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The early apostles were solidly committed to Jesus and gave their lives for Him They were in awe of Him understanding that He is God They saw His splendour They had experienced His majesty They had encountered His glory – “the glory of the only begotten of the Father” (John 1:14) They gave up everything […]

What’s In a Name?

When children are born parents have already chosen their name or names The name chosen often honours a family member from a previous generation The name embraces the hopes that the parents have for that child’s future The name comes to describe who they are Who they are known as What they are known for

Christian Fellowship

Jesus is currently building His Church Matthew 16:18 “On this rock (revelation) I will build My Church…” He is doing this through planting new expressions of the Gospel in every nation A major move in most nations towards house churches He is also revamping any existing church – regardless of their size, shape, or tradition […]


If you were living in the Century One – the days of the Book of Acts – and you heard the Gospel of the Kingdom and believed Encountering Jesus as your Lord and not just your Saviour You would have been immediately baptized by immersion in water… The first day of the Church – Acts […]

An Encouraging Word

Hey pastor Ralph, As we spoke that Sunday it would be a really neat opportunity to join you on a trip. I feel I would learn a lot in a very short time by tagging along on a trip! As you spoke I found that you have a tangible and raw faith that I have […]

Report – Apostolic Trip to Russia (May-June 2018)

Ralph and his team left Canada on the 23rd of May and returned on the 12th of June, 2018. Ralph ministered in a variety of meetings including regular Sunday services, a leadership retreat, a prophetic school, and meeting of network pastors as well as regional pastor’s meetings. He worked with traditional style churches as well […]

The Sound of the Trumpet television show

Ralph has been invited to, once again, be a part of The Sound of the Trumpet television show aired as a regular series on Access Communications Cable Network in Saskatchewan. Ralph has been involved several times in this series as it had taped over the past four years and is pleased to be asked to […]