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The Church, Past, Present, and Future #7

The Church Today – Part Three In the 20th Century, in North America, there were a number of different moves of God. The best known one is the Azusa Street Revival from 1906 to 1909. The Pentecostal Moment came out of this revival. Then in 1948 (to 1952) we saw the Latter Rains Revival in […]

The Church, Past, Present, and Future #6

The Church Today – Part Two In 2005 George Barna wrote a bestselling book called “Revolution.” He was giving us a critique of the Church in the United States. However, I believe his comments and observations hold true for the Church in many of the world’s nations. Here are some of the points I took […]

The Church, Past, Present, and Future #5

The Church Today – Part One The early Church, as we have seen, saw themselves as truly being “in Christ.” They were pulled loose from the “works” mentality of the Jewish faith and all of the then functioning pagan religions. They were liberated from a guilt complex of never measuring up and never being “good […]

The Church – Past, Present, and Future – Part 4

New Testament Church – Part Four The fifth obvious uniqueness of the early Church which is, in many places, lacking today is… 5>The early Christian lived in and experienced a close-knit community life together The early believers did not think in terms of the individual. Their understanding and thinking was not in line with today’s […]

The Church – Past, Present, and Future – Part 2

New Testament Church – Part Two 1> The early Church had an incredible understanding of the experience that they had lived through As you read Ephesians, Chapters one to three as well as Colossians, Chapters one and two you realize that they are expressing their experience with the living Jesus and the joint sharing of […]

The Church, Past, Present, and Future #1

New Testament Church – Part One As I travel from place to place ministering I see many varieties and forms of “the Church.” The people who gather in these places are “doing church” to the best of their ability. They are faithful and they are doing their best to love people and touch lives for […]

Personal Reflections – The Church #9

We have been looking at the New Testament expression of the Church that Jesus is building. These 14 images of the Church that Jesus is building give us a fairly clear picture of who we are – for, we are the Church. Each picture of the Church shows us that the church is a close-knit, […]

Personal Reflections – The Church #8

As we continue the series of personal reflections on “The Church”… 13> A Temple See: 1 Corinthians 3; 2 Corinthians 6; Ephesians 2; 1 Peter 2 We are living stones designed to be assembled together with other living stones to form God’s house. Jesus Christ embodies the house of God – His holy temple. Christ […]

Personal Reflections – The Church #7

The Church, in the New Testament, is described many different ways. We have been looking at the various names and expressions for the Church in the past week and a bit. Let’s jump in and continue… 11> A Vineyard See: John 15 Jesus Christ is the Vine and we are the branches. The vine and […]

Personal Reflections – The Church #6

There are a few descriptive names for the Church that are not well known. This is the case with the next two… 9> One Loaf See: John 12; 1 Corinthians 10 Jesus Christ is one grain. When He was put into the ground (buried) and rose again, He produced many grains (believers). Those individual grains […]