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Winkler – April 26th to May 3rd.

Ralph will, once again, be in the Winkler – Morden area of Southern Manitoba again this month – April 26th to May 3rd. Ralph is working with the leaders of a number of house churches and more traditional churches in both the cities of Morden and Winkler as well as surrounding towns and rural areas. […]

Russian November 1st to 13th

In November, 2017 Ralph and Austin (his team member for this trip) will be heading to eastern Russia to minister in the cities of Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil. Ralph has worked in this area a number of times in the last few years including a trip in January, 2017. He is looking forward to ministering […]

Nic and Joe Save Easter

Well, Easter is a powerful Sunday… a deep reminder of what the Christian faith is all about And really, if you’re a Christian, this should be a very important Sunday in your life Christians celebrate Easter because everything that we believe really hinges on what happened on this day 2,000+ years ago. There are a […]

Kazakhstan June, 2017

Ralph and his team (Jesse Matos) will be travelling to Kazakhstan to minister in June, 2017 (June 13th to the 26th). Ralph ministers in this amazing nation several times a year and he is looking forward to being there once again among God’s awesome and wonderful people. Each of his last three trips he has […]

The dark side of The Shack

Progressive Christianity, Trends From Steve Addison – Movements Since it was first published in 2007 the Shack has sold over 20 million copies. This week it was released as a motion picture. This is a book and a film that will book will influence the popular religious imagination. After discussing it’s strengths, Tim Keller shares […]