Approaching 2014

As we approach another new year – a year that is a gift from the Lord Jesus – we need to take some time to think through the year just ending. When doing so, be seriously and brutally honest with yourself. Don’t be “self-deceived.” Take a look at your growth during the past year.

Are you further ahead in your journey of faith than when the year first began?

If there were some speed bumps or detours on your journey in 2014 – what did you learn and how have you applied those lessons to your life so that you are different as a result of having these experiences?

Did your “devotional life” really do what it is suppose to do – allow you to share intimacy with the Father. If it didn’t and your intimacy is either the same or less than when the year started what are you going to do differently so this downward slide does not continue?

Have you allowed your faith journey to become a religious activity? Do you measure your success and failure in terms of what you are doing or attempted to do or in terms of your love intimacy with Jesus?

What are you believing God for? Jesus said that it would be done unto us according to our faith – so what are you applying your faith against? What is it you are believing God will do through you (not for you) in 2014? Did you receive what you were believing for during 2013?

Are you growing in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible which is the Word of God? If not, why not? And, if not, what are you going to do differently in 2014 so that it is not another year when your spiritual heart rate simply flatlines?

What are you going to be reading in 2014 that will help you to fulfill the call of God on your life? Every believer has a call upon their life and you should be reading and studying to better fulfill that call. So, which books have you planned to read and what kind of reading plan have you developed?

In regards to seeking and saving the lost – what are you going to change and do differently so that you actually see people come to Jesus during the year? If you have not been intentionally seeking and saving the lost – what are you going to do so that this becomes a vital part of your daily life?

You get the idea. The philosopher Plato once said: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” I agree. So, this is a good time to examine what was, what is, and maybe even what you would like to see in your future. Note – I am not talking about financial goals, family goals, or travel plans. This is much more internal than that. Setting goals is good – but this is about who you are and not what you do.

Have fun!

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