption from coming. The Lord says when this erupts it is going to cover the whole ground of Kazakhstan. The Lord says nothing is going to stand in the path, nothing is going to stop it, nothing is going to hold it back. The Lord says that this rumbling has already started a long time ago. The Lord says there is voice over  Kazakhstan, and it is divided from left to right, from north to south. And He has moved everything out of the way; everything that was laid on top of Kazakhstan, He is going to remove that out of the way. Because the Lord says that I have a special purpose, a special plan, and from the centre of Kazakhstan is going to rise up an eruption, that is going to brake over the heavens. And My Spirit is erupting from the ground up, and it is going to cover over and break forth, and there is nothing that is going to stop that.

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The Prophet’s Reward

When God sends an apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, or evangelist, that person should be welcomed as such. Often when I travel people receive me as a “prophet” which then limits me so that I am unable to operate in the fullness of my apostolic calling and thus the anointing of an apostle. Some receive me as a “teacher” and even others receive me as a “pastor.” Sometimes this is because they have known me as a teacher or a pastor in the days before I was released as an apostle. Others see the powerful prophetic gift that apostles walk in – and instantly link it to the ministry of the prophet and so welcome me as a prophet. So, I understand what happens and why. However, those receiving the ministry God has given to me really don’t.
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A Resurrected Church

As I preach here and overseas in Eastern Europe I often say that we should stop praying for revival. To revive means to breathe life into that which is dead. If the Church is dead – do what you do with dead things – bury it. And, in this case, then pray for a resurrection. We don’t need a revival – we need an honest-to-goodness resurrection from spiritual death. Jesus said, “If a grain of wheat is planted and dies…” Read more

Prophetic Protocol

When I travel overseas to minister there are a vast numbers of elements that make up a day’s ministry … meetings with pastors where I listen and advise, teaching God’s Word to public meetings, times of prayer with various leaders, fellowship over meals, prophesying over leaders, people, and organizations (and occasionally a nation)… Of course, people want to receive a prophetic word and so this aspect of the ministry can and often does occupy a great deal of my time.

The prophetic words received always speak to the potential of the person. They are futuristic, stating the opportunities that God is offering to the person – opportunities not certainties; possibilities, God’s best plan should the person choose to walk in it and cooperate with Him. Often people look at this and think that God is speaking to what is ahead. However, God sees your future not as what lies ahead of you but what lies within you. Read more

Hints Regarding the Prophetic

1. Be a people watcher – Notice something

God will draw your attention to something about the person – such as an item of clothing, their hair, a facial feature. This is like looking at a big ball of string and finding the end. If you start with what got your attention and pull you will have a full prophetic word for the person.

Example: A man with three stripes on his bluejeans = you are called into God’s army, not as a private, not as a corporal… (three levels)

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The Emphasis today in the Church that Jesus is building

1. Intimacy – the intimacy factor is most important

  • Mark 3:13-14 – to be with Him that they might go out to preach
  • The gift when born again is the supernatural ability to have a relationship with our supernatural God – Romans 6:23b and John 17:3
  • Moses – Exodus 33:11 “face to face as a man speaks to his friend”

2. The Kingdom – and it is far bigger than just the Church

  • The expansion of the Kingdom through going into all the world and making disciples and also multiplying churches
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom and not just the Gospel of salvation – Luke 4:43
  • Conviction of sin, godly sorrow, repentance leading to salvation “without repentance there is no salvation” 1 Corinthians 7:8-10
  • Jesus and John: “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand” – Matthew 3:2 and Matthew 4:17

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The Dirty Truth About Honoraria by John Stackhouse

The way some Christian churches and other organizations pay their speakers, it makes me embarrassed to be a member of the same faith.

A friend of mine is a gifted staff worker with a well-known Christian organization on a university campus. He is married, with three young children, and works hard and long at his job. Frequently, he is asked to speak at churches’ youth retreats or special events sponsored by other groups. Rarely is he paid well for what is, in fact, overtime work–for audiences other than the one that pays his regular salary. Read more

New Leadership, New Boldness and New Provision

As I have prayed about the coming year, I’ve sensed three clear directives.

Some people are terrified of 2012. They worry because the Mayans of ancient Mexico mysteriously ended their 5,126-year-old calendar on Dec. 21, 2012—as if they expected the world to end that day. This silly hypothesis became the basis for several New Age books and a goofy disaster movie, 2012, in which actor John Cusack avoids meteors and earthquakes just in time to get his family aboard the modern version of Noah’s ark (built in China!) before the rest of the world is destroyed by a tsunami. Read more