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The other day I went to get the mail. There is a mailbox at the local postal outlet where the majority of our mail goes. This way, when I am on the road travelling, it is not piling up out front for all to know that I am away from home. Never know who might […]

Insecure Leaders

Recently on a trip here in Western Canada I had the honour of joining a group of pastors and ministry leaders for a meal and some fellowship. It was a good night and one that hopefully encouraged those who took the time to attend and participate. The local church and leaders who hosted the event […]

Wounded Leaders

Recently on a trip to the United States I was able to attend the first night of a weekend conference. In a church building that seats maybe 300 half the seats were occupied with pastors and church leaders from that area and some from even 4 or 5 hours away. The night I was blessed […]

Careful What You Believe

Do you read Facebook posts from Christians? I don’t. I have recently removed myself from almost everyone’s newsfeed. Why? Thanks for asking! Because most of what they post is totally irrelevant to life – their life, my life, anyone’s life. They post random thoughts which usually prove how little and how seldom they really do […]

Healing For Today

This week Ralph will be posting a new teaching on “healing” as understood under the New Covenant. Jesus is The Healer and He continues to touch and heal people today. However, there are so many different beliefs regarding divine healing today in the Church. Many of them are not biblical. So, there is a desperate […]


 I have just had the opportunity to be driving by myself for a total of 14 hours in the last five days or so. I spend some of that time thinking, praying, and sorting thoughts and feelings, filing them or assimilating them so that they become part of who I am and are “filed away” […]

It’s a Rainy Day and a Monday

It is a Monday morning and I have just returned from 5 days on the road. Ministering is something I still enjoy even after 40+ years of being involved in it daily. Meeting with people, discipling young believers, mentoring leaders, fellowshipping with pastors, and teaching God’s Word. Always amazing.  But, I come home tired. I […]

It’s Not Me, It’s You! – The Bob Principle – Part Two

Read yesterday’s blog “It’s Not Me, It’s You! – The Bob Principle – Part One” first… So what do you do if you have a Bob (it can be a female – so a Bobbie) in your life, someone who finds, creates, and spreads problems? Consider these suggestions: 1> Respond with a positive comment When […]

It’s Not Me, It’s You! – The Bob Principle – Part One

Have you ever known a person who had problems follow him wherever he went? And, that the problems often, if not always, seemed to be that he had a hard time getting along with people?  There is a relational truth that I learned from a mentor many years ago. Let’s call our person Bob. And […]

Take a Look in the Mirror

People unaware of who they really are and what they do often damage relationships with others. The way to change that is to look in the mirror and see who you really are. It is something all of us must do – discover the real “me.” Consider what it is we will learn by doing […]