Apostles and Truth

The Church according to Scripture is called to be “the pillar and ground of the truth” in the earth (1 Timothy 3:15). The truth in Christ is our greatest weapon in our fight to regain what the devil has stolen and to win the lost to jesus. After all – the truth will set you free if you apply it to your life. By itself – without application – it can do nothing. And, long before it sets you free it will probably first make you miserable as it wil ldemand change and serious adjustment.

The devil fears the truth more than any other thing in the earth because he knows that if someone will take the truths of scripture seriously and apply them to their lives they will not only find personal freedom but that they will also be dangerous to the domain of darkness and to the devil himself.

Truth – God’s truth – is also the foundation upon which all apostolic ministry is built. And the apostles and their ministry are an important part of the Church and help to lay the foundation (doctrinal and otherwise) of the Church today so that it can equip the saints for the work of the ministry and then the Church will be mature and stand in unity with the Head and with each other. Definitely dangerous to the Devil.

Therefore the devil fears the apostolic because apostles deal in the truth, teach the truth and live the truth of scripture. Apart from an understanding of truth, not what is perceived or believed, but truth as it is conceived in the mind of God, there is an absence of genunine apostolic ministry.

Had coffee this week with someone who gave me a book to read. Now, many people give or lend me books to read. Don’t know – maybe I look like I need help and so they are offering me these books in the hope that I will learn something and grow more mature. Anyways, I am really into books and read as much as I can (currently a 550 page book by Jonathan Dimblely printed by the BBC on the history and people of Russia) and so I appreciate the books people give me to read as long as they are patient and don’t want them back in a hurry.

However, God prompted me to pick this one up and read it immediately – not place it on the rather large pile of “to read” books piled behind me here in my study. And, so far most of the book is man’s opinion and a serious twisting of Bible truths making it sound like what this man is teaching is biblical when it is not.

Now, he is the pastor of a 17,000 member Church in another part of the world (I am not impressed – it is easy to gather a crowd or run a circus but hard to build a church on proper biblical teachings) so he is much more “successful” apparently than I am. But, his teachings are heretical even though he makes them sound really good. They are man-centered and man-pleasing and so he can attract a crowd and look successful in man’s eyes and even in the eyes of the Church world. But, again let me repeat, he is not teaching biblical truth.

Apostles today are called to attack error in the Church and teach correct biblical doctrine. We are called to lay foundations for the Lord to build His Church upon. These foundations must be the truth as found in scripture and not the truth of scripture as interpreted and manipulated and twisted by man. We must “earnestly contend for the faith once deliverd to the saints” (Jude 3) and not the truth “as we perceive it”. We must be careful that we are not seeking after “teachers who will tickle our ears” and that we are not believing “myths and silly fables” as Paul warned Timothy and the leaders of the early Church.

Apostles are much needed in the Church today – and I pray that the Lord will continue to raise up these “defenders of the truth” who are not afraid to get in there and “contend (fight) for the Truth as contained in the timeless Word of God that does not need to be interpreted – simply preached and applied.

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  1. samuel
    samuel says:

    i have read and to e honest i was searching for foundations of the church and most of all proper teachings and to be truthful when i read this is was like a sword dividing the truth from what man makes it or how God wants it from many members in a church or biblical truth in the church.this one well be added to my file just has some in the past but thereis much needed apostles and defenders of the truth and so much to learn not in flesh but in spirit and truth.
    thank you and the last two words preached,applied!!!


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