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Youth – Part Ten

  We have been looking at what the young people today need from those who are older and wiser in the Church today … We saw: 1> Wisdom that comes from study and having lived life as a believer 2> To be equipped to move supernaturally 3> To learn to listen and learn from others […]

Youth – Part Nine

  Last time we began to look at what the youth today need from us as mature believers and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We saw that the first thing that they need is “wisdom” that comes both from what we have learned of God’s Word and His ways but also simple “Life wisdom” […]

Youth – Part Eight

  Youth today are fleeing the church in large numbers in many of the nations of the world. They are looking for a quality of spiritual life, a sense of community, and leadership that has a vision and is willing to include the them in the journey to fulfilling that vision. In general, the youth […]

Youth – Part Seven

  We are taking a look at what young people want today from the church and from the leaders in the church. So far we have seen that they are want ing to see: 1> Challenge 2> Change 3> Relevance 4> Reality 5> Experience Let’s continue and look at the next five… 6> Transparency – […]

Youth – Part Six

  As we continue our look at the youth of today, let’s take a brief look at what the younger generations are looking for today. Not what they are looking for in life specifically, but what they are looking for in the Church. They have very specific expectations regarding any local church that they would […]

Youth – Part Five

  In this generation the youth have a great number of positive attributes or characteristics that are amazing and can be harnessed to further the Kingdom of God and the Gospel. These are characteristics of the majority of young people today – include the Millennial generation. These are not limited to born again youth… 1> […]

Youth – Part Four

  We are looking at the major characteristics of the youth today. We need to understand how the young people today see their world and interact with it. As the Church tries to reach them with the Gospel we need to recognize that the message does not change but the methods we use to reach […]

Youth – Part Three

  Let’s continue to look at the major characteristics of the younger generation today so that we can come to understand them a bit better … Last time we saw that they were” special, sheltered, confident, team-oriented… Let’s continue: ACHIEVING: Grade points are rising with this generation and crime is falling. The focus on getting […]

Youth – Part Two

  Last time we looked at how often God touched the lives of young people and worked through them in amazing ways. Many of our favourite Bible characters were young men and women in their mid to late teens or early twenties. God has always been interested in the young generation and has often worked […]

Youth – Part One

  God is interested in young people. And, in my ministry I work with young people between the ages of 16 to 36 everywhere that I go. In fact, many of the team members now coming with me on overseas trips are in their late teens and early twenties. They are an amazing asset to […]