And the Wind Blew and Shook the House

A week ago I returned from my 4th Apostolic Rountable held in Elkhart, Indiana. As I mentioned yesterday, it was a powerful five days for me – for my life and ministry – and much was accomplished for those present but also for the Kingdom and for our understanding of the ministry of apostles in the Kingdom.

While in Celina, Ohio my last night (Tuesday) I met with two young men (Kyle and Aaron – brothers and university students) and shared a great evening with them and their grandparents in whose home I was staying. I am discipling Kyle with daily contact via text messenging and through Skype and was simply getting to know Aaron and seeing where the relationship might go. A powerful night when the Spirit of God blew mightily and a fresh wind of the Spirit was experienced.

Since our meeting that night I have made further contact with Aaron and he has agreed to be in touch with me regularly. So, a late night (early morning) to bed after four powerful days when the Spirit of the Lord blew in fresh and new ways, powerful ways.

Just in bed after such a powerful night and a storm came up in the distance. Shortly the rain and wind were growing in intensity. Over my head was an open window and when the blinds on the window began blowing and were at 90 degree angles to the window I knew this was more than a regular storm by a lake. It was a tornado. A great and mighty rushing wind came blowing into the place where I was staying and it instantly reminded me of Acts, capter two and the day of Pentecost and Acts, chapter 4 where the house shook after prayer… this house was also violently shaking.

After quickly getting dressed and running to the basement with the others the storm ripped through. It did not damage the house I was in but it certainly shook it a lot. However, the F1 tornado did touch down in the small town of Celina where I was. The next day, after a night of more storms, wind and rain, I was meeting with Kyle for the whole day before returning to Dayton and flying home and we drove and viewed some of the damage. It was a very powerful and destructive storm with great damage done by the wind. Pictured above – one of the many commercial buildings totally destroyed by the force of the wind. Of course, many homes were also severely damaged. Not my first tornado – but a definite lesson in how uncertain life is and how quickly things effecting life can change without notice or warning.

I had just had a very powerful time at the roundtable where the wind of God blew through and changed my life and ministry – my understanding and approach to apostolic ministry, the way my ministry is to function from this time onwards, what God is calling me to accomplish here and overseas, as well as where and how my ministry fits into the wider picture of what the Lord is doing in His Kingdom. A powerful, spiritual wind had blown through and shook the building (my life and ministry) – to the very foundations.

Then, a physical wind came and shook the building where I was staying (again, without damage) and yet damaged so many other buildings. I was reminded that much in the world and the present-day church will be seriously destroyed by the wind of the Spirit as it moves through – often coming without notice. There is fresh wind of the Spirit moving in the Kingdom and it will shake much that now is and totally destroy all that man has built. Like a mighty rushing wind it will shake each believer, every church, and all non-believers to the very foundations of their lives and people will either experience tremendous spiritual insight and change (as I did at the roundtable) or terrific destuction of what is held so close and dear and yet of no eternal significance (as those in the path of the tornado experienced).

The Bible states:
“So don’t turn a deaf ear to these gracious words … one last shaking, from top to bottom, stem to stern. The phrase ‘one last shaking’ means a through housecleaning, getting rid of all the historical and religious junk so that the unshakable esentials stand clear and uncluttered.” (Hebrews 12:25-27 The Message Version).

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