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It was Easter Sunday for the Ibuga Christians of Western Tanzania.  In one village, a large crowd had gathered to worship.  Many came out of curiosity to hear about a God who conquered death.  While they were singing and praising God, they didn’t know the danger that awaited them.  At that moment, a crazed mother […]


This teaching is a follow-up and continuation to a teaching entitled: “A Hunger For More” As we continue to hunger and thirst for more and move deeper into our relationship with Jesus and His people, the Church … There are 9 road signs to help guide and direct us on our journey The Bible states: […]


Jesus meets this woman at the well in Sychar This is in Samaritan country … Samaritans were half-breeds – the offsprings of Jew married to Gentile Samaritans were considered of less value than the family dog Samaritans worshipped the same God but did so on a mountain – not inJerusalem Jews did not speak to […]

Taking a Step Back

In the first 300 years of the Christian faith… dynamic, powerful, influential And, as a result, the Early Church grew at a terrific rate …. In the year 250 AD – 1.9% of the population of the Roman Empire was born again In the year 300 AD – 10.5% of the Empire’s population was born […]

People Die and Then…?

“One day you will stop breathing, but you won’t stop living.” You will stop breathing and your heart will stop pumping blood You will be pronounced dead by a doctor But you will not stop living – you have simply changed locations One moment after you die – you will experience either the greatest celebration […]

Rome – Penetrating World Structures

God is bringing us back to the biblical pattern for the Church. He is preparing a new wineskin for a new move of His Spirit which will bring many into the Kingdom. Some say, we are being prepared for the end-times harvest of souls for the Kingdom. The Church has tried following man’s ideas, but […]

Corinth – Reaching the Hard-Core Lost

We have been looking at biblical regional centers or apostolic centers as found in the New Testament… We have looked at Jerusalem, Antioch, and Ephesus… The forth one of five is found in the city of Corinth Today – the Lord is stirring something in the harvest fields. He is placing a hunger in people’s […]

Ephesus – A Light in the Darkness

Within the Kingdom changes we have been discussing over the last few days there will be an increasing emphasis on the regional apostolic church. Recently in this series of teachings I have looked at the regional centers of Jerusalem and Antioch. So, let’s turn our attention to the third apostolic regional center found in the […]

We Are The Church

You and I together are the Church The Church is the people of God assembled together The Church is born again, Sprit-empowered believers gathering and scattering Gathering to worship and be equipped Scattering to tell others of the Good News that Jesus saves, heals, delivers We are the Church Song: Rand Collection Experiment – “Build […]

March 2018 Trip to Armenia

Ralph will be ministering in the nation of Armenia March 15th to the 25th of this year.  Armenia is an amazing country with  some very strong churches. Over the years Ralph has ministered in over half a dozen major cities in the nation and has seen God do amazing things in the lives of His […]