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Doing What God Has Called You To Do 

My spiritual life and personal walk with God is in a season for massive change. As a result, my ministry is in a season of flux as the things He is asking me to do are new and different than in the past. And those things that seem to be remaining the same – such […]

Focus On Others…

If we spend time with Jesus, then we will naturally be driven to do the things that Jesus did. In other words, if you tell me you are hanging out with Jesus every day and yet there is no desire in your life to share your faith, or love those he gave his life for, […]

Two Simple Habits

Despite the thousands of good habits we could adopt in our lives as believers, according to the broad-brush themes of the Bible, I would suggest that there are two basic habits we all need to adopt. “Sit and wait” habits and “go and do” habits. God says we are to be still and know that […]

Learn Something New Every Day

I begin each day with the determination to learn something new, experience something different, or meet someone I don’t already know. Doing this requires three things. First, you must wake up with an attitude of openness to something new. You must see the day as having multiple opportunities to learn something new. Second, you must […]

The Stronger Your Character…

I work with a lot of young men who have tremendous calls upon their lives. God has a powerful destiny for each one of them. I see that potential and work to help them release it and enter into the fullness of who God has called them to be and what He has called them […]

Going Or Growing Through Life – Part Five

We have a choice. We can go through life or we can grow through life. We are currently looking at what we must be willing to give up so that we can grow up. Obviously some things are established and not negotiable. However, we need to determine which things we are willing to give up […]

Going Or Growing Through Life – Part Four

What kind of trade-offs have you been making so far in your life? Have you thought about it? Have you developed guidelines to help you decide what to strive for and what to give up in return? Let’s look at five trade-offs that may help you to develop your own guidelines. 1> I am willing […]

Going Or Growing Through Life – Part Two

We are talking about go through or growing through changes in our life. Being willing to make a change or a series of changes is important. So is when we make the change. Changing for the sake of change gives a person whiplash Changing before you have to can lead to a big win, but […]

Going Or Growing Through Life – Part One

Nothing creates a greater gap between successful and unsuccessful people than the choices we make. Too often, people make life more difficult for themselves because they make bad choices at the intersections of their life or they decline to make choices because of fear. But it’s important to remember that while we don’t always get […]