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Sleepless in Seattle

Well really I am in Sacramento, California and not Seattle. Well, to be more exact I am in Woodlands which is 20 minutes from Sacramento. Arrived from Regina via Minneapolis tonight at 11:00 p.m. California time, 12:00 midnight Regina time and 1:00 a.m. Minneapolis time. Any way you shake it I have taken 12 hours […]

Great Airport But…

Well, the Minneapolis International Airport is as it was the last time I flew through here “ big and busy.’ Walked around to get the kinks out of the old body. Flight from Regina to here was short but very turbulent so my underlining and highlighting of the book I am reading is somewhat messy. […]

Go Figure…

As we were going through a very long security line to board the flight got to talking with the young fellow in line in front of me. Great chat as over a half hour spent crawling forward in line a few inches at a time. Finally we got up to the front of the security […]

On the Road Again…

Well, not exactly on the road. I am in an airport – the first of three for today. Regina to Minneapolis – 2 hours going east and slightly south. Then a 4 hour wait for a flight going west and slightly north. A 3 hour flight gets me into Sacramento airport just after 11:00 p.m. […]

The End Times Wars #2

As mentioned yesterday – there are a number of wars either raging within the Chuirch in these last days or about to be fought in the Church. The first is subjective experiences versus objective truth as currently being seen and fought in the born again, Spirit-filled Church (see The End Times Wars #1). The second […]

The End Times Wars #1

The Christian Church has fought many battles over the centuries. It has fought many enemies. These enemies have been both external and internal. Right from Bible times Paul warns us of the “wolves from within” that will arise and harm the sheep. And letters like 1 John were written to defend believers against heresies from […]

It not all it’s cranked up to be

Many people think it would be neat to have a trans-local ministry traveling all over the place preaching and ministering. As someone who does just that – let me assure you that it really does have to be a calling from the Lord that makes you do this as it is neither fun nor exciting […]

Established and Successful

When I was younger my parents were thrilled that I had decided to go to university and work for a commerce (Business Administration now) degree. Then, in their mind, I could become established and would be successful. I could have a house, a boat, a cottage, two cars, 2.3 children and live in Westmount (a […]

Prophets for profit

We have two more days of the first of two annual visits of Dennis Cramer the prophet. He has been coming to my neck of the woods now for 13 or 14 years. He is a personal friend to me and my family as well as a loyal worker for the Network of Churches and […]

The Back Burner

I am part of the Born Again, Spirit-filled Church a/k/a the Charismatic Church which believes in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a second experience or encounter after salvation. This branch of the Christian faith believes that when the Holy Spirit comes “upon us” we receive power and gifts. (Acts 1:8) As I travel […]