Believers Don’t Believe

The more I read the Bible the more my comfortable life is interrupted. There are simply so many things Jesus states that I need to consider and every one of them will bring radical change to my life if I truly believe the words that He speaks – and He is speaking to my heart each and every day.

Here’s the problem – I believe what I read in the Bible. I can hear you saying … “Well, so do I!” Really. Do you have a passport – because if you don’t you don’t believe Matthew 28:18-20. Oh! Go ahead, look it us.

Do you believe the words of Jesus? So, you take up your cross every day and do as Jesus has asked of you?

The Bible says that we will be witnesses – do you witness? Did you know that the word “witness” in Acts 1:8 is the word for martyr? Still game to follow Jesus? Willing to die for the faith?

The Word of God states that we should sell everything, give it to the poor, and follow Jesus. Willing to do that yet or are you hanging on to all those things hoping they might one day bring you satisfaction and happiness?

What is God’s perfect will for your life and are you well on your way to fulfilling it? The Bible states we can know the plans and purposes of God for our life and that we are called to lay this life down on the altar… Do you know God’s perfect will for your life and are you willing to lay your life down? Where are you at in this aspect of your Christian faith?

We have today what is called “easy believism.” We read the Bible and believe whatever we want to believe and discount, write off or ignore what we don’t like or what might make us uncomfortable or cause us to stretch and change. We read God’s Word for comfort and insight and thus ignore most if not all of the challenges and words that would change us.

This is really sad. No wonder third world nations in Africa and Eastern Europe are now sending missionaries to our nation to win the lost. And, it should not come as a surprise that the Church in North America is weak and ineffective and not doing as the Lord commanded His Church to do – seek and save the lost. It is time to examine what we believe and how it is or is not impacting our lives and to make some changes.

This sounds like “same-old, same-old” and it is. I preach, teach, and harp on it all the time. But, until believers take really seriously the Word of God – the Bible – and the Word of the Lord – the prophetic – I will continue to harp on it and harp on it and harp on it.

The morning I wrote this – I was in a fishing area in southern Russia having a very important meeting when we were suddenly entertaining two unsaved fishermen, drinking tea, and sharing the Gospel with them. They were from another area of Russia but here on a vactation and the host of the meeting invited them to meet us because he had been praying for them and witnessing to them. It was simply normal life here in Russia and elsewhere overseas where I work. They take seriously the Bible and the prophetic. And, although persecuted, their churches are thriving.

Maybe we should do the same here in North America.

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