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LOOKING AT BELIEVERS … (Their life – not their ministry) As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ As a disciple of Jesus As someone who is following the way of the Lord You can choose to be nominal and thus insignificant in impact and a Christian “in name only” Or – You can choose […]


I want to talk about “burning your bridges” I have noticed something in Scripture recently – a truth I needed to be reminded of once again I believe God brought it to my attention Abraham was told by God to leave what he knew and was successful in and move out in faith to something […]

Church Plant – Toronto

In the city of Toronto there are a large number of Russian speaking young people. Some are there to study at the many universities in the Greater Toronto Area. Others are there working as they become Canadian citizens. A number of young people that Ralph has worked with in the nation of Kazakhstan (they speak […]

Ohio, February, 2018

Ralph will, once again, be travelling to Ohio to work with The River Church. This amazing local church is located in Butler, Ohio – 50 minutes from the capital city of Columbus. Ralph has been involved in the life of this church for 6 years and works with the lead apostle / pastor Bill Lewis […]

Sheila Wachtel

After three career changes from running a telecommunications business to being a Network Security Engineer and is now at home working on the farm. She lives with her husband of 16 years on a 128 acre farm near Mt. Gilead, Ohio. They organically raise crops and a variety of animals. They share 5 adult children […]

“Revival” Christianity

There has been a lot of talk recently about revival The need for it today in the Church The desire to see God move like He used to in ‘the good old days’ The wish to relive what we once personally experienced of God’s presence and power The thought that a revival would change society […]

Marilyn M.

Thank you, Ralph! I heard part of this the other day and knew I wanted to go back and hear the whole thing! Was able to do that today…so convicting, so true, so encouraging, so blessed. Thank you so much for helping me to get back on track! Blessings go to you and Louise. Enjoy […]