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Starting a Real Church

I am in the process of thinking through another church plant. In the past I have planted a number of churches – some worked and the occasional one did not survive. The methods we used might have worked then but I no longer believe they will work today. In fact, most “programs” and “evangelistic outreaches” […]

Demonstrating God

When we are Baptized in the Holy Spirit (see yesterday’s blog) we are gifted with the power of God to demonstrate that Jesus is alive. In fact, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead has come upon us and empowers us to be witnesses for the Resurrected Christ. These gifts allow us to […]

A Renewed Interest

There appears to be a renewed interest in the experience Jesus talks about called The Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5). Recently I have taught on this powerful and important experience in a number of provinces in my own nation as well as in several other nations overseas. Over and over again in meetings […]

The Great Divide

So, let me be bold and ask you: “How many non-believers do you know and have a decent, non-surface relationship with?” You know, more than a passing “Hi, how are you?” when you really don’t give a rip how they are feeling or doing. So, let me meddle and ask: “Do these people, the non-believers, […]

Of Course, Not On Purpose

In many ways we tend to shun non-believers – even those who are seeking for the Lord and whose hearts are open to knowing more about Him and the Gospel of the Kingdom. We certainly don’t do it on purpose but it is a reality either way – we, as believers, tend to shun people […]

Two Experiences That Caused Me to Ponder Deeply

I was recently involved in an event that caused me to pause and think deeply after it was all over. It involved a number of other believers and a series of short, friendly conversations, a lengthy conversation, and then an opportunity to just sit around and listen to the conversations going on around a large […]

The Basics Few Talk About – Part Two

We are looking at some of the basics of the Christian faith upon which we can then build a dynamic, alive, and productive life for Jesus. We are looking at two basic questions everyone, Christian or non-Christian, are looking to answer … 1> Who am I? and 2> What is the purpose of my life? […]

The Basics Few Talk About – Part One

With all the preachers and teachers of God’s Word out there on the web, on television, radio, and speaking from pulpits across the nations we seldom hear anyone teaching and sharing on the basics of the faith that we hold so close to our hearts. So, I believe many are taking the truths they hear […]

Lukewarm and Loving It – Part Eight (end)

As we bring this mini-series of blogs to a close we are going to look at the seventh reason people are lukewarm in their relationship with Jesus and even with the Church. People are lukewarm because of their unused gifts. Doctor Luke writes, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and […]

Lukewarm and Loving It – Part Seven

Another reason for believers becoming lukewarm and no longer either hot or cold for Jesus is unresolved conflicts. Jesus was very clear about keeping short accounts and dealing with issues as they arose. He said, “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something […]