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A Word to Encourage

Taken a minute or two lately to just stop your world and spend some time focusing on God and loving Him? The Greatest Commandment that Jesus left us (Matthew 22:37) is that we are to love our Heavenly Father with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. But, we live a fairly rapid pace […]

Gosh, Golly – Did I Miss Something?

Well, the evolutionists would want you to believe we humans are working our way up the food chain and getting better all the time. You know, we started as goo crawling out of the ocean and got to you by way of the zoo – with monkeys being our nearest relatives that did not quite […]

California has done it!

Well, California is now officically marrying homosexual couples. The law, passed a number of weeks ago, went public yesterday and the “weddings” began. Here in Canada where I live one national network (CTV) on their main late evening newscast carried an item on the rush to have “marriages” legalized in that state. It is interesting […]

Happy Father’s Day?

I was driving home last night (almost a 3 hour drive – 175 miles one way) and was listening to talk radio from the U.S.A. The Bill Cunningham Show – conservative talk radio. We don’t get it here on Canadian stations but late at night the program comes in on a number of American radio […]

Back to the Basics – Book of Acts Intro

This is the start of a daily Bible blog that I have been promising to write for many weeks. I simply needed to wrap my head around the practicals for this continuing series – making sure it didn’t become my personal devotions, deciding what book of the Bible to work with, and nailing down a […]

It is Time to Grab Hold and Move Forward

It is time to grab hold of our true identity and authority and move out into our communities and our nation. It is time to understand that the Lord Jesus came to defeat the work of the devil (1 John 3:8) and did so. That he is a defeated enemy and thus is powerless over […]

Characteristics of False Apostles and Prophets

False apostles and prophets will demonstrate the same behaviour as other false ministers. However, there are certain character traits that are readily visible in false apostolic and prophetic ministries. They Operate in False Authority False apostles and prophets do not operate in godly authority. They establish their own authority in the Body of Christ. They […]