An Apostolic Understanding – Part Thirty-Seven

So, how do we recognize a true fivefold, New Testament prophet?

1> They will prophecy with great maturity and a very high level of accuracy

When true prophets speak, God backs them up. What they speak happens and there is no way to argue about it. Words spoken by a prophet over an individual, church, region, or nation will come to pass if those who hear the Word spoken actually line-up with and cooperate with what was spoken.

2> They will release the prophetic ministry for others

When prophets minister regularly within a local assembly they release a prophetic anointing in the local church. People begin to hear from God more often and more accurately. The revelatory gifts begin to flow more frequently. If the church was at 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 in the prophetic realm they will reach a 5 when the prophet ministers there for a week or so. After they leave the 5 becomes a 4 but they will always be stronger than before the prophet came. When they come back the 4 will be a 6 as they minister and when they leave it will slide slightly to a 5 … So, the more often the prophet visits, trains, and equips the people the stronger the prophetic anointing and there will be an increase in the maturity of the revelatory gifts that are functioning within the life of the local church.

3> The prophet will release God’s power

The reason for this is that there is power in the prophetic words. When a true Word from God is declared into a person’s life or a local church, it releases power to bring that Word to pass. It has power to change the hearts of the people, to change the circumstances, and to move the situation currently being faced. The Word is the fixed and the person, people, or church is the variable. The Word spoken always releases change.

4> The prophet will test prophetic words and correct those who are speaking in the flesh

When there is a New Testament prophet in your midst, your church becomes a safe place for other people to learn to prophesy. Demons are not going to stir up flaky words when there is a true prophet to bring correction and publicly reveal the errors within the words spoken. When the office of a prophet is established and released within a local church, the level of the accurate prophetic increases and flaky, fleshly “words from the Lord” are seriously minimized.

5> They will train and equip others in the prophetic and other revelatory gifts

True prophets will not just minister to others with the prophetic. They will teach, train, equip and release God’s people in all nine of the gifts, but especially prophecy. They will run schools where they invest a serious amount of time and effort in training and releasing God’s people in the prophetic. They impart and release this gift and others gifts of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands (Romans 1:17).

6> They will spot, call out, and raise up young people with the same call of prophet

New Testament prophets will always be on the lookout for others who have a similar calling on their lives. They will call them out and help them to start their journey as prophets-in-training. If possible, the true prophet will invest time and effort over a lengthy season in discipling and mentoring the prophets to be. Like Paul mentored Timothy so a mature fivefold prophet is always looking for those they can help to grow in the same calling. They desire to speak into the lives of the next generation and help them to gain momentum and maturity.