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Heart or Hustle?

I am learning a lot about myself these days. I am changing, growing, and trying new things at a fairly fast rate. Maybe it is because I have been so cautious for so long and needing to be strong, responsible, and very much the adult that now I want to spend some time learning to […]

The Room

I was recently in another province in Canada ministering and the leader was encouraging the people present to “enter into worship” as the music was beginning quietly in the background. The people were settling in and she commented and encouraged everyone present to enter into the worship that was starting. I had a “God thought.” […]

Three Big Lies

Henri Nouwen, a very famous and well-known Christian – comments on the three big lies that destroy people’s lives … I borrow the three main points from him but the comments are mine.  1> I am what I have We have bought into the consumer culture that is now world-wide thanks to the internet and […]

Just Be You!

“God’s voice thunders in marvellous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’” (Job 37:5-6 NIV) This is a great passage and I received some insight into it while flying recently to the nation of Kazakhstan. I […]

You Claim to Know God!

Many people call themselves believers and truly think that they are Christians. However, many of them are deceiving themselves and don’t actually believe. To be a believer, a Christian, one must have an encounter with the living God that we call being “born agin.” You are born physically into the world but, to enter the […]

A Season of Change

Recently on a trip to Kazakhstan I had the honour of being in a service where the people of God prayed for a team of 14 who were heading to Mongolia on a “mission trip” to win the lost and establish house churches. I later had the privilege of speaking at length with and then […]

Ministry and Maintenance

Much of what we call “ministry” today is really “maintenance.” We come to a Sunday or mid-week service and we are ministered to by the teaching. Maybe others pray for us because we have a need. Others listen as we share and encourage us. We feel loved and built up and then head out the […]

The Spirit-filled Church?

As I travel and minister in various churches in different nations I have noted that the idea of being “Spirit filled” or baptized in the Holy Spirit looks different in many churches. And, in most of them there is an apparent misunderstanding of the purpose of being baptized in the Holy Spirit or what is […]

Bigger on the Inside Than the Outside

As a believer there are two sides to our life as we walk with Jesus. The public and the private sides. These two aspects of the Christian life resemble the two parts of a tree. One part you see: your public life in the church and in your world is like a tree’s truck and […]

What Is Changing In Your Life?

Many years ago I wrote all my teachings longhand. Even the notes for my research were done by hand, writing pages and pages of insights and information. Not only did I hand write everything I did – I did it with a fountain pen. Yes, a fountain pen. I still write outlines and grab the […]