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Transforming Lives

Over the years I have pastored churches and planted a number of new ones. I do so because I believe that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation and that one of the main instruments in spreading the gospel is the local church. I am currently involved in a number of church plants […]


My name is Ralph and I am a bookaholic.  How do I know that? Because I have rooms full of books? Yes, that is true. I always have a book in my hand? Yes, also true. Because I collect books of all sorts, hardcovers, paperbacks, ebooks? Also true. I enjoy going to book stores and […]

False Prophecy Today

Just because a prophetic word has a valid and true message to it does not mean it is a true prophetic word. There are many words spoken that contain truth and are accurate that the Bible would say are false prophecy.  And, just because someone can move in power and perform miracles, signs, and wonders […]

So Many Prophetic Words

There are always numerous prophetic words circulating in Christian circles. There are numerous web sites that publish prophetic words. There are many Facebook pages expressing what they believe to be God’s heart for people, the Church, certain nations.  It seems that God is speaking a lot. And, I am deeply concerned that many of the […]

Trusting Others

As Christians, if we are going to be vulnerable (see yesterday’s blog) with someone or a group of people then we need to trust them. It may begin with trusting just one person, sharing some personal thoughts or feelings, and then seeing their reaction or response. In other words, starting small and working up to […]

Living With Vulnerability

As a believer I have always been amazed at the masks that Christians wear. The appearance that everything is fine and they are doing great when just the opposite is true. As a leader I have worked hard to live a life that has integrity. That the inside is what is being expressed outside – […]

I Wonder

Bill Lewis – Apostle and Leader Oh my goodness! What will heaven be like? I do not mean streets of gold and palaces. I mean, what are people going to do? Just suppose you are walking down the street or in the marketplace in the New Jerusalem. You run into someone who you knew in […]