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Mentoring – Part Seven

We are looking at “mentoring on purpose” – the first of eleven elements in the way that Jesus mentored His original followers. Every follower of Jesus should be discipling and mentoring at least one other person and these eleven points we are looking at should form the basic foundation for everything we do when mentoring […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Eight

The Celts had an interesting strategy for outreach. They built apostle centers! Catholic historians call them monasteries, but they were not what we usually think of when we hear that word. In a Celtic monastery, for example, the monks and priest were allowed to get married and have children. In the Catholic Church, monasteries were […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Seven

A major key to the expansion and growth of the Early Church was the establishment of apostolic centers. Every time the Church penetrated into a new area or ethnic group, it established a beachhead for the gospel. It was a teaching and training center that gave every Christian access to the fivefold ministry. These were […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Six

So Paul came to Rome and added his gift. He taught the church and trained the saints in ministry. But Paul did more in Rome than just teach and minister. God used Paul tp penetrate a whole new strata of society. In Rome, Paul penetrated the capital of the world. God’s ways are amazing. God […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Five

How did the Gospel of the Kingdom penetrate this huge, cosmopolitan city? The truth is, we don’t know! The New Testament never tells us when the church in Rome was started (founded). And, it never tells us who started the church. Acts 2:10 tells us that on the Day of Pentecost, visitors from Rome were […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Four

God is bringing us back to the biblical pattern for the Church. He is preparing a new wineskin for a new move of His Spirit which will bring many into the Kingdom. Some say, we are being prepared for the end-times harvest of souls for the Kingdom. The Church has tried following man’s ideas, but […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Three

God used the church at Corinth to teach us many things Because the Corinthians had so much to learn, the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians are filled with some of the most important teachings in the New Testament 1> God teaches what it means to live as a Christian
 Paul begins 1 Corinthians by […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Two

What was Paul doing? He was establishing an apostolic center in Corinth. This was to be a very significant center as it was established in a city known for wealth and immorality In Jerusalem, the new converts were all Jews who had studied holy Scriptures since they were children. They already believed in the God of Israel […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-One

Corinth was a thoroughly pagan city The Temple of Apollo was there, along with the temple to Octavia and a sanctuary to the god of healing. At the outsets of the city stood a huge temple to the god Poseidon. The most significant temple in Corinth, however, was the massive temple of Aphrodite perched on the hill […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty

We have been looking at biblical regional centers or apostolic centers as found in the New Testament… We have looked at Jerusalem, Antioch, and Ephesus… The forth one of five is found in the city of Corinth Today – the Lord is stirring something in the harvest fields. He is placing a hunger in people’s […]