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An Apostolic Understanding – Part Eight

As we enter into new season that has already dawned – an apostolic season where there will be a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit that will lead to many movements being formed. Many streams of new churches being built by the Biblical blueprint with all the streams flowing into one mighty river…the river Jesus […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Seven

We are looking at the Church that Jesus is building. It is apostolic in nature and Kingdom focused. This led us to looking at various aspects of the Kingdom. Let’s complete that today. So far in the last two blogs we have seen that: 1> Kingdom deals with power confirming the Word 2> The Kingdom […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Six

We are looking at the Kingdom and some of the difference between the Kingdom and the current expression of the Church. Last time we examined and commented on the fact that: 1> Kingdom deals with power confirming the Word 2> The Kingdom has a fivefold ministry governmental structure 3> There is a King that all […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Five

There is a difference between Kingdom and Church. We need to understand this difference. The Kingdom is the whole of God’s redeeming activity in Christ in the world. The Kingdom includes all of the current strategies of the King that He is manifesting in the variety of societal structures in each nation. So, the Kingdom […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Four

In every generation the Lord needs to rebuild His Church so that His Kingdom can be better manifested in the earth. Because of the major and massive changes in the lifestyle and beliefs, perspective, and world view of each generation the Church needs to embrace changes to the way it expresses the heart of God. […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Three

It has become very obvious to those who are in touch with the heart of God that we have entered a season where the focus is no longer the Church. For the last two if not three decades He has been preparing us to look past the trees and see the forest… to look past […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Two

  We have entered a season, in the Kingdom and thus in the Church, of major changes. Jesus, the head of the Church, is telling us that even though everything seems to be in order in the Church in this last season, we need to be ready for the changes He is bringing to His […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part One

There is a new move of God happening today in every nation where Jesus is preached. It is an apostolic move that will be seriously prophetic and evangelistic in nature. To understand the move we must look back to the first Church as recorded in the New Testament, understand the principles of the way God moves […]

Youth – Part Twelve

Every young person, once they have journeyed enough with Jesus to discover who they are “in Christ” and are discipled so that they are mature in the faith and moving forward into embracing a ministry as part of the “priesthood of all believers,” needs a mentor. Usually the young person needs to go looking for […]

Youth Today – Part Eleven

  As we continue our look at the “youth today” – some warning to the youth. Things they need to be cautious about… 1> Don’t give up on the “Church.” First, it has been founded and established by Jesus, whom we love and serve. Secondly, He is returning one day for His Church and so […]