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Unsafe People – Part Five

We are looking at the personal characteristics of a person who is not safe to invest relational time in. These are people who do not form safe relationships. Having a relationship with them usually ends with you feeling used and abused and definitely unfulfilled and disappointed. To review, we have discussed six character traits of […]

Unsafe People – Part Four

As we continue our look at the personal characteristics of an unsafe person … a person with whom you might not want to invest a great deal of time building an in-depth relationship … let me remind you of the points we have already covered. Personal characteristics of an unsafe person… 1> Unsafe people think […]

Unsafe People – Part Three

We are looking at relationships and who is safe to build relationally with and who is not. We are currently looking at the character qualities of those who are not safe for you to enter into a relationship with. In the last two blogs we have seen the first four character issues of unsafe people… […]

Unsafe People – Part Two

We are looking at characteristics of people who are really not safe to build relationships with. Last time we saw: 1> Unsafe people think that ‘have it all together’ instead of admitting their weaknesses 2> Unsafe people are religious instead of spiritual 3> Unsafe people are defensive instead of open to feedback When a person […]

Unsafe People – Part One

Blog for August 6, 2019 Everyone needs a “safe person” in their life. Someone who is there for them, treats them well even in the tough times, and is willing to speak into their life so that they can hear the truth. Jesus was a safe person and had these three traits – Presence, grace, […]

Safe Relationships – Part Two

The best example of a safe person is found in Jesus. In Him were found the three qualities of a safe person: dwelling, grace, and truth. As John wrote: “The Word became flesh and lived for awhile among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and only Son, who came from […]

Safe Relationships – Part One

I have come to appreciate having a “safe relationship.” I have a friend and we have been working at building a solid and powerful relationship now for over a decade. A relationship that is beneficial to both of us and enables us to be simply and seriously ourselves when around each other. He is what […]

Morning Coffee 

I am drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee in an airport. It is 5:00a and I have been on the road since 3:00a. It is quiet in the airport although I am always surprised at how many people there really are working towards catching a flight to who knows where. I stood in line at […]


Had lunch today with two amazing men of God. Two apostles. Totally different from each other in personality, manner of ministering, giftings, and experiences. But, as I sat with them discussing the work of the Kingdom and, in specific, the church I am here working with, it was amazing to see the wisdom that the […]


Had a great morning yesterday teaching at a local church in Ohio, USA. The worship was great, the spiritual atmosphere was terrific, the offering was taken up after a young person spoke and she did such a terrific job you just want her to keep going. She was electric, alive, and believed what she was […]