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False Apostles and Prophets

There is still much to be learned about the apostolic and prophetic ministries and their respective anointings. However, one thing is clear from the scriptures – as God reintroduces these ministry offices into the Church there will arise in the land many false apostles and prophets. This will increase as the end of the age […]

A Church EXPANSIVE With Energy

I sense that there has been a shift in the spiritual realm here in North America. I have sensed it both here in the churches in western Canada as well as in northern California and into Montana. I think it is from coast-to-coast-to-coast in both nations and is not limited to one area of either […]

Two Cults Talking?

Just read a back issue of our local newspaper – dated May 10, 2008 – written during the pope’s visit to the United States. So, excuse me if I am a little stale dated here on this posting. It talks about the relationship between “two churches” – the Roman Catholic Church and the Mormon Church. […]

Megachurch and the homosexuals

Soulforce – a pro-homosexual organization – is visiting the pastors of megachurches in the United States just to talk and come to understand each other. They are targeting ones we all know – Eddie Long in Atlanta, Joel Osteen in Houston, Bill Hybels – Chicago area, T.D. Jakes in Dallas, Harry Jackson’s Church in Beltsville, […]

Ukraine Trip #3

While in the Ukraine we have been asked to teach on these possible topics or themes: 1> Prophetic ministry and the ministry of the prophet 2> Development of prophetic gifts and ministry for the normal believer 3> Dreams and visions 4> The Holy Spirit 5> Revival and Awakenings 6> Miracles, signs and the supernatural in […]

Ukraine Trip #2

The dates are November 6 to November 21, 2008. The location – Ukraine. You fly Regina to Toronto, Toronto to either Germany or Switzerland, and then (sometimes after an overnight in a hotel) you fly to Kiev. Between 36 hours in air and airports and jet lag (9 hours time difference) it is not an […]

Ukraine Trip #1

This will be the beggining of our postings for a trip to Ukraine to minister. I have not been back for a number of years but my heart still remains there as I have been in the nation three times in the last decade and each trip has been life changing. I would move there […]

Lakeland – God or Not?

There is a lot of controversy being stirred up over what is going on in Lakeland, Flordia. I am asked, almost on a daily basis, what I think of what is going on. That is really not the key question: The key question is – ‘What does God think of what is going on in […]

It’s Your Move!

Here is the question – Can believers have a demon? Here is the answer – Yes, but why would thy want one? They’re not pets. In the early church they believed that a believer could have a demon if they had carried it over to their new life after being born again. This is still […]

Psychic wins lottery again!

How come, when reading the morning paper, we never see a headline “Psychic wins lotters again!” It’s because the psychic has nothing but counterfeit prophetic revelation. God’s prophets hear His voice and proclaim accurately the Word of the Lord over people’s lives (potential as God sees it). They also state events over nations. One is […]