An Apostolic Understanding – Part Sixty-Three

God used the church at Corinth to teach us many things

Because the Corinthians had so much to learn, the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians are filled with some of the most important teachings in the New Testament

1> God teaches what it means to live as a Christian

Paul begins 1 Corinthians by reminding them, “You are saints. You are holy ones.” They needed to know they had been made holy the moment they got saved.

Their problem was that they didn’t know who they were yet. They needed to grow to maturity in Jesus so they could begin to live like saints

Paul later tells them…

You are new creatures in Christ
You are ambassadors of the Kingdom
You are ministers of reconciliation

2> He shows us how to set the spiritual gifts in order (1 Corinthians 12:4-11)

He gave them instructions on tongues and prophecy

3> He defined the foundational roles of apostles and prophets and teachers

4> He gave us the signs of a true apostle

5> He showed us the pattern for discipline and restoration

6> He taught about giving and about unity, warfare, and demolishing strongholds

7> He showed us how to relate to the world and still be holy

8> He taught on the centrality of love

9> We learn more about God’s plan for the Early Church in 1 Corinthians than any other book of the Bible (see body ministry in 1 Corinthians 12:12-end)

1 Corinthians, chapters 10 to 14, is almost like walking down the street in ancient Corinth and visiting a first century house church

We join with the Corinthians as they eat together and as they cerebrate the Lord’s Supper

We see their problems, but we see good things too

Paul writes that when the church assembled, the power of the Lord came and was present with them

We watch the Holy Spirit moving among them as they assemble as a family of believers

The Spirit releases His gifts and ministry takes place

It is a joyful celebration – someone leads in a song, someone reads a psalm, another brings a teaching, there are prophetic words and tongues

As they pray for each other, miracles and healings take place

Fivefold ministry has equipped every believer to minister

It is the clearest picture we have of how the early church functioned

God chose the church at Corinth to be our window into New Testament Christianity and the daily life of the early Church

But there is a fifth apostolic regional church – Rome…