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You May Not Be A Leader

Being called a leader does not make you a leader. In the church there are many leaders – some called elders – who are not leaders in the least. They have simply been asked to be a leader; appointed as a leader; have always been a leader as long as anyone can remember; assumed leadership […]

God’s Design For HIS Church

Jesus said He would build His Church (Matthew 16:18) and yet people want to do things their way. I have been working with a specific leadership team for many years now and once every other month the conversation and discussion turns to the need for a full-time pastor to be in town and functioning on […]

Building According to the Plan

It seems that often there are three groups in any given local assembly. Those who want to go back to how things were “back then” in what they view as the glory days. The second group consists of those who are comfortable right where they are and don’t want to grow and move forward because […]

The Slow Drift Away From the True Gospel

I was in a lengthy and, at times, heated meeting of leaders of a Christian Church yesterday. And, we were working to understand the vision of the local church and how to take people from where they are to where God seems to want them to be. The issue of theology came up as it […]

Staying Focused

As I finished reading the book of Acts in The Message Version late last night I noticed the last comment that Lee the doctor and team member with Paul wrote…”He urgently presented all matters of the Kingdom of God. He explained everything about Jesus Christ. His door was always open (he was under house arrest).” […]

Change and Challenge

God today is looking for a people who understand His message and who are willing to share it with others – locally and around the world. This involves embracing a Kingdom mentality and no longer just thinking local church. This involves embracing a heart for those who do not know Jesus, are not born again, […]

From Pagan to Prophesying

Paul travels to the city of Ephesus because he has heard that there are a number of disciples of the Lord Jesus in that city. He is hoping to meet with them and encourage them in their journey as believers. He knows that Ephesus is not an easy city to be a believer in and […]

Making Time To Seek After God

The Bible states, God speaking, “When you come looking for me, you’ll find me.Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.” (Jeremiah 29:13-14 The Message version). Paul, as he was speaking to those in Athens willing to hear about “the unknown […]

What is Normal Christianity?

Normal Christianity is not biblical Christianity. When I chat with believers today their Christian experience has been fairly mundane and not empowering. They are living like most if not all the unbelievers who surround them in their neighbourhood. They believe in the doctrines of the Christian faith, they pray, they read their bible, and some (fewer […]

A Junkyard of Idols

Paul is in the city of Athens (Acts 17) and he is astonished at how religious the city is and how many different gods they worship and serve. Of course, Paul knows that none of these regional gods can do anything to help those who believe in them as they are man-made and have nothing […]