Jesus’ Revelation of His Church

We often make the Church into what we want it to be or even need it to be

But seldom look at the Scriptures to see what Jesus really wants for His Church

The way He has designed it to function

The way it works best and what He has designed it to accomplish

The typical views of the church – the way WE have designed it

Designed it in the way it actually works or functions

Or, simply the way we see it regardless of how it really functions Read more

The Holy Spirit – God With Us

When I was first saved –  over 41 years ago this month

I came to know the Holy Spirit personally

I came to know the way He works and how to work with Him

I came to appreciate the Holy Spirit as “God with me” (individual) and “God with us” (Church)

I learned to spend time with Him and share close fellowship with Him regularly

This trip that I have just returned from has revealed so much more of His personality to me

I would have to say that I seriously enjoyed ministering with Him more than I ever have before

That I came to know Him at a deeper level  Read more

Winkler, MB November 2017

Ralph will be ministering in the city of Winkler, Manitoba and surrounding area from the 15th to the 20th of November, 2017.

Ralph will be preaching and doing prophetic ministry at a number of public services. As well, He will be meeting one-on-one with the young men that he is mentoring.

After almost a year of going to Southern Manitoba on a regular basis Ralph’s emphasis will be shifting somewhat. There will be more leadership training events and events to speak into the life and ministry of young apostles and prophets who are still just discovering what the call on their life is all about and how it works.

Ralph will also be meeting with team members who will be travelling with him to Kazakhstan in January, 2018 and to Russia in early spring.

For more information you can contact him by text at 306-536-9574 or by email at


(The Basics – Part One)

TRUE STORY: Don’t Forget the Postage

Les Nimigan was the director of a modern-day, Canadian-based evangelistic ministry reaching out to people in the transportation industry. Several years ago, when he was traveling in Alberta, Canada, the old car he was driving broke down and was beyond repair, leaving Les in dire need of a car to continue his working trip. There was just one problem: The ministry had no money to pay for the expense. So, Les prayed earnestly that God would provide a car.

Les walked into an auto dealership the next day to see what his options were. Les found out that the owner was a Christian, so Les shared some information about his ministry. When the owner learned of his need for a car, the dealer sold him a Chevrolet Nova at dealer cost of $9,740.42 on the condition that Lee would send him a check for payment when the Lord provided the money.  Read more

The New Wineskins – An Apostolic Model

The Parable of the two doors 

There was this guy who nicked his foot while mowing the grass.

The man showed the wound to his wife, and she didn’t know what to do. So he thought he better get down to the Emergency Room to get it checked out.

So he went to the hospital, walked through the Emergency Room front doors, and when he entered, he was greeted by two more doors. One door was marked “Male,” and the other was marked “Female.” So he went through the door marked “Male.”

When he got inside, there were two more doors. One door said “Under 40.” The other door said “Over 40.” So he walked through the door marked “Over 40.” Read more

The Fullness of the Gospel

There is a young man in Scriptures by the name of Philip – Mid 20’s

His name is a Greek name so history assumes he is a Jewish man who was born to                    Greek parents now living in Israel

There is an early disciple of Jesus named Philip (John, chapter 1) who was one of the                 12 apostles but there is no indication that it is the same Philip

This Philip first appears in Acts 6 as one of the seven deacons who were in charge of                 feeding the widows (Acts 6:5) in the Church in the city of Jerusalem Read more

Youth Today

God is interested in young people. And, in my ministry I work with young people between the ages of 16 to 36 everywhere that I go. In fact, many of the team members now coming with me on overseas trips are in their late teens and early twenties. They are an amazing asset to the ministry and I enjoy working with them immensely.

Young people today are looking for acceptance in the Church. Often they don’t feel accepted because they are treated as “kids.” Teenagers today are much more mature and wise in the ways of the world than previous generations. They see life and engage with life at a level that previous generations never did and, in many ways, still don’t. They are looking for meaning, purpose, and something to invest their lives in. And, the Church needs to notice them, work to understand them, and integrate them into the life and finer of the Church in a meaningful and challenging way. Read more

A Personal Letter from Jesus

Dear _________________,

I am going to give you the complete knowledge of My Father’s will, along with spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that the way you live will always honour and please Me, and your life will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow as you learn to know Me better and better.

I will strengthen you with all My glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need. And you will be filled with My joy, always thanking My Father.

My Father has enabled you to share in the inheritance that belongs to all of My people, those who live in the light, by rescuing you from the kingdom off darkness and transferring you into My Kingdom. I, dearly beloved of My Father, purchased your freedom and forgave you all of your sins. Read more

How To Be The Church

Successful house churches follow the example of Jesus and simply imitate the very natural progression of what He did

  • He prayed
  • He met people
  • He made disciples
  • He gathered those who were future leaders closer to Himself
  • He poured Himself into these future leaders to multiply the impact for the Kingdom

Let’s look at these five things briefly…

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand how house churches are to function

If you simply remember these five steps – pray, meet, make, gather, and multiply – you are well on your way to understanding how to be the church

Not “do” church – but, how to “be” the church

These steps work for any generation, any culture, any social strata

Read more


In the early Church – its early days recorded in the Book of Acts in the New Testament – the believers had a powerful, life-changing encounter with Jesus and then a daily experience of His love…

And, they recognized that together they were the people of God

And, that they were, together, the Church – a new entity upon the earth

They understood that the Church was not a building or an event that you go to once or twice a week

They saw that the Church is the people of God

People who were born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit Read more