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The Great Challenge

Setting the stage: Jesus died on the cross of Calvary, was buried, rose from the dead, and appeared to His disciples a number of times over a period of 40 days… Jesus, on one occasion, told them to head to Galilee because this is where most of His followers lived… He was planning to meet […]

The Simplicity of the Faith

If it is complicated – it is religion. If it is simple, it is Jesus! And, we do manage to complicate the Christian faith. Often, in fact, we make it into another religion. We take the basics of the faith and add things to it that take our focus off of Jesus and onto programs, […]

Bible Reading – Hints and Ideas

As I speak with believers it is evident that many of them are not doing well spiritually. From young to old I hear about their spiritual lives being “stuck.” In other words, there is no life in their spiritual life. And, almost every time they comment that their Bible reading is adding nothing to their […]

Prophetic Prayer

Around the world today there is a dawning of a new understanding of prayer And, here on the home front we need a new understanding of prayer For most believers, their prayer life lacks life For some, their prayer time is seriously boring For others, it is seen as a religious obligation to be fulfilled […]

Pitfalls On Your Walk With Jesus

Paul, an apostle whose life was totally transformed by his encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, tells us – no, stronger than that – exhorts us to “redeem the time because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16) On our journey with Jesus we have much to learn and it takes time to get to know […]

THINKING OUT LOUD – About The Church

The Church – is God’s people gathered together God’s people – born again believers / disciples The Church – is empowered to be a witness Acts 1:8 … “you shall receive power and be My witnesses…” The Church – is here to complete the task Jesus began Luke 19:10; Matthew 28:19-20 The Church – is […]

Revelations Not Resolutions

We are approaching the start of a new year…. It seems to me that time is moving more quickly than it ever has before Or, that I am simply moving a little slower than I use to Maybe it is that time sure does fly when you are having fun… But then life is not […]


The purpose of the birth of Jesus – a birth that we celebrate each year at Christmas time – is to reveal God to us in His fullness Yes, His birth brought us: Salvation – a personal relationship with God Healing – of the separation between humankind and the Creator Freedom – from sin and […]