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Early Morning Coffee

I am in the hills of Ohio ministering and enjoying the beauty of nature. Out front where I drink an early morning coffee I see the rolling hills and the forest into which is nestled a few homes that in the summer cannot be seen because of the trees. It is certainly a beautiful area […]

Fully Engaged In Life

Most people do not fully engage in life. For many reasons, too many to write about in a brief blog, many people are unable to fully embrace life as it happens to them and engage in it fully. They are hesitant in relationships. They are not fully open to others so others never see the […]


Guest Blogger – Bill Lewis, Apostle and Lead Pastor of The Connection, Butler, Ohio Sometimes we feel like we are walking in the dark, totally unfamiliar with our surroundings. We hope we are walking in faith, but the darkness obscures any clues, markers, or clear vision. We are being guided by something internal, deep inside, […]


Guest Blogger – Bill Lewis, Apostle and Lead Pastor of The Connection in Butler, Ohio Are we overstimulated? Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and a multitude of other platforms are calling us. Add to the choices we make for social media our smartphones and email addresses. Robo calls are daily interrupting, some days it is incessant. My […]

The Kingdom Differences

In the Kingdom of God there are many things happening all at the same time. Some things are generic to all nations. Other events and happenings are specifically targeted for a region or individual nation. God knows what each area needs and fine tunes the Kingdom events and Spirit movements to suit each region and […]

Reading Is So Important

As believers we should be reading on a regular basis, in fact, daily. Of course, we should be reading our Bible but there is so much other material that we also should be reading and digesting. A mentor many years ago taught me that believers are readers. And, he emphasized even more strongly that leaders […]

Is Jesus Really Enough?

I often ask the question, “Is Jesus really enough?” And, if He is do I live my life as if this was true?” It seems to me that for many believers Jesus is not enough. They are not satisfied with just Jesus and their personal relationship with Him. It seems that they need Jesus plus […]

A Second Death

The Bible states in the book of Hebrews that it is appointed once for a person to die and then the judgment (Hebrews 9:27). This is true of a person who is not born again. However, if a person is a true believer who has had an encounter with the living God, His love, and […]

Up, Up, and Away!

Often, as believers, we appear to have it all together. We let people know by our words and our responses that things are really good when they are not. We put on the ‘right face’ for each occasion and wear the right mask to hide what we are really feeling and who we really are. […]