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Kamshat – Campus Crusade for Christ, Kazakhstan

Wanted to share the joy of starting fulfilling your prophesy over the ministry. It was tremendous the move of the Holy Spirit after your visit of my team and students. You remember a student said that he had visions before becoming a believer and he has them after. That night Ersultan and the rest of […]


There is something I want to share with you that has become very real to me in the last few weeks in my travels and the various places I have been ministering There are a few scriptures that I would like to read and ask that you look them up in your Bible as well […]

SeeKing Jesus

The title at the top of the teaching (on the screen) is not a typo… It is a time for Jews to come to Jerusalem to celebrate their feast days remembering all that God has done for them in the decades and centuries past They come as commanded by their holy book – seeking to […]


Jesus is alive – He is alive – Hear me, He is alive … Living here with His people Living here with you Living here for you – available to help Revealing Himself to others through you In spite of the fact that many believers live life like… He is not here He is still […]

Everyone has a Story

Christians don’t have just one story or testimony; we have many. Our testimonies are stories of God’s power and presence in our lives. Every new day brings fresh stories of God’s goodness and grace. Years ago I read Rebecca Pippert’s book “Out of the Saltshaker” on witnessing to others about Jesus. She wrote, “Every Christian […]

Seven Passion Killers

      And what keeps you from having that constant passion for the Lord An unbalanced schedule That means if you’re overworked or you are under worked you’re going to lose your passion for life and lose your passion for God. Life is a series of seasons, the Bible says. There’s a season for […]

Resurrection Life

I want to look at the whole idea of living differently than those who do not believe in Jesus But, even more than that – living different than we live now – as believers in Jesus In Paul’s letter to Timothy Paul, an apostle mentoring a young man called Timothy who is also called to […]