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Mentoring – Part Three

Before we look at the elements of mentoring as seen in the life and ministry of Jesus and His relationship with His original twelve disciples (listed and briefly explained in the previous blog in this series); let’s look at six reasons we should all, as dedicated followers of Jesus, be involved in both being mentored […]

Mentoring – Part Two

Mentoring has become a buzz word these days in the Church world. However, it is not a new concept. Jesus mentored twelve men for three years sharing life and ministry with them on a daily basis. As a result, He had a tremendous impact on their lives – their world perspective, their beliefs, their priorities, […]

Mentoring – Part One

As I travel to the many nations the Lord has called me to minister in I see a real lack of mentoring of the next generation. As I relate to many young people in these nations – in person, by various apps and through emails – I hear them crying out for mature men and […]


The capture of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane is over The brutal treatment of him at the hands of Roman soldiers is over The trial that found him guilty is over The torturing and twisting of his body is over The cruel fastening of his body to an old rugged cross is over The […]


It was Easter Sunday for the Ibuga Christians of Western Tanzania.  In one village, a large crowd had gathered to worship.  Many came out of curiosity to hear about a God who conquered death.  While they were singing and praising God, they didn’t know the danger that awaited them.  At that moment, a crazed mother […]


This teaching is a follow-up and continuation to a teaching entitled: “A Hunger For More” As we continue to hunger and thirst for more and move deeper into our relationship with Jesus and His people, the Church … There are 9 road signs to help guide and direct us on our journey The Bible states: […]


Jesus meets this woman at the well in Sychar This is in Samaritan country … Samaritans were half-breeds – the offsprings of Jew married to Gentile Samaritans were considered of less value than the family dog Samaritans worshipped the same God but did so on a mountain – not inJerusalem Jews did not speak to […]

Taking a Step Back

In the first 300 years of the Christian faith… dynamic, powerful, influential And, as a result, the Early Church grew at a terrific rate …. In the year 250 AD – 1.9% of the population of the Roman Empire was born again In the year 300 AD – 10.5% of the Empire’s population was born […]

People Die and Then…?

“One day you will stop breathing, but you won’t stop living.” You will stop breathing and your heart will stop pumping blood You will be pronounced dead by a doctor But you will not stop living – you have simply changed locations One moment after you die – you will experience either the greatest celebration […]