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An Apostolic Understanding – Part Eighteen

We are looking at the new wineskin that Jesus is building into which He will be pouring new wine – the Church is in need of change. So, we can allow Jesus, who is building His Church, to change the current local church you attend or He will simply move down the street and find […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Seventeen

Let’s continue our look at the Church and the Kingdom and the changes taking place in both as we gain a greater apostolic understanding of what the Lord is doing in His Church and His Kingdom. For the next few blogs we will be looking at the new wineskin that is being prepared for the […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixteen

Blog for November 22, 2017 Constantine, the Roman Emperor, made a number of basic, foundational changes to the Early Church so that by the year 500 A.D. it no longer resembled the Early Church and no longer moved in power. (see the previous blog) By the Middle Ages, Christianity has become a different religion altogether. […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Fifteen

Constantine, the Roman Emperor at the time of the Council of Nicea ((325 A.D.) brought about a large number of changes that permanently changed the future of the Early Church. Let’s look at some of those changes… One of the biggest changes Constantine made was to outlaw house churches. Constantine could not control what happened […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Fourteen

For the first 300 years the Church that was birthed at Pentecost (Acts, chapter 2) spread very rapidly. The believers met in homes and the life of God was so real to them (inside them) that they shared it with everyone they knew. People were being born again, new houses were opened for believers to […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Thirteen

The Early Church was certainly different from what we today would consider to be “church.” We began looking at what an assembly in the first century might have looked like in general. 7> After the meal was over – with the Lord’s Supper also celebrated as part of the regular fellowship meal – there is […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Twelve

As we look at the fresh move of God and the apostolic Church that Jesus is building, let’s take a brief visit to the Early Churches seen in the New Testament, especially the Book of Acts. This can be exciting and challenging at the same time as early Christians had a totally different concept of […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Eleven

To understand where we are heading as a Church in today’s world, as the Kingdom continues to expand and impact lives, we need to return to the early Church. The life of the early Church is recorded for us in the Book of Acts. In Acts, chapter 2, the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Ten

Those who are in touch with what the Lord is doing in His Church – the fivefold ministers, especially the apostles and prophets – have been predicting a change in the Church for three decades. We have been hearing words like “new wineskin,” “apostolic,” and “fivefold ministry” and these are words that indicate a church […]

An Apostolic Understanding – Part Nine

All over the world the Holy Spirit is speaking “change” to the Church. Change is not something that churches and church leaders usually get excited about, but nonetheless, change is happening. The Church is God’s idea and Jesus is the Head of His Church and so God is bringing change to His Church through a […]