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It is Time to Grab Hold and Move Forward

It is time to grab hold of our true identity and authority and move out into our communities and our nation. It is time to understand that the Lord Jesus came to defeat the work of the devil (1 John 3:8) and did so. That he is a defeated enemy and thus is powerless over […]

Characteristics of False Apostles and Prophets

False apostles and prophets will demonstrate the same behaviour as other false ministers. However, there are certain character traits that are readily visible in false apostolic and prophetic ministries. They Operate in False Authority False apostles and prophets do not operate in godly authority. They establish their own authority in the Body of Christ. They […]

Sunday’s encounter with God!

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m ready. More than ready, I am seriously expectant. I am going to be worshipping with and teaching in two different churches today and I am seriously expectant. I expect God to show up! I am going with my heart and my head (mind) prepared and ready to honour Him […]


Received a “mail notification” through my web site today. There are several places you can write an e-mail direct to me. Booking me to speak is the one this person chose to use. This man decided, I suspose, that he didn’t like my ministry or something on my web site offended him. Here is what […]


Heidi Baker writes in her book “Expecting Miracles”: “Every night there are miracles. The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk. The people have no other place to go, and in God’s mercy, He hears their desperate cries.” (page 17) Here in North American we are not desperate enough YET! We still have the […]

God and Barbie

Had an interesting conversation yesterday, my day to talk with non-believers. A day to build relationships as I allow others to come to know and trust me. And, a time to talk to total strangers about the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the power of God unto salvation. It is important that all Christians spend […]

California, Gay Marriages and the Church

California is legalizing gay marriages as of June 17, 2008. This has been passed before and then challenged in the courts. The courts have now decided that their ruling will stand even though it appears that in November the people of California will be voting on a constitutional amendment that could, if it passes, limit […]

Doctrines of Demons

The apostle Paul writes very little about Satan and even less about demons or evil spirits. This in spite of the fact that he was on the front lines planting churches in places that had never heard the Name of Jesus. He makes only five references to the demonic; four of those in the context […]

Can Believers Have Demons?

Here’s the question: “Can believers have a demon?” Here’s the answer: “Yes, but why would thy want one? They’re not pets.” In the early church they believed that a believer could have a demon if they had carried it over to their new life after being born again. This is still true today. If you […]

False Apostles and Prophets

There is still much to be learned about the apostolic and prophetic ministries and their respective anointings. However, one thing is clear from the scriptures – as God reintroduces these ministry offices into the Church there will arise in the land many false apostles and prophets. This will increase as the end of the age […]