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The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Thirty-Three

When people within traditional churches have a life-changing, life-altering, transformational encounter with the Living God, they come back to their local assembly and want to share what has happened to them. Because the local church often majors on education and not encounter (with God) the transformed person does not always find understanding nor acceptance.  So, […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Thirty-Two

The move today in the Church that Jesus is building is away from information for the sake of information. True disciples of Jesus are not against learning more so that they can better live by the truth. As a result, what they are looking for is transformation and not just information. They want teaching that […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Thirty-One

Let’s complete our look at the seven trends currently unfolding in society and in the Church as younger people begin to exert greater influence on the direction our world and the Church is taking. We have looked at six of the seven… Trend #1: The Changing of the Guard Trend #2: The Rise of a […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Thirty

We are looking at societal trends that are effecting the Church today in our world. These trends are because we are living in a post-modern society. One of the changes rising out of these trends is that many are now dissatisfied with the Church and are looking for massive change in the Church or simply […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Twenty-Six

As we continue our look at the Church in the book of Acts, what revolutionary believers today are looking for in the Church, and what the current state of the Church is… 5> Regarding Servanthood… Surveys indicate that in a typical week, only one of every four believers will allocate some time to serving other […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Twenty-Five

We are looking at the Church as it is today and seeing how it relates to the seven passions of those who are looking for much more than they see and experience in the local church today – the revolutionaries. We saw that the revolutionaries have a number of passions – elements of spiritual life […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Twenty-four

If the Church is God’s answer to our spiritual needs, then why are most churched Christians so spiritually immature and desperate?  If the local church were the answer to our deep spiritual need, we would see two things: First, people who were most heavily involved in a Christian church congregation would be more spiritually developed […]