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The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Five

A number of thoughts about the Church I see today in the nations where I work… 1> One of the worst enemies of Christians can be good things in the Church We are keeping the Christians so busy with all the good things going on in and around the church building that they don’t have […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Four

There is such a confusion in the Church today about what we are to believe and why. As I work with young people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) it is obvious that both believers and non-believers have a lot of confusion about what we, the Christians and followers of Jesus, really believe and why […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Three

A friend of mine moved to a city north of where I live and took over a struggling Spirit-filled church. He is a good leader and he quickly built a new leadership team to help him as the church began a tough journey to becoming healthy. He made a lot of changes – the music, […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Two

Why is it that church people seems to want to park where they are at in their journey with Jesus? Or worse, they want to retreat into the past as seen by the number of stories they tell about ‘the good old days’?  I was recently in a meeting of leaders from one specific church. […]

The Church Jesus Is Building – Part One

I have just returned from a trip where I am working to plant a church in a major Canadian city and helloing to replant a church in the United States. While in the United Sates I inquired about two leaders in an area near the capital city who had stated churches. I learned that both […]

When the Word No Longer Speaks To You – Part Two

We are looking at breathing new life into your Bible reading and Bible study times. Last time we saw: 1> Move to a different section of the Bible 2> Switching translations I mentioned this one in an earlier series of blogs. This is a sure fire way to bring new life to your daily time […]

When the Word No Longer Speaks To You – Part One

There is a social movement today called “white noise.” There are web sites regarding it; apps you can download and program to your own tastes. I don’t make use of any of these things. However, it seems that it is quiet background music or nature sounds that help you to relax, sleep better, and generally […]

Bible Reading Revisited – Part Three

We are looking at thoughts about revitalizing our time, as believers, in God’s Word and some of the common errors we make as we read and study the Word of God, the Bible. In the past two blogs we have seen some of our errors… 1> Reading the Bible without prayer 2> Getting confused or […]

Bible Reading Revisited – Part Two

We are looking at some hints regarding reading the Bible that will allow your time in the Scriptures to be a little more profitable and life-giving. Last time we saw a number of issues… 1> Reading the Bible without prayer 2> Getting confused or bogged down by the things you don’t understand 3> Reading too […]

Bible Reading Revisited – Part One

As I speak with believers it is evident that many of them are not doing well spiritually. From young to old I hear about their spiritual lives being “stuck.” In other words, there is no life in their spiritual life. And, almost every time they comment that their Bible reading is adding nothing to their […]